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Rhododendron Hybrids and Hybridizers

Once upon a time, Bob Pettipas began compiling this list of hybridizers from Atlantic and Eastern Canada and elsewhere whose plants are hardy and maybe useful for breeding hardiness for this region.

The spreadsheet includes selections from Steele, Weagle, Craig, Swain, Kentville Research Centre, Vineland, Leach & Mezitt. This is a work in progress, and we welcome others to contribute data.

Click here on link to excel spreadsheet.

In 2003, Dr Don L Crag summarized 50 years of hybridizing rhododendrons and Azaleas in Nova Scotia.
Click here to see the article.


Atlantic & Eastern Canadian Hybridizers World
Brueckner Cox
Clyburn Breeding large leaf rhodos for Z-6 Delp
Craig-Gunn Dexter
Harvey Gable
Kentville Research Station (Craig & Swain) Hachmann
Looye Leach
Meagher Mezitt
Muntz Pride
Ostrom Uosukainen
Steele (Boulderwood & Bayport)