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Sales: Plants & Seeds

Current Year

Mark Saturday, May 25 on your Calendar!  The ARHS will be in the Atrium at the McCain Building at Mount Saint Vincent University.  


Our ARHS Members Pre-ordered Plant Sale pick up will take place from 9-10 am.

ARHS Members to Members Plant Sale is from 10-11 am

ARHS Public Plant Sale will take place from 11 am-noon!

ARHS Members Spring Pre-ordered Plant Sale 2024

***Only ARHS members with an active membership may order from the following lists***

Rhodo Pre order Sale 2024 pdf file

Rhodo Pre order Sale 2024_excel

2024 rhodies from Jack Looye

Submit order by email to:

Order deadline: April 20, 2024 – end of day.

(Orders will not be accepted after this date).

Do not send payment with your order form.

Payment is on plant pick up date.

You may order more than one plant per variety. However, plants will be allocated in the order in which members’ order forms are received, on the basis of one plant per variety per membership.

After this allocation, any surplus will be divided amongst multiple orders.

Substitutions: You may list acceptable substitutions for specific plants by writing ‘Sub’ with the numbered plant. Please note that the mark-up on these plants is minimal; For this reason we are not able to provide a warranty.

Plant pick up date: Saturday May 25  2024 starting at 9- 10 am.

This will be followed by ARHS Member to Member Plant Sale from 10 am-11 am.

Plant pick up location:  McCain  Atrium, Mount Saint Vincent University, 166 Bedford  Highway

 #1 on Campus Map at 

*Plants are to be paid for when they are picked up. Payment by cheque or interac-e transfer is preferred, but cash will of course be accepted. Do not send payment with your order form. Plants will not be shipped. If you are unable to pick up your plants on this day, please arrange to have someone pick them up for you with payment. Some plants from suppliers may not be available on pick up day due to quality or other circumstances. This does not occur often!

Please note that descriptions for these plants may not be 100% accurate, as in many cases there is often some conflicting information, very little information available, and taxonomy/nomenclature also changes regularly or human error. Many hours of research is put into writing these descriptions and the aim is to have the most accurate information by using the most reliable and trusted sources available. Unfortunately, inflation has affected the nursery industry, which is reflected in our prices. However, we continue to aim to provide our Members plants with the best value. We have another rousing, diverse and substantial selection being offered this year including many Rhododendrons and companion plants. Members have an opportunity to gain access to a number of extraordinary plants, most of which are not commercially or readily available. There’s a limited quantity for many of the plants offered. We recommend ordering early!

Thank you for being patient. A notification will go out asking for volunteers to help with this sale.*

If you are experiencing trouble opening the documents, please contact atlanticrhodo “at”

ARHS Seed Exchange 2024

The 2024 Seed Exchange is now open to the general public.  Order forms will be accepted  from February 2 to April 30.   

2024 Seed Exchange Introduction



The 2024 ARHS Seed Exchange is also available online at The Willow Garden website. 

Feel free to share the list after February 2 with other gardeners who might not be members of the ARHS. Local garden clubs might find the seeds offered of interest.
We have had orders from many places in the world over the last few years.  Stories of your past successes and/or failures with seed growing are most interesting and welcome.
Comments or suggestions regarding the Seed Exchange are also encouraged. You can send a note with your order or email

ARHS Members Spring Pre-ordered Plant Sale 2023

***Only ARHS members with an active membership may order from the following list***

Order deadline: April 16th, 2023 – end of day. (Orders will not be accepted after this date).  

Order forms can be submitted by email or post.  Do not send payment with your order form. 

Plant pick up date: Saturday, May 13th, 2023 from 10:30am to 12:30p.m.




If you are experiencing trouble opening the plant description document or order form, please contact atlanticrhodo “at”

ARHS Tissue Culture Sale 

Seed lists from previous years

Plants offered at previous years