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arhs Yachts International

2017 Members Pre-ordered Plant sale CLOSED

We are very pleased to be able to offer our members an amazing selection of plants again this year.  Below you will find the links to the order form and the individual plant descriptions.

Please submit your order by email to Liz Naylor at Receipt of your order will be confirmed. If email is not possible you may send your order by Canada Post to ARHS, c/o Liz Naylor, 1944 Vernon St., Halifax, B3H 3N9. In either case please use the form provided.

Orders should be submitted before April 10, 2017. You may order more than one plant per variety. However, plants will be allocated in the order in which members’ order forms are received, on the basis of one plant per variety per membership. After this allocation, any surplus will be divided among multiple orders. Do not send payment with your order.



2017 ARHS Plant Sale Descriptions