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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
R. ‘Anne Goss’ Joe Parks Dark pink in bud, opening light pink. Reliable, heavy bloomer with glossy leaves. An improvement over its parents, ‘Scintillation’ and ‘Roseum Elegans’.  8ft. x 15ft. in 10 years.   Hardy to -29F.
R. ‘Cocheco Lavender Lady’ Joe Parks Frothy lavender frilled trusses amid rich green foliage on strong scaffold limbs. Blooming in late May.  This tough, hardy plant was hybridized in New Hampshire, a cross of Dexter’s Purple x Florence Parks   A slow, deliberate grower, 5ft. x 4ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -29F.
R. ‘Fantastica’ Hachmann An impressive combination of color, form, and hardiness; considered one of the best Hachmannhybrids. Wavy-edged flowers are shiny, light red at the edges, and creamy pink in the center. Dense, compact habit. AGM winner. Briggs 2002 Plant of the Year.  Midseason to late midseason bloom.  3ft. x 4 ft. in 10 years. Hardy to -15F.
R. ‘Ginny Gee’ Berg A little shrub that’s vigorous and tough and blooms like there’s no tomorrow. Its early-midseason flowers are pink and white, turning all white with age. The leaves are dark green, taking on red tones in winter. Low, dense habit. AGM winner. Lepidote.  2 ft. x 3 ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F.
R. ‘Holden’s Spring Herald’ Leach Pinkish white flowers with burgundy red nectar pouches welcome you in early spring. R. rexparentage gives this plant exceptionally large leaves and R. catawbiense gives it hardiness.  7ft. x 8ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -20F.
R. ‘Midnight Ruby’ Weston Nurseries This may be the best of the black-leaved rhododendrons introduced by Weston Nurseries. The very early flowers are reddish-purple with a distinctly wavy edge. They are set off by winter foliage that is so dark it looks black. Less susceptible to root rot than some of the other black-leaved hybrids. Compact, upright habit. Lepidote.  3ft. x 3ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -29F.
R. morii The plant is most interesting in that the foliage maintains a symmetrical “collar” around the stem and truss. Leaves are glossy and lance-shaped. Flowers are 2” long, bell shaped, white blushed rose, erupting from some pink buds.  Early midseason to midseason bloom. 4ft. x 4ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -5F.
R.Rabatz Hachmann Perhaps the most distinctive rhodie by Hachmann so far. Beautiful deep red flowers. Parents are Double Date x Erato. Compact growth to 3′ X 3′. Zone 6.
R. ‘Nova Zembla’ Koster A tried-and-true standard in the nursery industry. Dark red flowers in ball-shaped trusses sit upon healthy, deep green leaves in midseason. Sturdy, bushy growth habit.  5ft. x 6ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -25F.
R. ‘Pearce’s American Beauty’  Pearce The compact full truss sits closely on a tight collar of leaves. Dark green foliage is especially wide. Magenta flowers on large trusses of 15-20 flowers. Robust grower. Very late bloom.   5ft. x 4ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to 0F.
R. ‘Sapporo’  Hachmann One of Mr. Hachmann’s personal favourites. The flowers open pale purple in late midseason and quickly turn white with a strong blotch of deep purplish-red. Compact, somewhat open habit.  5ft. x 5ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F.
R. ‘Scintillation’  Dexter Midseason flowers of heavy substance, pink with green and bronze markings. The foliage is especially handsome: large, dark green, glossy. Broad, well-branched habit.  5ft. x 5ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -15F.
R. ‘Teddy Bear’ Briggs Large, but delicate pink flowers appear in tall conical trusses in early midseason. The compact plant is covered with glossy, deep green foliage and the underside of each leaf is covered with a teddy-bear-brown indumentum.  4ft. x 5ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F.
R. ‘Wind River’ Barlup Buds are dark red opening to a cool yellow with pink, wavy edges and dark red spotting on the three dorsal lobes.  Early midseason bloom.  4ft. x 4ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to 0F.
R. ‘Winter Spice’ Barlup A cross between ‘Hachmann’s Charmant’ and ‘Dreamland’. The flower is a nice, soft pink to white with an attractive twin red flare.  Late midseason bloom.  5ft. x 5ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -20F.



Variety Description
Corydalis ‘Blue Heron’ A mount of ferny blue-grey foliage topped with sapphire-blue fragrant blooms.  12” x 10”.  Zone 6.
Daphne x transatlantica ‘Summer Ice’ A choice evergreen Daphne with variegated foliage and a propensity to bloom from spring until fall. The leaves have a fine, creamy white edge, less prominent than that of ‘Carol Mackie’, and the fragrant white flowers appear in clusters that dot the bush right through summer. Rounded, shrubby habit.  3ft. x 3ft. Zone 6.
Erica carnea ‘Springwood Pink’ Abundant pale pink flowers from winter to spring. Deep green foliage.  Spreading habit.  8-10” x 20”. Zone 5.
Helleborus ‘Mardi Gras’ An exquisite group of beautiful single and double flowers. Flowers are white, yellow, green, pink, purple or slate.  18” x 24”.  Zone 5.
Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’ Dark green foliage clothes a columnar plant. Excellent as an exclamation point in a mixed border, and a pair (in pots or in the ground) make fabulous evergreen sentries for a doorway or gate.  8ft. X 2ft. Zone 6.
Pieris japonica ‘Katsura’ ‘Katsura’ has bright, glossy leaves with deep wine-red new growth changing to green with age. The flowers, born on rose-colored racemes, are lilac-white with a lilac skirt.  Habit is a broad upright bush.  5ft. x 6ft.  Zone 5.
Primula ‘Dawn Ansell’ Double English Primrose.  Extra long, fluffy white petals resembling a rose, bloom January-April. The leaves form a jazzy collar around the flower.  Part sun.  4-6” x 6-8”.  Zone 3-8.
Primula ‘Ken Dearman’ Double English Primrose.  Irresistible copper orange, double flowers last throughout spring.  Part sun.  4-6” x 6-8”.  Zone 5-8

Descriptions are primarily from Brigg’s website ( where photographs of many of the selections can be found.  More details can also be found