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ARHS Seed Exchange 2023

The 2023 Seed Exchange is presently open to ARHS members until February 15, 2023.  Order forms will be accepted for non-members from February 15 to April 30.  Please put in your orders asap to avoid disappointment as there are limited quantities of seeds.

For information on the 2023 ARHS Seed Exchange, click here.

For the 2023 ARHS Seed Exchange list, click here.

For the 2023 ARHS Seed Exchange order form, click here. 

The 2023 ARHS Seed Exchange is also available online at The Willow Garden website. 

There are a few changes for this year, so it might be advisable to read  directions with care.
If anyone has a query, feel free to email our Seed Exchange Coordinator, Sharon Bryson.

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ARHS Tissue Culture Sale 


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