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2011 ARHS Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society  


NOTE ….    Only ARHS members whose dues are current 

may order from the following list.

 Rhododendrons indicated as “Year Olds” are year-old custom rooted cuttings. They may be small and will be “heeled” into suitable sized pots. Those in 4″ pots will be good-sized plants.

Conifers and Ginkgos where noted as 1 or 2 year grafts will be in 4″ or 6″ pots where not indicated otherwise. Due the dwarf nature of many of these plants they may be quite small. The same may be true for those in 1 and 3 gallon pots.

Please complete the order form provided and return it by post before March 31, 2011. (Orders will be accepted after this date but our quantity of plants will be adjusted to suit actual demand at this time.) Do not send payment with your order form. You may order more than one plant per variety. However, plants will be allocated in the order in which they are received on the basis of one plant per variety per membership. Following this allocation, an adequate reserve will be retained for the public sale. Any surplus will then be divided up amongst multiple orders.

Substitutions: You may list acceptable substitutions for specific plants by entering the substitute number in the substitute column beside the plant you are ordering.

Please note that the mark-up on these plants is minimal. For this reason we are not able to provide a warrantee with the plants.

Plants are to be picked up at 5 Sime Ct., Halifax, NS on Saturday, April 30, 2011 between 10:00 am and 2:00 p.m. Sime Ct. is in the Kingswood subdivision off Hammonds Plains Rd. Take Kingswood Dr. (between Kearney Lake Rd. and Need’s) to Brenda Dr. (the first street on the right) and follow it to the first left which is Sime Ct. Plants are to be paid for when they are picked up. Do not send payment with your order form. Plants will not be shipped. Any plants not picked up on this date will be offered for sale at the public May Plant Sale. If you are unable to pick up your plants on this day, please arrange to have someone pick them up for you.


Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

list of  plant descriptions for the


Only ARHS members whose dues are current may order from the following list

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R. ambiguum – A species in the Triflora subsection with lax trusses of pale yellow flowers with green spotting. Shiny dark green foliage. Dense upright habit to 4′(1.2m) high or more. Bud hardy to at least -5°F(-21°C). Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. augustinii ssp. chasmanthum RSF 69/092 – A floriferous and vigorous dense upright growing species with elongated, pointed dark green foliage. Its wide, funnel-shaped flowers are pale blue with a paler throat and a yellow green flare. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. For Zone 7 or protected sites in Zone 6b. A few only. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. “Boulderwood Blue” – (‘Sapphire’ F2) A striking powder blue Steele hybrid with foliage similar to ‘Ramapo’. Blooms in mid-May and is very floriferous. Original plant at Boulderwood is 2′(.6m) high x 5′(1.5m) wide in 40 years. Bud hardy to at least -10ºF(-23ºC). Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $10.00)

R. camtschaticum – An unusual deciduous rhododendron species which forms a slowly creeping stoloniferous matt eventually growing 4-6″(10-15cm high). Its pansy-like purplish-pink flowers are held above the foliage. Bristly foliage turns shades of red, orange and yellow in the fall. Needs a gritty-peaty well-drained soil. Best in full sun but shouldn’t be allowed to get too dry. Extremely hardy. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Delp’s Mighty Mite’ – (carolinianum ‘Achiever’ x polycladum Scintillans Group)F2 A floriferous Delp hybrid with small vivid purple flowers on a slow-growing twiggy plant with a broad upright habit. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high. Zone 5b. A few only. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. ferrugineum – (Swiss Alpine Rose) A European species with lax trusses of tubular flowers with flared lobes on a stiff upright-spreading plant. Flowers of this clone are dark reddish-pink. Narrow, glossy, dark green foliage. Unusual and very attractive. Requires excellent drainage. To 2′(.6m) high. Zone 5. Resents heat and drought. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $10.00)

R. “Hancock’s Blue’ (russatum x ‘Blue Diamond’) – A noted plant in the garden of Tom Basket in Boulderwood. Bight blue-purple flowers on an upright plant with clean green foliage. Plant is 6′(1.8m) high and wide in 35 years. Needs good drainage. Tolerates half sun. Zone 6. (Year-Olds – $10.00)

R. hirsutum – Another European species similar to R. ferrugineum. Tubular pink flowers with flared lobes. The bright green leaves have bristly hairs along the leaf margins. Twiggy, open spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high. Zone 5. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $10.00)

R. ‘Isola Bella’ – (fletcherianum ‘Yellow Bunting’ dauricum v. album ‘Arctic Pearl’ selfed) A Brueckner hybrid, once known as “Mabel R.” Beautiful dark green distinct foliage with excellent winter leaf retention. Peach buds open pastel pink and fade to white. Smashing, floriferous and very early. To 5′(1.5m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide with a dense, upright-spreading habit. Bud hardy to -5ºF(-20ºC) – plant much hardier. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. “Jack’s Blue” – [(Delp’s tetraploid carolinianum fastigiatum) x ‘Blue Ridge’] A hybrid from Jack Looye in Ontario. Large purple-blue flowers with good foliage. Vigorous. Compact, rounded habit to 4′(1.2m) high. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Manitau’ – A ‘Conestoga’ (carolinianum racemosum) hybrid. Golden orange buds open to clear, light pink and fade to creamy white. This one covers itself in bloom every year. Early blooming. Bronzy foliage in winter. A semi-dwarf with a dense, compact mounded habit. To 18″(.45m) high. Zone 5. A proven performer. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. micranthum – A unique species with dense ledum-like trusses of small white flowers with prominent stamens. Late blooming. Willowy upright habit when young but fills in with age. To 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. Custom propagated. Zone 5. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. “Montafon” – (possibly ferrugineum x kotschyi but may be a selection of the former) Reddish-pink buds open to bright pink tubular flowers with flared lobes. Late-blooming. Slow growing with a dense, compact mounded habit to 2′(.6m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 20 years. Resents drought. Named by Brueckner. Zone 5. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $10.00)

R. mucronulatum ‘Album’ – A beautiful variety of this deciduous species with large white flowers in profusion. Blooms very early in spring before the leaves emerge. Golden yellow fall colour. Upright willowy habit to 9′(2.7m) high. Requires excellent drainage. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Nahanni’ – (racemosum lapponicum) Ball-shaped trusses of vivid magenta flowers grace this Brueckner hybrid. Very heavy blooming. Compact and upright growing to 4′(1.2m) high x 3′(.9m) wide after 20 years. Zone 5b. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Oban’ – (‘Grouse’ x keiskei ‘Yaky Fairy’) A very dwarf Cox hybrid named for the 1996 ARS convention in Oban, Scotland. Unique clear watermelon-pink flowers are born in profusion on a compact low spreading plant with dark green foliage. Grows only 10″(.25m) high x 24″(.6m) wide in 20 years. Zone 6. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. rubiginosum – A species with funnel-shaped pinkish-lavender flowers held in loose trusses. Very early-blooming. Foliage is dark green and leathery with reddish stems. Open, upright habit to 6′(1.8m) tall. Purplish new growth. Zone 6b. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Sugar Puff’  (carolinianum racemosum) Multiple terminal buds open to form large dome-shaped trusses of white flowers with slight pink flush opening from pale pink buds. A heavy bloomer. Upright-mounded habit with reddish stems and bronze-green foliage. To 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. viridescens Doshong La – A striking species with obovate leaves with a slight twist that emerge blue-green. Pale yellow flowers are carried in trusses of 3-6. Upright-spreading dense habit to 3′(.9m) high. Only for mildest areas in Zone 6b and warmer. Bud hardy to about 0ºF(-18ºC). Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $12.00)


R. ‘Anka Heinje’ – (yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘America’) A German hybrid with flowers red in bud opening to bright rosy-pink in full dome-shaped trusses. Foliage is dark green with brownish indumentum. Compact habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Hardy to -15°F(-26°C). (1 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Anne Goss’ – (‘Roseum Elegans’ x ‘Scintillation’) Wavy-edged pale pink flowers open from dark pink buds. Reported to better than either of its parents. Lightly fragrant. Floriferous with glossy dark green foliage. A Joe Parks hybrid from New Hampshire. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high x 8′(2.4) wide in 10 years. Zone 5b. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Astrid’ – (‘Fantastica’ x ‘Hachmann’s Feueschein’) Full dome-shaped trusses of flowers emerging dark reddish-pink with paler throats fading to pale pink. Very attractive dark green foliage. Compact bushy mounded habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Axel Tigerstedt’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x degronianum) A Finnish hybrid with pale pink buds opening to white flowers with pale yellow spotting in rounded trusses. Foliage is dark green with thin brown indumentum. Dense, upright-spreading habit to 5′(1.5m) high in ten years, eventually spreading wider than tall. Reported to be hardy to -26°F(-32°C) (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Babylon’ – (calophytum x praevernum) Huge satiny white flowers flushed pale pink on the reverse and a dark red blotch make this hybrid a knockout. Very early blooming. Large lustrous green leaves with red petioles. Dense, rounded habit. To 5′(1.5m) high in 10 years – much taller with age. Plant in a protected spot. Hardy to -10°F(-23°C). (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Big Deal’ – (un-named white x un-named pale yellow) Full ball-shaped trusses of 18-20 large wavy-edged creamy-white flowers with a yellow-green blotch. Dense rounded-spreading habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide in 10 years. An extremely showy and highly rated Mezitt hybrid. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Boule de Neige’ – (caucausicum catawbiense hybrid) Rounded trusses of white flowers open from pale pink buds. Compact mounded habit when young to 4′(1.2m) high and wide in 10 years eventually growing to 10′(3.0m) high. An old standby with a good track record. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Busuki’ – (‘Tarantella’ x ‘Small Wonder’ ) Full dome-shaped trusses of deep red flowers on a compact growing plant to 3′(.9m) x 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. Reported to be one the best hardier Hachmann red hybrids. Worth trying in Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. “Butler Port” – Either an old English ironclad found growing in an cemetery in Butler, Pa or an open pollinated seedling thereof by Warren Stokes. Dark reddish-purple (or port) coloured flowers in well-shaped trusses. Large growing with a broad upright habit. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Chatterbee’ – (‘Ben Mosely’ x ‘Besse Howells’) Conical trusses of purple-pink flowers shading paler towards the centre and with a dark red blotch. To 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 20 years. A Hinerman hybrid from Michigan. Zone 6, possibly colder. A few only. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. coeloneuron PW #27 or 78 – The hardier of the plants grown from the two seed lots from this wild collection. A newly introduced species currently placed in Subsection Taliensia but possibly belonging in Subsection Argyrophyllum. Lax truss of white to pale purplish-pink flowers. Leaves have rust coloured indumentum. Upright growing. Hardy to at least 0ºF(-18ºC). Custom propagated. A few only. (Year-Olds – $15.00)

R. ‘Edith Pride’ – (‘English Roseum’ x maximum) A very hardy, July-blooming Pride hybrid. Flowers are pink with pale yellow spotting and are born in ball-shaped trusses of 22. Dark green, very attractive, disease and insect resistant foliage is retained for 3 years. Rounded, well-branched habit to 5′(1.5m) high in 10 years. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Firestorm’ – (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Chocolate Soldier’) A deep red late-blooming Mehlquist hybrid. The thick, large and wavy-edged flowers are held in dome-shaped trusses. Dense spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years with dark green foliage. A sister of ‘Scarlet Romance’. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Florence Parks’ – (‘Roseum Elegans’ x ‘Olin O. Dodds’) A tough and floriferous hybrid with rounded trusses of dark purple flowers attractive dark green foliage. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in ten years. Bred by Joe Parks of New Hampshire. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Francesca’ – (‘Britannia’ x ‘Dexter #202’) Tough, red and big! Large black-red flowers in large trusses. Late blooming. Very vigorous with an upright-open habit suited to the rear of a planting. Definitely not for the small garden or foundation planting. Grows to 10′(3.0m) or more high. Best in light shade as flowers may scorch in full sun. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Great Eastern’ – (a Dexter fortunei hybrid) Large, ruffled, very fragrant soft pink flowers with a yellow-green blotch in large ball shaped trusses. Free-flowering & vigorous. Dense growth habit with glossy green foliage. To 5′(1.5m) high in 10 years and spreading wider. Zone 6. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. species? – Subsection Neriiflora – probably R. haematodes ssp. chaetomallum – A species with lax trusses of waxy bright red bell-shaped flowers with prominent matching calyxes. Small elliptic foliage has pale thick indumentum and grey-brown tomentum on the new growth. To 4′(1.2m) high with a open mounded habit. Only for the mildest spots of Zone 6b and warmer. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Henry’s Red’ – A very hardy Mezitt hybrid with dark blood-red flowers held in tight trusses against dark green foliage. Free-flowering. Broad, irregular open habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Always in demand. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. hodgsonii – A “big-leaf” species for the collector or the adventursome. Its leathery dark green foliage has thin tomentum giving a metallic sheen and dense silver to brown indumentum. The leaves can grow to over 12″(30cm) long and 5″ (12cm) wide. In time it develops handsome smooth peeling bark. It’s rosy-purple to reddish-purple flowers are thick-textured and are borne in large full rounded trusses. Relatively slow growing to 5′(1.5m) high in five years eventually forming a small, broad-spreading tree. Well worth trying in Zone 7 or microclimates in Zone 6b. Will need a protected site and probably best in light shade. (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Hot Dawn’ – [‘Mars’ x (yakushimanum ‘Exbury’ x ‘Mars’)] Vivid purplish-red flowers with frilled edges and heavy substance. Buds well from an early age. Upright open habit to 4′(1.2m) high and 2.5′(.75m) wide in 12 years. A Brueckner hybrid bred in New Brunswick. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. [‘Humboldt’ x (‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’ x ‘Calsap’)] – A Jack Looye hybrid with impressive large full conical-shaped trusses. Wavy-edged flowers are edged bright lavender with a paler centre and a large yellow blotch. Very showy. Dark green foliage. Good habit. Zone 6, possibly colder. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘John T. Meagher’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’) Large trusses of white flowers with a dark brown blotch sit on top of lush dark green foliage. Dense vigorous habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 8′(2.4m) wide in 10 years. Grown by the late John Meagher from a cross by Dave Hinton. Buds are hardy to -10ºF(-23ºC), possibly colder if brief. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Jolly Jim’ – (auriculatum yakushimanum) White flowers with pale yellow spotting open from pink buds and are held in dome-shaped trusses. Blooms mid-season. Exceptional elongated yak-like foliage. Dense mounded habit to 4′(1.2m) high x 6′(1.8m) wide after 15 years. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Kodiak’ – (bureavii x ‘Ken Janeck’) A hybrid with striking foliage – dark green with thick tan indumentum – topped with ball-shaped trusses of silvery-white flowers opening from pink buds. Dense habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide and great leaf retention. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Kullervo’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group yakushimanum) A Finnish hybrid with soft pink flowers fading to white. Attractive dark green foliage with brown indumentum and wooly tomentum on new growth. Compact dense mounded habit to 40″(1.0m) high in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -29°F(-34°C). (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Marjie Kay Hinerman’ – (‘Nassau Red’ x ‘Dexter’s Honeydew’) Rounded trusses of medium pink flowers with paler centres. Glossy dark green foliage. Low spreading habit to 4′(1.2m) high x 5′(1.5m) wide in 10 years. A Hinerman hybrid from Michigan. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Mikkeli’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group smirnowii) White flowers, tinted pink, with green spotting late in the season. Dense, lush dark green foliage with light indumentum. New growth is covered in silvery-white tomentum. Upright well-branched habit to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -37° C(-35° F). (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘New Century’ – [pale yellow catawbiense hybrid x (unnamed yellow hybrid x ‘Bristol Cream’)] A compact Mezitt hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of pale yellow-green wavy-edged flowers. Glossy dark green foliage. Dense habit to 3′(.9m) high in 10 years. Hardy to at least -29° C(-20° F). (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. pachysanthum – A striking foliage plant with distinct teardrop-shaped foliage with persistent silver or brown tomentum and thick silvery indumentum turning brown with age. Flowers are white to pale pink with red or green spotting. Dense upright habit to 4′(1.2m) high. For mildest parts of Zone 6 only. (4″ pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Peaches’ – (fortunei hybrid?) Large flowers (with very good substance) are clear peach-pink – as close to peach as you will find! Slightly fragrant. Broad habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 8′(3.6m) wide in 12 years. A Gable hybrid. Always admired at Boulderwood. Zone 6. Custom propagated. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

Rhododendron principis (vellereum) – An early blooming species in Subsection Taliensia. Deeply-veined dark green leaves are long and narrow with pale plastered indumentum. Flowers are white with red spotting and are held in loose trusses very early in spring. Upright-spreading habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. For milder parts of Zone 6b or warmer. Custom propagated.A few only. (Year-Olds – $15.00)

R. rex – Another “big-leaf” species with foliage to 5″(12cm) wide x 15″(37cm) long! Its leaves are dark green with thick fawn indumentum. Flowers are white to pale pink with a dark red blotch and/or spotting and are held in large ball-shaped trusses. Tall, open-upright habit forming a small tree in time. Well worth trying in Zone 7 or microclimates in Zone 6b. Will need a protected site and probably best in light shade. Another must have for the adventurous or collector! (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Sandra Hinton’ – [brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x (smirnowii x yakushimanum)] An extremely hardy, late-blooming hybrid from Dave Hinton in Orono, Ontario. Strong pink buds open to very pale pink flowers with light green spotting. Dark green foliage with light indumentum. To 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 12 years. Hardy to at least -30ºF(-34ºC). A few only. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. ‘Teddy Bear’ – (“Lem’s bureavii” x yakushimanum) Exceptional foliage is dark lustrous green with beautiful thick rust-coloured indumentum. Flowers are white blushed pink in large dome-shaped trusses. Free-flowering & early. Dense foliage on a compact, rounded, spreading plant. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Tina Heinje’ – (yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Kluis Sensation’) A German hybrid with flowers opening rosy-red with a paler centre aging to softer pink. Full rounded trusses. Dark green foliage with light indumentum. Dense mounded habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. (yakushimanum) ‘Ken Janeck’ – yak selection or hybrid, superb for our climate. Long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Dense foliage covers a plant which is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Slow growing and floriferous. Rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink flowers which fade to white. Similar to ‘Mist Maiden’ but slightly taller in habit, growing 4-5′(1.2 – 1.5m) high x 11′(3.5m) wide. Best in a half day of sun. Zone 5. (4″ Pots – $12.00)


A. ‘Baby Dane’ – (‘Panda’ x kiusianum ‘Album’) A very compact evergreen azalea by Jens Birck of Denmark. Pure white flowers smother this hybrid which grows only 10″(.25m) high. Zone 6, possibly colder. Custom propagated. A few only. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

A. ‘Bixby’ – (poukhanense x ‘Vuyk’s Scarlet’)F2 Large, vibrant dark rose-red flowers. Very floriferous. Compact, dense spreading habit to 2′(.6m) high x 3-4′(.9-1.2m) wide. Deep green foliage turns mahogany red in fall. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). A Mezitt hybrid. (2 gallon – $20.00)

R. kiusianum ‘Mangetsu’ – A delightful selection of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate with bicoloured flowers of very pale pink edged with lavender pink. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Densely branched and twiggy with a tiered habit and remaining relatively low. Very floriferous – smothers itself in flowers every year. Dark green foliage with excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth trying in Zone 5. (2 gallon – $20.00)

A. ‘Scotian Fire’ – (‘Pink Clusters’ x nakaharai ‘Mt. Seven Stars’) A late-June blooming Weagle hybrid with large orange-red flowers. Compact mounding habit to 16″(.4m) high x 2′(.6m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6. Custom propagated. A few only. (Year-Olds – $12.00)

A. “Steele’s Late and Lovely” – A charming Steele hybrid with a spreading, almost prostrate, habit. Large coral-pink flowers are born very late in the season – one of the last to bloom in late July to early August. A hardy Satsuki hybrid. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)


A. ‘Lemon Lights’ – A Northern Lights Series hybrid developed at the University of Minnesota. This one has abundant lemon-yellow flowers with a darker blotch. Scented. Maroon fall colour. Open rounded habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Very hardy. Zone 4. (4″ Pots – $12.00)

A. ‘Mandarin Lights’ – (calendulaceum x ‘Orangeade’) Another Northern Lights Series hybrid. Ruffled reddish-orange flowers in ball-shaped trusses. Lightly fragrant. Bronze fall colour. Tall upright open habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Very hardy. Zone 4. (4″ Pots – $12.00)

R. quinquefolium – A stunning deciduous azalea with striking leaves arranged in whorls of 5 (thus its name) emerging fresh light green edged with red. Develops corky fissured bark with age at which time it starts to set buds. The flowers – an added bonus – are white and are born in trusses of 2-3 amongst the foliage. Slow growing with a dense rounded habit growing 3-4′(.9-1.2m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 6b. Choice. A few only. (4″ Pots – $15.00)


Enkianthus campanulatus – A large deciduous shrub with an interesting twiggy, upright, tiered-spreading habit. Dark green leaves are born in whorls at the branch tips. Beautiful orange, yellow and red fall colours – best red fall colours in full sun. The small, urn-shaped flowers are born in pendulous clusters. Grows 8-12′(2.4-3.6m) high and wide. Sun to part shade. Zone 5b, possibly colder.

We offer the following this years.

– ‘Howito’ – A new cultivar from Japan with pure white flowers. Little information is available but “howaito” in Japanese means white. A few only. (3 gallon – $35.00)

– ‘Miyama beni’ – (translates as – remote high mountain, red) A newly introduced and very vigorous-growing Japanese cultivar with dark pinkish-red flowers, red stems and good fall colour. Perhaps more upright growing. A few only. (3 gallon – $35.00)

– ‘Showy Lantern’ – A Weston Nurseries selection with reddish-pink flowers and red-orange to bright red fall colour. Flower and fall foliage colours best in full sun. Slow growing with a more upright habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years reaching 8′(2.4m) high in time. (4″ pots – $12.00)

Leucothoe ‘Scarletta’ (syn. ‘Zeblid’) (Fetterbush) A evergreen shrub closely related to Pieris with panicles of fragrant, white, pieris-like flowers in spring. It is a suckering spreading shrub with thick arching stems of leathery dark green foliage. The jury is out on the parentage of this fine form – it can be found listed as a form of L. fontanesianaL. axillaris and a hybrid of the two. It boasts bright red new foliage and spectacular brilliant burgundy-red winter colour given adequate sun. Growing only 2-3′(.6-.9m) high (and up to 6′(1.8m) across), it is of much smaller stature than most L. fontanesiana cultivarsFor moist, well-drained soil in part to full shade but winter colour will be better if given some sun. Zone 6, possibly colder. (1 gallon – $20.00)

Pieris japonica v. yakushimanum ‘Sarabande’ – An evergreen shrub allied to rhododendrons. This selection has upright panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers born in profusion in early spring. Mid to dark green foliage emerges bright green with a reddish cast. Pinkish-red flower buds develop in fall and provide interest all winter. Grows 3-4′(.9-1.2m) high and wide with a dense mounded-upright habit. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ pots – $12.00)


Abies koreana ‘Cis’ – (Cis Dwarf Korean Fir) – A very dwarf tight squat globe-shaped selection with dark green needles. Grows less than 1″ per year. Size in 10 years will be less than 12″(.3m) high x 24″(60cm) wide. Great for a trough or rock garden. Zone 5. Plants will be very small. (1 gallon – $20.00)

Abies koreana ‘Golden Glow’ – (Golden Glow Korean Fir) This slow-growing Korean Fir is remarkable for its pale yellow-blue needles which turn bright golden-yellow in winter. Its very decorative blue-purple cones – held upright like candles – are especially showy against the yellow foliage! Low irregular mounded habit to 2′(.6m) high x 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years. Zone 5. Plants will be small. (1-2 year grafts – $20.00)

Abies koreana ‘Silberlocke’ – (Silver Curls Korean Fir) A more vigorous pyramidal growing cultivar with recurved, spiralled needles which reveal their white undersides. Gives a striking silvery-blue effect. Its very decorative blue-purple cones are held upright on the branches like candles. Grows to 8′(2.4m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years, eventually growing much larger. Zone 5. (3 gallon – $50.00)

Abies koreana ‘True Blue’ – A slow growing pyramidal form with rich blue needles. Its very decorative blue-purple cones are held upright on the branches like candles. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high x 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years. Zone 5. Small plants. A few only. (1 gallon/2year grafts – $20.00)

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Green Arrow’ – (Green Arrow Nootka Falsecypress) For those who want to grow a Nootka Falsecypress but thought their garden was too small this is the answer. This is an extremely fastigiate form with light green drooping branches. Slow growing to 20′(6.0m) or more high, yet only 2-3′(.6-.9m) wide. A focal/exclamation point in both small & large gardens! Best in full sun with good drainage. May require staking the first few years. Zone 5b. (3 gallon – $50.00)

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Juniperoides’ – (Juniperoides Dwarf Hinoki Cypress) A very dwarf cutivar forming a compact mound of small bright green moss-like tight sprays of foliage. Grows to only 10″(.2m) high and wide in 10 years making it ideal for a trough or small rock garden. Best in full sun protected from winter winds. Zone 6. Plants will be small. (1 gallon – $20.00)

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Lynn’s Golden’ – (Lynn’s Golden Hinoki Cypress, Ceramic Christmas Tree) Yellow-green foliage in fan-shaped sprays turns orange-gold with a purple cast in winter. Grows 2-3′(.6-.9m) tall in 10 years with a irregular pyramidal to mounding habit. Great for the rock garden. Best in full sun protected from winter winds. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $50.00)

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Sparkles’ – (Sparkles Dwarf Hinoki Cypress) Fan-shaped sprays of new foliage are splashed yellow contrasting nicely with the dark green mature foliage. Tiered, mounding spreading habit growing to 18″(.45m) high in 10 years. Great to brighten up the rock garden. Best in full sun protected from winter winds. Zone 6. Plants may be small. (1 gallon – $20.00)

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Tsukumo’ – (Tsukumo Dwarf Sawara Cypress) A dwarf selection forming a diminutive flat bun with fine-textured curly green foliage. Slow growing – 1″(25mm) a year – eventually reaching a size of up to 8″(.2m) high x 2′(.6m) wide. Great for the rock garden. Zone 5. A few only. (4″ pots – $20.00)

Larix kaempferi ‘Blue Dwarf’ – (Dwarf Blue Japanese Larch) A very striking dwarf selection with beautiful blue-grey foliage. It is slow growing forming a dense rounded mound to 18″(.45m) high x 24″(.6m)wide in 10 years eventually growing to 4′(1.2m) high. Golden-yellow fall colour. Best in full sun. Well suited to the rock garden. Zone 5. (3.5″ pots – $12.00)

Picea glauca ‘Blue Planet’ – (Blue Planet Dwarf White Spruce) – An extremely dwarf cultivar with tiny blue-green needles. Forms a very dense rounded bun. Grows to only 8″(.2m) high and wide in 10 years. Excellent for the rock garden or trough. Best in full sun. May actually be selection of Picea mariana (Black Spruce). Zone 3. Plants will be very small. A few only. (1 gallon – $25.00)

Picea glauca ‘Ketch Harbour’ – (Ketch Harbour Weeping White Spruce) – A weeping form with blue green needles discovered in the wild at Ketch Harbour. With the leader staked its branches arch gracefully down until they reach the ground then spread outward. To 6′(1.8m) high x 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years if staked. Best in full sun. Zone 3. Does anyone know who discovered this plant?A few only. (7 gal. – $170.00)

Picea omorika ‘Frondenberg’ – (Frondenberg Dwarf Serbian Spruce) This dwarf cultivar forms a dense flattened globe with striking blue-green needles. Grows to 10″(.2m) tall x 12″(.3m) wide in 10 years. Another candidate for a trough. Best in full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 4. Plants will be small. A few only. (1-2 year grafts – $20.00)

Picea orientalis ‘Mt. Vernon’ – (Mt. Vernon Dwarf Oriental Spruce) Yet another choice dwarf conifer. This one also forms a dense mound with tiny dark green needles. Slow growing to 8″(.2m) tall and 10″(.25m) wide in ten years reaching only 18″(.45m) x 36″(.9) wide in 30 years. Best in full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 5. Plants will be small. A few only. (1 gallon/2 year grafts – $20.00)


Pinus mugo ‘Donna’s Mini’ – (Donna’s Mini Mugo Pine) A truly dwarf mugo pine which grows very slowly to an eventual size of 8-12″(.2-.3m) high x 10-14″(.25-.35m) wide. Its dark green needles are only 5/8″(16mm) long. Forms a tight pin-cushion like mound. Best in full sun. Great for a trough or small rock garden. Zone 3. Plants will be very small. (1 gallon – $25.00)

Pinus parviflora ‘Blue Lou’ – (Blue Lou Japanese White Pine) A small-growing cultivar with striking bright grey-blue slightly twisted needles. Conflicting information indicates that this can be either a dense broad-upright form growing to 2′(.6m) high and wide or narrowly upright growing 4″(10cm) per year. These are likely to resemble the former. Best in full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 6. Plants may be small. (1 gallon – $25.00)

Pinus strobus ‘Kruger’s Lilliput’ – (Kruger’s Lilliput Eastern White Pine) A dwarf selection with a dense mounded to globose habit. Its soft short needles have silvery-white undersides. Grows to 1.5′(.45m) high and wide in 10 years. Best in full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 4. Plants will be small. A few only. (1-2yr. graft – $20.00)


Pinus thunbergii ‘Yatsubusa’ – (Yatsubusa Japanese Black Pine) This striking cultivar is vigorous yet low-growing. It has a very dense flat-topped irregular spreading habit with upright foliage. Fresh green needles. Grows to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Best in full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $50.00)


Acer griseum – (Paper-Bark Maple) A small, slow-growing tree, growing 20-30′(6.0-9.0m) tall after many years, with an upright, rounded or oval habit. Leaves are trifoliate, turning orange, red or gold in fall. Its most distinctive feature is its peeling, translucent, orange-cinnamon coloured bark. Best in full sun, especially where the setting winter sun can shine through its bark. Spectacular! Zone 6. (3.5″ pots/40-50cm. – $10.00)


Acer palmatum ‘Grandma Ghost’ – (Grandma Ghost Japanese Maple) A beautiful cultivar in the Matsumurae Group with deeply divided pale green leaves variegated creamy white with striking bright pink veins. Leaves emerge with an amber cast. The pink veins may age to green. Gold to scarlet red fall colour. Upright to upright spreading habit growing to 8′(2.4m) high. Probably best planted where protected from wind and the hot afternoon sum. Zone 6. A few only. (3 gallon – $45.00)


Acer palmatum “Lemon Lime Lace” – (Lemon Lime Laceleaf Japanese Maple) A beautiful slow growing Dissectum Group cultivar with two-toned leaves. Leaves emerge pale yellow green (sometimes flushed with red) and mature to lime green. The colour of the new leaves contrast nicely with the mature leaves. Yellow-gold to orange fall colour. Dense irregular mounding-spreading habit growing to 3′(.9m) high after 10 years. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $45.00)

Acer palmatum ‘Villa Taranto’ (Villa Taranto Japanese Maple) A delicate Linearilobum Group cultivar with spidery thin 5-lobed leaves. They emerge reddish-green and mature bright green. Golden yellow fall colour. To 8′(2.4m) high with an upright-rounded open bushy habit. Very delicate and airy. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $45.00)

Acer shirasawanum ‘Johin’ – (Elegant Shirasawa Maple, Red Full Moon Maple) This maple cutlivar, probably a hybrid with A. palmatum, has leaves which emerge deep red with green veins aging to brick red. Orange to red fall colour. Vigorous upright growth habit with a rounded crown. To 6′(1.8m) x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. A few only. (3 gallon – $45.00)

Acer shirasawanum ‘Mr. Sun’ – (Mr. Sun Full Moon Maple) This maple cutlivar, probably a hybrid with A. palmatum, has bright lime-green leaves rounded in outline with pointed lobes like a sunburst. Yellow orange and red fall colour. Broad upright bushy growth habit with a rounded crown. To 6′(1.8m) x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6, possibly colder. (3 gallon – $45.00)

Cercidiphyllum japonicum – (Japanese Katsura Tree) A striking deciduous tree with heart shaped-leaves which emerge red-purple and mature dark green. Unusual fall colours of gold and apricot give an amber effect and is coupled with the fragrance of candy floss. Dense pyramidal to columnar in habit growing to 40′(12m) high. Does best in rich, well-drained soil in a protected position. Sun to part shade. Does not tolerate drought. Zone 5. A few only. (6″ pots- $15.00)

Cornus alternifolia – (Pagoda Dogwood) A native deciduous small tree or large shrub with a striking graceful tiered-horizontal branching habit and dark green leaves. Fragrant fluffy creamy-white flowers are born in flat clusters above the foliage in spring followed by blue-black fruit in late summer. Grows 15-25′(5.0-7.5m) tall and wide. Best in sun to part shade with cool moist well-drained soil. Zone 4. (3.5″ pots – $8.00)

Cornus controversa ‘Variegata’ – (Variegated Giant Pagoda Dogwood, Wedding Cake Tree) A rare and stunning tree with a strong tiered-horizontal branching habit and bright green leaves edged with creamy white. It common the name – the wedding cake tree – coming from a comparison to the iced layers of a wedding cake. Non-descript flat clusters of fluffy white flowers are born in late spring above the foliage and are followed by blue-black fruit. Can grow to 30′(10.0m) high and slightly less wide but only after many years. Best in full sun to part shade in moist but well-drained soil. Disease resistant. Zone 6. Well worth your patience and a prime spot in your garden. Very choice. (3 gallon – $50.00)

Cornus kousa ‘Wolf Eyes’ – (Wolf Eyes Variegated Kousa Dogwood) A slow growing variegated selection of this small shrubby deciduous tree. It grey-green wavy edged leaves have wide white margins and develop pink to red tones in the fall. Slow growing to 10′(3m) high and wide in 10 years. Its white flowers are born mid-summer and last for weeks. They are followed by raspberry-shaped red fruit. Develops beautiful exfoliating bark with age. Disease resistant but requires moist well-drained soil. Sun to part shade. Zone 5. Considered on of the best variegated forms! (5 gallon “light” – $70.00)

Cornus mas ‘Redstone’ (Redstone Cornelian Cherry Dogwood) Clusters of tiny, star-shaped bright yellow flowers grace this deciduous tree very early in spring before the dark green foliage emerges. Bright red olive-shaped fruit is born in late summer. ‘Redstone’ is a seed grown cultivar selected for its vigour and prolific fruit production. The berries are tart but edible and are used in Europe to make jams, sauces and beverages. Develops attractive exfoliating bark with age. Usually multi-stemmed growing 15-20′(4.5-6.0m) high and wide with an oval or rounded shape. Sucker growth and lower branches can be removed to encourage an attractive tree-like habit. Full sun to part shade. Zone 5. (3.5″ pots – $5.00)

Cornus ‘Venus’ (‘KN30-8’) – (Venus Hybrid Dogwood) [(C. kousa C. nuttallii) x C. kousa] This amazing new Cornus kousa hybrid has clear white flowers measuring 5-6″(12-15cm) or more across! Thick dark green foliage. Vigorous broad horizontal tiered habit. The original plant at Rutgers University measured 18′(5.4m) high x 25′(7.5m) wide after 15 years. Zone 6, probably colder.(10 gallon/150-175cm – $170.00)

Corylopsis pauciflora – (Winter Buttercup Hazel) A much more civilized alternative to the early blooming but somewhat brash Forsythia. Pendulous clusters of two to three ¾” bell-shaped primrose yellow flowers appear in early spring. Yellow and orange fall colour. Densely branched horizontal habit to 10′(3.0m) high and wide. Plant in partly shaded spot protected from wind. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $45.00)

Disanthus cercidifolius – A deciduous shrub related to witchhazels with stunning fall colour. Large blue-green heart-shaped leaves turn a variety of colours in fall ranging from orange to red to purple. Inconspicuous dark purple flowers in fall. Grows 6-10′(1.8-3.0m) high x 8-10′(2.4-3.0m) wide – multi-stemmed with slender branches & a rounded spreading habit. Best in rich moist soil in light shade protected from the wind. Drought intolerant. Rarely available. Zone 6. (4″ pots – $12.00)

Euonymus sachalinensis (planipes) – (Asian Spindle Tree, Siberian Burning Bush) This deciduous species is slow-growing and upright when young eventually forming a broad arching shrub. In the fall an abundance of 5-lobed red fruit dangle on long pedicels from the branches. These split open into a star-shaped cap from which bright orange seeds dangle from the tips creating a unique and showy display. Brilliant bright raspberry red autumn colour. Grows to 8′(2.4m) high and wide. Choice and rarely available. Zone 6, probably colder. (6″ pots – $15.00)

Fagus sylvatica ‘Asplenifolia’ – (Cut Leaf European Beech, Fern Leaf European Beech) A striking cultivar with serrated and deeply lobed dark glossy green leaves making it a more fine-textured specimen. Narrow pyramidal to columnar in habit eventually forming a broad round topped cylindrical form. Grows to 50′(15m) tall and 35′(10.5m) wide in a hundred years or so. Will need plenty of space but why not plant a tree your ancestors will marvel over. Zone 5. (4″ pots – $12.00)

Franklinia alatamaha – The story alone behind this monotypic tree makes it well worth a try. This plant is known from only one location along the Altamaha River in Georgia, USA. Discovered in 1765, it was last documented in the wild in 1803. All plants now in cultivation originated from this now extinct colony. Growing to 30′(9.0m) tall in its native haunts it only grows to 10′(3.0m) tall in more northern climates. Flowers resemble those of Stewartias – white with golden yellow stamens. Foliage is glossy bright green and it has attractive gray bark. Orange to red fall colour. Reported to be hardy in Zone 6, our biggest challenge will be our lack of summer heat to ripen its wood. Give it a site in full sun in the hottest spot in your garden, possibly next to a south facing wall where it can benefit from the reflected heat. Moist, rich well drained soil. (3 gallon pots – $40.00)

Ginkgo biloba ‘Korinek’ – (Korinek Maidenhair Tree) An unusual form of this ancient tree. Its bright green leaves vary from typical fan-shaped to dissected narrow strap-like filaments. Golden-yellow fall colour. Grows into a large tree 30′(10m) high. Zone 5. A few only. (1-2 year grafts – $15.00)

Ginkgo biloba ‘Mariken’ – A witches broom cultivar forming a dense compact rounded mound densely clothed in typical fan-shaped leaves. Leaves are rounded in outline and lightly cupped. Golden-yellow fall colour. Grows to only 2′(.6m) high and 2.5′(.75m) wide in 10 years but can grow to 5′(1.5m) high in time. Zone 5. A few only. (1-2 year grafts – $15.00)


Ginkgo biloba ‘Troll’ – Another congested form with a low irregular mounded-spreading habit or can be staked to develop a more upright plant. Leaves are rounded in outline and cupped to actually funnel-shaped. Golden-yellow fall colour. Grows to only 2′(.6m) high and wide in 10 years but can grow to 3′(.9m) high or more in time. Zone 5. Choice. A few only. (3 gallon – $45.00)

Halesia tetraptera v. monticola ‘Arnold Pink’ – (Arnold Pink Mountain Silverbell) A rose-pink selection with pendant ¾”(19mm) bell-shaped flowers fading to pale pink. Clusters of the dainty flowers are born along the branches appearing in early spring before the leaves. Golden-yellow fall colour. Stems and twigs have a pink tinge giving winter interest. Vigorous. Grows 20-30′(6.0-9.0m) high with a pyramidal to oval habit. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $15.00)

Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Little Honey’ (Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea) A sport of ‘Pee Wee’, this cultivar has foliage which emerges golden-green and matures to golden-yellow before turning bright red in the fall. 6″(15cm) tall, pyramidal trusses of white flowers appear in late summer and last into the fall. Slightly fragrant. Compact and low-growing in habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide. Prune after blooming as flowers are born on old wood. Full sun to part shade in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Zone 6b. (1 gallon – $20.00)

Liriodendron tulipera – (Tulip Tree) A fast-growing aristocratic tree related to magnolias. Unique leaves have a single lobe on each side & an almost flat tip. The cup-shaped, 2-3″(50-75mm) flowers face upright on the branch tips. Slightly fragrant, they are yellowish green with an orange-ish base and emerge in late spring after the foliage. Yellow fall colour. Massive tall straight trunk with deeply furrowed bark. Grows 40-100′(12-30m) tall x 20-40′(6-12m) wide with an oval to rounded crown.. Best in full sun in moist well-drained soil. Zone 5. Not for the small garden. A few only. (6″ pots – $25.00)

Magnolia ‘Forrest’s Pink’ – (denudata hybrid) Originally this hybrid was thought to be a selection of M. denudata. It’s beautifully shaped large saucer flowers are clear pink with a darker base and near-white interiors. Very early blooming and lightly scented. Frost resistant. Grows 30-40′(9-12m) high and wide with a rounded to pyramidal crown. Zone 6. (3″ pots – $6.00)

Magnolia ‘Galaxy’ – (liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x sprengeri ‘Diva’) Fragrant, 9″(275mm) pale pink flowers grace this very floriferous and vigorous hybrid. A fast-growing single-stemmed tree to 25′(7.5m) high with an upright pyramidal habit. Lower branches may be pruned up to free up space underneath. An exceptional hybrid from the US National Arboretum. Zone 6. (3″ pots – $6.00)

Magnolia stellata ‘Jane Platt’ – (Jane Platt Star Magnolia) This star magnolia cultivar is considered one of the best pink varieties. Flowers are dark pink in bud opening pale pink and hold their colour well. The large flowers each have 20-30 strap-like petals. Fragrant and very floriferous. Blooms in early spring before the leaves. A vigorous small, dense upright shrubby tree to 12′(3.6m) high and almost as wide. Zone 5b. (3″ pots – $6.00)

Magnolia stellata ‘Waterlily’  (Waterlily Star Magnolia) A large-flowered white cultivar with up to 30 strap-like petals. Late-blooming, flowering 1-2 weeks after most other star magnolias. Fragrant and very floriferous. More upright in habit. To 15′(4.0m) or more high. Zone 5b. (3″ pots – $6.00)

Parrotia persica – (Persian Ironwood) Related to the witchhazels, this small tree is revered for its fall colour. Dark lustrous green foliage – similar to witchhazel – emerges bronze-purple and develops brilliant yellow, orange and/or crimson colour late in the fall. Curious flowers with no petals are born in late winter/early spring are not showy but create a crimson-maroon haze when backlit. Gray-brown bark on older wood flakes exposing patches of gray, green, white & brown. Single or multi-trunked with a variable habit – oval or round headed or broadly spreading. Develops a tiered horizontal branching habit. 20-40′(6-12m) high x 15′-30′(4.5-9m) wide. Sun to light shade in moist well-drained soil. Pest resistant. Zone 6. (6″ pots – $25.00)

Styrax japonicus (Japanese Snowbell) A deciduous tree with a graceful fine horizontal branching habit and dark green lustrous foliage. Pendulous white flowers with yellow stamens hang in clusters below the branches in late spring. Can grow 20-30′(6-9m) high and wide. Zone 6. (6″ pots – $15.00)

Ulmus parvifolia ‘Hokkaido’ – (Princess Elm, Hokkaido Elm) A diminutive Chinese elm with congested tiny dark green leaves. Twiggy rounded habit developing a stout trunk with corky bark. To 3′(.9m) high after many years. Best in full sun. Choice for the rock garden. Zone 6. (4″pots/3 year olds – $15.00)


Fargesia denudata – A clump forming bamboo similar to F. murialae but lower growing with smaller leaves. Its shorter and more closely spaced branches along the canes result in each cane being densely clothed in leaves causing a graceful arching habit. Good winter leaf retention. Grows 6-8′(1.8-2.4m) high. For part shade to shade. Best in light shade in moist rich well-drained soil out of winter winds. For mildest parts of Zone 6a and warmer. (2 gal. – $45.00)


Hylomecon japonica – An early spring blooming bright yellow woodland poppy with attractive delicate divided and toothed dark green foliage. Clump forming to 1′(.3m) high. Zone 6. A few only. (2.5″ pots – $5.00)

Paeonia mlokosewitschii – (Molly-the-witch Peony) A stunning species peony with cup-shaped pale yellow to yellow flowers (sometimes with a pink cast) and golden yellow stamens. Beautiful foliage emerges with a red cast from bright red shoots and ages to blue-green with red tinged stems. Slow growing. Best in full sun in moist rich well-drained soil. Grows 18-24″(.45-.6m) high. Seed grown. Zone 5. Rare and choice. (1 gallon – $30.00)