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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
Chionoides Waterer Tolerant of sun and cold, this compact hybrid has white dome – shaped trusses that are bright and numerous. Grows to 4 ft. Zone 6.
Cunningham’s White Cunningham An attractive sturdy plant to about 4 ft. with white flowers enhanced by a green White to yellow blotch. Full sun or part shade. Mid-late bloom. Hardy to –25 C.
Dorothy Amateis Amateis Large rose-purple flowers with a prominent purplish eye. Grows to 5 ft. and is  hardy to –25 C.
Isola Bella Brueckner Lepidote. Pinkish to apricot in bud opening very pale purple and maturing to yellowish white with pink blush. Glossy dark green leaves with slight reddish  tint in autumn. Hardy to at least –27 degrees C. Blooms early May.
Kabarett Hachmann A beautiful new plant from Hachmann. Purple-pink flowers with a touch of  lilac spotting. Blooms mid to late May. Foliage is deep green and shiny with reddish stems. Grows to 4×4 ft. Zone 6.
Minnetonka Motzkau Compact ponticum hybrid grows to about 4 ft. Reddish purple flowers fade to light purple and are spotted vivid yellow green on upper petal. Very hardy to –25 degrees F.
Normandy Leach Wavy-edged bright rose-pink flowers with orange spotting. Broad rounded  plant with dark green leaves. Blooms mid late and grows to 4 ft. Hardy to–20 degrees F.
Rangoon Leach Dark red flowers from dark red buds in a dome-shaped truss. Compact. Flowers at an early age. Grows to 3 to 4 ft. Blooms early May. Hardy to –25 degrees C.
Thunder Mezitt Deep purplish-red blossoms in early May. Foliage is glossy dark mahogany  colour. Hardy to –20 F.  Enjoys full sun and grows to about 3×3 ft. Lepidote.
Wojnar’s Purple Wojnar Compact with emerald green leaves. Flowers are vivid reddish purple with a dark flare. Blooms mid-late . Grows 3×3 ft. Hardy to –20 degrees F.


AZALEAS (All hardy to -25 F, Medium habit)

Variety Type / Hybridizer Description
Millennium Weston Nurseries Fragrant deep red flowers with pale orange bloom in early to mid June. Foliage is blue-green and mildew resistant. Grows 3×2.5 ft. Hardy to Zone 5.
Yellow Cloud Hyatt Fragrant yellow flowers form huge trusses. Grows to 5×3.5 ft. Blooms early June. ARS Award winner in 1982. Hardy to Zone 5.



Variety Description
Cimicifuga simplex “Brunette” A great black-foliaged snakeroot. White fragrant flowers stand above the gorgeous glossy black-purple foliage. Blooms late summer and prefers shade. Grows to 6 ft. An award winner in 2002. Hardy to Zone 5.
Clematis recta “Purpurea Select” Beautiful deep purple leaved clematis with green overtones. Elegant and airy in growth habit, the leaves deepen in color in more sun. White flowers complement the rich foliage. Can be used as a staked shrub. Grows to 4 ft. Hardy to Zone 2.
Hosta sieboldiana “So Sweet” Fragrant snow white blooms appear in late summer. Polished green leaves are rimmed with white. Grows to 18×24 inches. Hosta of the year in 1996. Zone 3.