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arhs Yachts International

News and Notices


  • We are pleased to announce we are hosting the 2021 Spring Conference of the American Rhododendron Society June 3-6, 2021 at the Old Orchard Inn, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, CA. Stay tuned for all the details!
  • Membership dues are now payable for the  September 2020-2021 year.
  • We welcome your submissions for the ARHS Newsletter. Contact us with your suggestions and ideas.
  •  See what  Colorado native and plantsman, Panayoti Keladeis,  had to say about his late May/early June 2014 experiences visiting NS  on his blog site    Panayoti is Senior Curator and Director, Denver Botanic Gardens Outreach.
  • If you have good quality, large resolution photographs that you would be willing to share of rhodie species and hybrids and other plants too – close-ups, views of plants in gardenscapes, in all seasons, not just in bloom!  In jpg or tiff format, with permission to use for the website. Please provide plant identification and other useful information such as age, size, general location where growing. The photographer’s name and plant id may be embedded in the image. Send photos and info to Cora Swinamer at
  • Join the Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural facebook page to post your questions, joys, sorrows, events, and plant & garden photos and to see what others are posting.