arhs Yachts International
arhs Yachts International

Society Directors and Committees

Officers and Directors of the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticulture Society for 2021-22

President Jim Sharpe
Vice-President Rebecca Lancaster 
Secretary Nancy Lewis
Treasurer Jim Sharpe (acting), please contact Jim Sharpe if you are interested in the Treasurer position
Director, Plant Material/
Dennis Crouse
Director, Volunteers Lynn Rotin
Director, Communication  Rebecca Lancaster
Coordinator, Membership Rebecca Lancaster
Editor, AtlanticRhodo Dennis Stuebing


Other Positions of Responsibility

Website Jim Sharpe/Rebecca Lancaster
Library Bonie Conrad
Newsletter layout Sterling Levy
Seed Exchange Sharon Bryson
Gardens Care Outreach Chris Hopgood
Director-at-Large District 12 (RSCAR) rep, American Rhododendron Society (ARS) Christina Woodward