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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
April Mist Mehlquist A superb early bloomer with beautiful double flowers of soft pink, edged with deeper pink. Its foliage is attractive, its habit compact. Lepidote. 3 ft. by 3 ft. Hardy to –25F.
Arctic Pearl This dauricum hybrid is very hardy. It has small glossy leaves and it’s white flowers are carries in trusses of 5 or more. Early bloomer . Lepidote. Hardy to –25F.Grows to about 4 ft.
Eleanor Moody Sanders The midseason flowers are white with a purple blotch and are shown to advantage by the the handsome deep green foliage. Grows to 5ft by 6 ft. Hardy to –15F.
Eruption Hachmann Stunning deep rose flowers with a prominent ivory center are presented in trusses of 14 to 16.This award hybrid from Germany has a compact habit. Grows to 4 ft. by 5 ft. Hardy to –15F.
Fantastica Hachmann The wavy-edged midseason flowers are a shiny light red at the edges and creamy pink in center. Dense compact habit. Some feel this is the best of the Hachmann hybrids. AGM winner. 3ft by 4 ft. Hardy to –15F.
Ginny Gee Berg A beautiful little shrub that’s vigorous,tough and blooms like there’s no tomorrow. Its early midseason flowers are pink and white,turning all white with age. Leaves are dark green turning reddish in winter. Low dense habit. AGM winner. 2’x 3’.
Helsinki University This may be the hardiest hybrid from the University of Helsinki breeding program; it has endured –39F. Flowers are bright pink with orangy-red flecks and appear late season. New growth is reddish, maturing glossy green. Upright habit. Grows to 6’x 4’.
Mikkeli Rich pink buds open to lovely white flowers that are flushed pink. The new growth is covered with silvery down; the mature leaves have yellow indumentum. Another hardy plant from the University of Helsinki breeding program, it has endured –35F. Upright,well branched habit.6’x 6’.
Purple Gem Hardgrove Masses of purple-violet flowers cover this hardy dwarf in early midseason . The new growth is a bright blue green and the foliage turns bronze in winter. Excellent in a rock garden . Lepidote. 2 ft.x 3 ft. Hardy to –25F.
Skookum Minch This is a compact ,very hardy rhododendron. Flowers are a Striking bright red, the foliage is an attractive dark green. Skookum buds freely at a young age. Late midseason bloom. Mounding habit. 4’x 4’. Hardy to –20F.
Tiana Brack Large trusses comprising as many as 20 sparkling white flowers, each splashed with deep burgundy stand out against the dark green leaves. Vigorous, mounding habit when young. Eventually grows to 3 ft. x 4 ft. Hardy to –15F.



Variety Hybridizer Description
Gibraltor Exbury This is the most popular and reliable Exbury azalea. It puts on a great show of vivid orange blooms in midseason. Mildew resistant foliage. AGM winner. 4 ft x 4 ft . Zone 5.
Golden Lights Fragrant yellow flowers in late midseason and mildew resistant foliage. Rounded habit. Exceptionally cold hardy. 4 ft.x 4 ft.
Rosy Lights Fragrant dark pink flowers with rose red shading cover a large bushy shrub in late spring. Very hardy. 8 ft.x 8 ft.



Variety Description
Daphne transatlantica ‘Summer Ice’ A choice evergreen daphne with variegated foliage that can bloom from spring to fall. The leaves have a creamy white edge and the white flowers appear in clusters. Rounded, shrubby habit . 3 ft.x 3 ft. Zone 6.
Enkianthus ‘ Showy Lantern’ One of the finest red flowering selections to date, yielding a lavish display of cherry red flowers in late spring. Fall color can be very impressive , usually in stunning red and orange tones.Grows to 8 ft. Zone 5.
Japanese Painted Fern
(Athyrium Nipponicum Pictum)
The fronds of this deciduous fern have intricate patterns of (Athyrium Nipponicum Pictum) silvery white on deep green , accented with reddish stems. Nice for a shady corner. Grows slowly as a young plant. Grows to 20” x 24”. Zone 4.
Phylliopsis ‘Pinocchio’ This hybrid in the heath family blankets itself with deep pink bell-shaped flowers in midspring.It forms a spreading mound of fine, dark green foliage. Needs well-drained, acid soil. A good choice for an alpine garden. 12” x 18”. Zone 6.