arhs Yachts International
arhs Yachts International

Society Directors and Committees

Officers and Directors of the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticulture Society for 2017-18

President Jim Sharpe (interim)
Past President John Brett 
Vice-President Rebecca Lancaster (interim)
Secretary Jean Henshall
Treasurer Sandra Dumaresq
ARS Convention 2021, Co-Chairs Rebecca Lancaster

Jim Sharpe

Director, Plant Material/
Director, Volunteers Lynn Rotin
Director, Communication  Vacant
Director, Membership  TBA
Director-at-Large Dennis Crouse

Syd Dumarsq

Bob Howard

Dennis Stuebing

Sheila Stevenson

Other Positions of Responsibility

Website Cora Swinamer
Library Bonie Conrad
Newsletter editor Sheila Stevenson (interim)
Newsletter layout Sterling Levy
Seed Exchange Sharon Bryson
Plant Sale, Tissue Culture  
Plant Sale Members’ Pre-ordered Lynn Rotin 
Plant Sale, Public  
Technical Support at Meetings Ruth Jackson
Gardens Care Outreach Chris Hopgood
Director-at-Large District 12 (RSCAR) rep, American Rhododendron Society (ARS) Christina Woodward