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Diana Steele

Diana at Pimegrove BP   1Thanks for helping us to remember and celebrate our friend Diana Steele, who passed away March 12, 2013.

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Audrey Fralic has some sad news, Diana Steele died this morning

As announced in the Obituary Section earlier this week, a gathering to honour Diana Steele’s Life will be held 1 – 4 Saturday, March 23, 2013 at Pyxie Cornish’s home, 47 Catidian Place, Hebbville.

Many of us will remember the excellent Heath/Heather collection she developed and managed as well as running Bayport Nurseries

Her commitment to her father’s work demanded she keep the Nursery afloat as long as she could and she lived under the most trying conditions. She won no prizes, no awards and little if any acknowledgement of her dedication to extending the availability of not just her father’s rhododendron hybrids but other hardy plants, especially Ericacae.

Attending this get together will demonstrate that Dana Steele touched many lives.

Diana Steele

Walter Ostrom

I was very disappointed not to be able to attend yesterday’s gathering and wonder if there is a way those of us who’d like to can share our memories of Diana.

As Walter put so well, she didn’t win awards or receive any public recognition for all she did to keep Bayport going, to develop and care for the plants that we were lucky to be able to bring home and care to plant in our gardens. Maybe we can give her some of that recognition now.

Diana and Bayport were hugely important in my life, and I know that is true for many others.

Chris Curry

We are so sorry to hear about Diana. We knew she had not been well but as we are in Portugal at the moment were unable to visit with her before her passing.

A terrible loss for our gardening community and our deepest regrets to the family.

Donna and John Silver

I will always cherish fond memories of visits to Bayport Plant Farm in the 1990’s. The day Diana took the time away from the business operation to give me a 1-hour tour through “Dick’s Woods” at peak bloom. Other times while Dick and I sat in his office enjoying a round of “plant talk” all the while Diana would check in to top up our mugs with hot tea.

Sharing the grief of family and friends in this time of bereavement with deepest sympathy and condolence.

Bruce Clyburn,
New Waterford

When I saw them together, it seemed to me that Diana and Dick were a real team. Her efforts allowed Dick to follow his muse, to entertain and excercise his influence over so many gardeners, including myself. So I will remember her very fondly. And when I pass through Bayport, I will think of her.

Dick’s achievments in the plant world also belong to Diana. In the hereafter, I hope she goes to a place where the rhododendrons bloom every spring and the deer won’t touch them.

John Brett

My visits to Bayport Plant Farm were such a treat, made all the more special by the presence of Diana Steele who always took the time to chat, take a turn around the grounds, and introduce me to exquisite cultivars that she was passionate about. Her knowledge of botanical nomenclature and plant taxonomy never ceased to amaze me – it was evident that she was in her element.

One day last spring while friends were busy digging up some vintage Pieris, she and I wandered up to the rhododendron hybrids. After several minutes of poking around she became troubled by the fact that she couldn’t locate her namesake, “Diana Steele”, the rhodie that her father hybridized and named after her. So we searched…and searched…and after 10 minutes I spotted it. Well isn’t this funny, I thought. Here’s Diana, helping Diana, find Diana. A finer day I couldn’t have imagined. I feel so blessed to have known this brilliant plantswoman and will treasure the knowledge she imparted as well as the beautiful ericaceous plants now in my garden, courtesy of Bayport and the woman who made it magical.

Diana Smith,