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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
R.Astrid Hachmann This new release by Briggs nursery is a first class red yakushimanum hybrid with flowers opening from dark red buds. The flowers are of a heavy substance and resist damage from rain and sun. Glossy, dark green foliage densely covers the plant. Compact habit growing to 3′ X 3′. Blooms mid-late and is hardy to -15 F.(-25C).
R.Capistrano Leach Outstanding, hardy yellow rhodie which bears trusses of 15 frilly,greenish-yellow flowers in midseason. Excellent foliage. Dense, mounding habit. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows to 4’X 4′.
R. Florence Parks Joe Parks Hardy, heavy flowering dark purple. New to Briggs, parents are Roseum Elegans x Olin O. Dobbs. Hardy to Zone 5. Probably 4′ to 5′ in size.
R. Holden’s Solar Flair Leach New introduction be David Leach. Flowers have a waxy texture and are pink in bud opening to pale yellow with deep red dorsal blotch. Plant hardy to at least -20F(- 29 C). Flowers in midseason and has grown to 7 ft. in 26 years.
R. Karin Seleger Brueckner Lepidote.  This rhodo is a hardy, compact plant with medium purple flowers that bloom midseason. Grows to about 2.5′ but may be wider . Hardy to -25F(-30C).
R. Lisetta Hachmann Another new introduction by Briggs Nursery from Hachmann’s collection and another deep red. Compact grower to 3′ X 3′. Hardy to Zone 6.
R. Midnight Ruby Weston’s Lepidote. This may be the best of the black-leaved rhodies introduced by Weston Nurseries. The very early flowers are reddish-purple with a distinct wavy edge. Compact upright habit, 3 ‘X 3’ .  Very hardy.
R.Rabatz Hachmann Perhaps the most distinctive rhodie by Hachmann so far. Beautiful deep red flowers. Parents are Double Date x Erato. Compact growth to 3′ X 3′. Zone 6.
R.Rimini Hachmann This beautiful rhodie is another new intro  from Briggs Nursery. Orange flower buds open to golden yellow flowers in abundance. Bright green foliage. Growth after 10 years is 3.5′ x4.5′. Hardy to Zone 6.
R. campanulatum ssp.aeruginosum This wonderful plant has the most superior foliage with cinnamon indumentum combined with dark green leaves that open as silver turning to a soft blue with age in summer. Flowers are very light lilac to white. 4 ft. Hardy to -20C.
 R.pachysanthum This is another species with beautiful foliage. The dark green leaves have a thick covering of whitish-tan indumentum on the undersides. New growth has silver indumentum on the topsides of the leaves. Widely bell-shaped flowers are light pink to white and heavily spotted. Compact plant to 30”. Hardy to -20C. Blooms early midseason.
R pseudochrysanthum This compact species has glossy dark green leaves on top, paler on the undersides and both sides are slightly hairy. Bell-shaped flowers,dark pink in bud, open to pale pink or white, with a red spotted inside. Grows to 1-3 ft. in  height. Hardy to -10F(-25C).



Variety Description
Athyrium felix-femina “Frizelliae” Otherwise known as the “Tatting Fern” this is one of them interesting ferns available. This clumping fern has narrow fronds 12-18” long with pinnae that are shaped like man-beads. Zone 4.
Miscanthus sinensis “Morning Light” This is a Japanese Silver Grass and is one of the most elegant of the Miscanthus cultivars . It’s narrow, arching blades are green with fine cream-white margins. Slow growing and not inclined to flop. Autumn flowers are coppery red. The whole plant turns a tawny color in winter and will usually stand upright all winter. 6-7 ‘ tall. Zone 5.
Phylliopsis hillieri “Pinocchio” This hybrid of the heath family blankets itself in deep pink flowers in mid spring. It forms a spreading mound of fine, green foliage. Needs well drained ,acid soil. A good choice for the alpine garden. Grows to 12-18”. Zone 5.