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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
R.Astrid Heinje This rhodo is described as a first class red yakushimanum hybrid with flowers opening from deep red buds to form full, round ball trusses. The red flowers show a muted streak of white. The foliage is lush and slightly glossy.A compact plant growing to about 3 ft in 10 years. Hardy to –15 F.
R Dora Amateis  Amateis Lepidote. Pure white flowers are profuse on this low growing bushy plant. Deep green foliage is highlighted with bronze tones and is prettiest when grown in full sun. It has a spicy scent and will only grow to 3 ft. in 10 years. Hardy to –15F.
R Excelsior  Heinje This is a yakushimanum hybrid with attractive dark green foliage and lovely large pink flowers with red rims. Cold hardy to – 15 F. Compact to 3 ft.
R. Ken Janeck  Janeck One of the best forms of yakushimanun with its appealing, heavily indumented  foliage and its richly colored pink flowers. The only yakushimanum to receive the Award of Excellence .Grows to 3 or 4 ft and is hardy to -15 F.
R Pekka This is a very hardy hybrid from Finland. A large plant , it produces abundant dome shape trusses of light pink flowers speckled with brown. Hardy to –29F.
R. Polarnacht Hachmann This rhodie will grow to only about 3 ft. but may spread to twice as wide. Frilly deep purple blooms with spotted red throats come out in midseason. Hardy to –15F.
R Tina Heinje Heinje Red, bell shaped flowers in loose trusses on nicely rounded leaves adorn this compact growing plant in midseason. Hardy to –25 F. 3 X 3 ft.
R Victoria’s Consort This too is a fairly compact rhodie growing to about 4 ft. Flowers are large and funnel shaped, yellowish white with a green eye. Blooms late midseason. Hardy to –25F.
R. Weston’s Pink Diamond Lepidote. This PJM and mucronulatum “Cornell Pink” hybrid flowers very early with semi- double fuchsia pink flowers. Grows to about 4 ft. and is reliable and hardy to –25F.
R. keiskii” Yaku Fairy” Starling This is a beautiful little plant with its pale yellow flowers that bloom profusely from an early age. Very compact , it will only reach about 2 ft .Hardy to –10F.



Variety Hybridizer Description
Double Parfait Mossman Semi-double pink,fragrant flowers adorn this compact azalea. Grows to 3 ft X 2 ft. Zone 5.
Lemon Lights This hardy azalea is another from the breeding program at the University of Minnesota. It features an abundance of lemon-yellow flowers in late mid- season. Grows to 5 ft. Hardy to –30F.
Weston’s Popsicle Wonderfully fragrant, dark pink flowers with an orange flare open early summer, well after most azaleas are done blooming. Burgundy fall foliage. Upright habit to 5 ft. Zone4. –25 F.


Variety Description
Actea “ Hillside Black Beauty” The darkest of the purple leaved snake- roots. The nearly black leaves are topped by 10-14 “ long racemes of pink tinted white flowers in late summer or early fall. Likes lots of moisture and is darkest in full sun. Grows 5-7 feet tall.
Calamagrostis “ Avalanche” A variegated sport of” Karl Foerster” with central white stripes on the leaves. Makes a striking accent in a perennial border or shrub planting. 46-60 “ tall. Zone 5.
Hosta “June” This lovely hosta has leaves with bright gold centers surrounded by irregular blue-green margins .Pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer. A standout with awards to prove it. Grows to 15’ X 36 “. Zone 3.
Hosta “Blue Mouse Ears” This tiny hosta sports small round leaves are very thick. A must have for the rock garden enthusiast or collector. Lavender flowers in midsummer. Dwarf, less than 10 “ high.
Kalmia latifolia “Big Boy” This mountain laurel has larger foliage than other kalmias. Growth is slow , upright and compact. Flowers are soft pink. Size 6ft.x 6ft. Zone 5.
Kalmia latifolia “Sarah” The best red flowers of any mountain laurel. Very bright and dazzling. Excellent foliage and habit. Size 4ft x 4ft. Zone 5.
Pieris “Brouwer’s Beauty” This dense compact pieris bears horizontal panicles of white flowers which open from purplish-red buds in early spring. Size 5ft x 5 ft. Zone 5.
Pieris “Mountain Fire” This pieris is popular for its flaming red new growth which is abundant is spring. White flowers in early spring. AGM winner. 6 ft x 4 ft. Zone 5.