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A Resurrection Garden

By: Freeman Patterson

Category: Gardens

My rhododendron and azalea garden, which now contains more than 1000 plants, is rather like the fictional Topsy who “just grew.” It began in the rather hazy past, sometime about 14 years ago, when I was only three. No, my birthday does not fall on February 29, but I count my years from January 29,…Read more >

Steve Krebs – Moving Forward with the Leach Hybrids

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Steve Krebs has graciously offered to share his presentation  from October 2014 with us. To view click this link: Leach Hybrids

The Story of Rhododendron Luteum

By: Carol Dancer

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Originally published 1993 I wonder how many of you are like me and wonder, as you look at the plants growing in your garden, how they found their way into the vast array of plant material we have available for our gardens today. Who discovered them and where? How did they make their way into…Read more >

R. yakushimanum “Mist Maiden”

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

R. yakushimanum is a Rhododendron species found only on the island of Yakushima, which is located in the southern part of Japan. This species was not introduced to the West until the mid-Twentieth Century. The late Dr. David Leach, of North Madison, Ohio, grew seeds from England of the Exbury Form of yakushimanum and made…Read more >

Rhododendrons for Cold Climates: Hybrids of R. dauricum sempervirens

By: Dr. J. Breuckner

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Mississauga, Ontario Reprinted from The RSC Bulletin 1981 Vol. 10 No. 1 A well known British personality summed up his opinion of a group of rhododendron hybrids which lacked quality and good flower colours simply with two eight letter words: “Coloured Cabbages”. Odd as it may sound, my first reaction when I came across his…Read more >

More Garden Notes: Rhododendron Cultivar Performance

By: Don Craig

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Originally published October 1993 The more than 100 rhododendron cultivars planted in the Craig and Gunn Gardens at Upper Dyke, Kings County, Nova Scotia, have grown well since the first were planted in 1987. Many of the first plants have already shown their beauty of flower and plant form. Many are new cultivars to me,…Read more >

Maximum Move!

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

One weekend in May ’99, RSC Atlantic Region undertook what was probably the largest rhododendron move ever in Atlantic Canada. The rhododendron was lush 16′ high x 16′ wide Rhododendron maximum. It was donated by Ms. Debbie Denoon who inherited the plant when she purchased her Oxford Street home. Realizing that it had outgrown its…Read more >

Dwarf Rhododendrons from Seed

By: Henry Fuller

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Easton, Connecticut Originally published May 1994 (Reprint from Georgian Bay) We hear more and more about rhododendrons in rock gardens, and our annual seed list offers us seed of many which are suitable for rock gardens. If this seed is not wasted, if more members would grow from seed such rhododendron species as RR. yakusimanum,…Read more >

Fifty Years of Testing and Breeding Rhododendrons in Nova Scotia

By: Donald L. Craig

Category: Rhododendrons & Azaleas

Article #1 From the AHRS journal May 2003 A permanent printed record of the history of the Kentville Research Stations rhododendron breeding programme does not exist. As I am the only one that has the information I hope that this article will document its beginning in 1952 and step by step development up to my…Read more >

Primulas for Atlantic Canada

By: Sterling Levy

Category: Companion Plants

There are more than four hundred species of Primula and new ones are still being found. In addition there are a lot of natural and man-made hybrids. From this large pool of plants only a few are being grown here. Many of them are too tender for Atlantic winters, some are not in cultivation, others…Read more >