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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
Anka Heinje Heinje Beige indumentum coats the undersides of this broad, compact plant. Splendid red buds open to rosy-pink flowers which are sprinkled with golden markings.Grows to 3 ft. Hardy to -15 F.
April Rose Mehlquist Lepidote. Foliage has burnished red tones during fall and winter. Double deep rose flowers are abundant and slightly fragrant. Blooms very early ;grows to 3 ft and is hardy to –25 F.
Cherry Cheesecake Briggs Nursery Large pure white blooms with red edges and a red splotch make this plant a showstopper. Has large, lush,mounding foliage . 5ft x 5ft. Hardy to –15F.
Francesca Consolini This hardy rhodie has large leaves on a wide open plant . Flowers are black-red in bud and open to carmine red in large trusses. 6ft. Hardy to-10F.
Holden Shammarello Rose-red blooms in midseason on a compact growing shrub .Foliage is a glossy dark green. 4ft x5ft. Hardy to –15F.
Ingrid Mehlquist Mehlquist An exceptional Yak hybrid . It blooms later than most yaks and opens to large clusters of white flowers from pink buds. The foliage is just as attractive with deep green leaves and light indumentum on the undersides.Blooms at young age. 2ft x 3ft. Hardy to –23F.
Kalinka Hachmann Ruby-pink flowers with nicely ruffled pale red edges. Dark foliage forms a mounded compact plant. Hardy to –15 F. 3ft. x 3ft.
Mardi Gras  Bovee An outstanding selection with strong purplish pink flowers that fade to white. Deep green leaves covered beneath with reddish –brown indumentum showing off its yakushimanum parentage. Very hardy and also heat tolerant. 3ft x 3 ft. Hardy to –15F and maybe lower.
New Century Weston This catawbiense hybrid has creamy yellow flowers and is a compact grower. Should be a good plant for this area. Hardy to –15F.
Patty Bee Berg Lepidote. One of the very best of the dwarf yellow hybrids for both appearance and tolerance to heat and sun. Clear yellow flowers on a well- branched plant. AGM winner. Grows to about 1 ½ ft x2 ft.
Roseum Pink Waterer This hardy hybrid is tolerant of extremes in heat, cold and humidity. It has smooth, glossy leaves and flowers of rose-lavender. Hardy to -25F. Grows to 5-6 ft.
Sugar Puff Dexter Lepidote. Racemosum x carolinianum. Pure white flowers cover this pretty plant. Has bright red stems in winter. Probably grows to about 3 ft. Hardy to –20 F. and maybe colder.



Variety Description
Arneson’s Fairy Jewel This dense shrub azalea, flourishes moderate purplish pink funnel shaped flowers, which provides a lovely contrast with the olive-green Leaves. 3 ft. x4 ft. Zone 5.
Weston’s Parade This azalea blooms in July. This attractive, fragrant and mildew resistant plant has flowers of deep pink with orange eyes. The dark green leaves turn bronze and orange in fall. 6ft x 4ft. Hardy to –25F.



Variety Description
Clethra alnifolia “Sixteen Candles This selection of ‘Summer Sweet” is compact and heavy flowering with white, fragrant flowers. Like all Summer Sweets it tolerates shade and damp soil. Yellow fall foliage. 21/2 by 4 ft. Zone 4.
Erica carnea “Springwood Pink” Has abundant pale pink flowers from winter to spring. Deep green foliage. Spreading habit. Grows approx.10” x 24”. Zone 5.
Ilex crenata  “Skypencil” This Japanese holly has dark green foliage on a columnar plant. Excellent as a focal point in a mixed border or two would be fabulous at the front entrance of your home. Grows to about 8ft tall x 2ft wide. Zone 6.
Liriope spicata  “ Silver Dragon” Perennial ‘Lily Turf. The new leaves display creamy- white variegation. Light blue flower spikes show well above the foliage. Best in filtered light. Zone 5.