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Proven Performers

The following chart of proven performers has been compiled to assist the public when selecting
Rhododendrons and Azaleas for their Nova Scotia gardens. This list is not exhaustive and many of the most
common ‘Iron-Clad’ / Catawba hybrids, or varieties not available commercially, have not been included.


Elepidotes (large-leaf)ZoneBloom TimeHeight in 10 yearsColour
R. 'Bellefontaine'6LM1.5mPink
R. 'Calsap'5bM1mWhite, purple blotch
R. 'Chionoides'5bLM1mWhite, yellow dorsal blotch
R. 'Francesca'5bLM1.5mDark red
R. 'Henry's Red'5M1.2mRed
R. 'Janet Blair'6M1mPink, green flare
on upper petal
R. 'Minas Grand Pre'5bM.75mPink bells
R. 'Scintillation'5M1.5mPink
R. Yakushimanum
'Mist Maiden'
5bM.8mPink to white
Pink Parasol',
Ken Janeck',
Lepidotes (small-leaf)ZoneBloom TimeHeight in 10 yearsColour
R. 'Aglo'5bEM0.8mLight pink with reddish eye
R. 'April Rose'5bE1mRose
R. 'April Mist'5bE1mSoft pink
R. 'Bluenose'6EM1mBlue
R. 'Dora Amateis'6EM.5mWhite
R. Ginny Gee'6EM.25mPink/white bicolour
R. 'Patty Bee'6EM.6mYellow
R. 'Manitau'5bEM.8mPink
R. 'Olga Mezzitt'5bEM1mPink
R. Ramapo5EM.4mPurple-blue
R. 'Purple Gem'5EM0.8mPurple
R. PJM Group
('Elite' & 'Regal')
5E1mLilac to purple
Deciduous AzaleasZoneBloom TimeHeight in 10 yearsColour
R.'Cannon's Double'5bLM1.5mPale Yellow Mutlicolour
R.'Homebush'5bLM1.5mPink ball-shaped
R. 'Pink & Sweet'5L1.2mPink
R.'White Lights', 'Rosy Lights' etc5aLM1.5mPink fading to white
R. 'Weston's
R. molle ssp. japonicum5bM1mPale orange or yellow
R. schlippenbachii
'Royal Azalea'
6EM1.5mPale Pink
R. 'Mount St. Helen's'5EM1mPink/yellow
Evergreen AzaleasZoneBloom TimeHeight in 10 yearsColour
R. 'Elsie Lee'
R. 'Rosebud'
R. 'Stewartstonian'
R. 'Diamant Series,
eg.,'Diamant Purple'
R. kiusianum -
all forms
5bM.25mRed, Pink, White
R. 'Komo Kulsan'6LM.75mRed
R. 'Bixby'5bLM.75mRed

Bloom colour and time, size at 10 yrs from the American Rhododendron Society website: Revised in 2007 for Atlantic Canadian conditions. Mature size affected by site selection and growing conditions.

The following NS nurseries have carried some or all of these varieties at various times recently:

  • Baldwin Nurseries 500 Mines Road, Falmouth, NS (902) 798-9468 
  • Blomidon Garden Centre, 10060 Hwy 1, Greenwich, Wolfville (902) 542-2295 
  • Bloom Greenhouse and Garden Centre, 1421 Hammonds Plains Rd., Hammonds Plains, (902) 832-9268
  • Brier Patch Nursery, 4568 Hwy 1, RR#1, South Berwick, (902)538-9164 
  • Cosby’s Garden Centre, Sandycove Rd., Liverpool, (902) 354-2133 
  • Dayton Red & White Nursery, RR#2, Yarmouth County, (902) 742-5663 or 742-5148 
  • Glad Gardens, 5108 Hwy, Waterville, NS, (902) 538-8688
  • Lakeland Plant World, 909 Main St, Dartmouth (902) 435-1983 
  • Ocean Landscaping, Exit 8, 4392 Hwy #3, Chester, (902) 275-2505 
  • Pleasant Valley Nurseries Ltd, Church St Ext., Antigonish, (902) 863-1072 
  • Thexton’s Greenhouses, 902-532-2403, Karsdale Annapolis Royal, (902) 532-2403