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Members’ Gardens

The Hopgood Garden as described in 2002

“A garden-in-progress” is the description given by the owner of this property. Built in four stages beginning in 1997, this garden has 10 areas with a little bit of everything for all to enjoy. A wide variety of rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, and dogwood are the joy of his garden. An azalea walk is featured as a reminder of the home of the Masters golf tournament (You might guess that a golfer lives here).

The area by the road features rhododendrons, magnolias, and groundcover. Around the upper parking area, you will find erica and euonymus. In the back of the house, you will find a wide selection of shrubs and perennials including broombush, hosta, bamboo, iris, and more, all placed in a natural setting. A part of the property is underwater at certain times of the year (fall, winter and spring after heavy rains). This creates a bog, with many different plants that enjoy wet feet. The garden also features attractive stone walls, a beautiful driftwood bench, and tasteful trellis work for clematis, euonymus, and honeysuckle.



Plant and Garden Tours 2003

Garden of Wendy and John Cornwall, 479 Purcells Cove Road, Halifax.
Those who visited this great garden last year will remember the wonderful woodland plantings of rhodos and other shrubs, as well as interesting herbaceous plants. It is only a few minutes down the Purcells Cove Road from Boulderwood.

 Gardens on Halls Road, Boulderwood, Halifax.
Halls Road is off the Purcells Cove Road, about five minutes from the Armdale Rotary.
Hosts: John Brett, the Basketts, Jane Shaw Law, Charlie Fowler, Robbie Robinson. If you do not know these gardens, check in first with John Brett, 7 Hall’s Road. In the early days of the Rhododendron Society, members gathered annually at Halls Road for a potluck at Barbara Hall’s. She was a neighbour of Captain Steele’s and the Robinsons. Captain Steele had begun his strategic practice of sharing rhodos with his neighbours. Today the Halls Road gardens have become a legacy. We appreciate this opportunity to return to Halls road to amble through this wonderful collection of mature rhodos and magnolias.

Jenny Sandison, 1510 Oakland Road, Mahone Bay 
Half a mile down Oakland Road, on the north side of the harbour.

Dr. Fazal Rahman, 87 Aberdeen Road, Bridgewater Take the old road, route 325, from Mahone Bay to Bridgewater. You will be on Aberdeen Road as you enter town. Dr. Rahman describes his garden as an eclectic collection of plants, rather than a showplace garden. Of particular interest are a pendulous Camperdown elm, a 20-foot Acer palmatum, some Cornus kousas, magnolias, pieris, rock garden plants, and daylilies. Rhododendrons include ‘Janet Blair’, ‘PJM’, ‘Olga’ and ‘Scintillation’