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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
‘Azurro’ Hachmann An outstanding hybrid with deep purple flowers in dome shaped trusses. Each flower has a large black- purple blotch. Rich, deep green, glossy leaves. Compact- upright habit. To 6’(1.8m) x 4’(1.2m) wide in 10 years. (‘Danamar’ x ‘Purple Splendour’)
‘Barmstedt’ Hachmann Rosy red picotee-edged blooms with lighter centres appear late in the season and sit upon dark recurved leaves. New growth has silvery indumentum. A tough, compact plant. Grows to 3’(.9m) x 3’(.9m). Hardy to -15°F(-26°C). (‘Sammetglut’ x yak ‘Koichiro Wada’)
‘Blue Baron’ Mezitt Striking near-blue flowers cover this new lepidote hybrid. Shiny green, small elongated leaves turn bronze in winter. Compact mounded habit. Grows 2-3’(.6-.9m.) high. Zone 6. (‘Starry Night’ x ‘Waltham’)
‘Bluenose’ Breuckner A lepidote hybrid with bright blue flowers in abundance. Mid-May. Yellow new growth. Upright open habit. Grows to 4’(1.2m.) x 3’(.9m) wide in 10 years. Plant hardy to at least -30°F(-34°C), buds to -15°F(-26°C). (augustinii hybrid x dauricum v. sempervirens)
‘Catalina’ Leach New. Distinctive flowers are strong, bright pure pink with a lighter center in dome-shaped trusses. Floriferous with a dense habit and excellent foliage. Grows to 5’(1.5m) x 5’(1.5m). Hardy to -20°F(-29°C).
‘Cheer’ Shammarello This early bloomer has pink buds which open to display distinctive shell-pink flowers with a red blotch. Glossy green leaves on a dense compact plant. Vigourous. Grows to 5’(1.5m.) x 6’(1.8m) wide in 10 years. Hardy to -15°F(-26°C). (‘Cunningham’s White’ x red catawbiense seedling)
‘Firestorm’ Vossberg/ Mehlquist Flowers are deep red and of heavy substance in dome- shaped trusses of 15-16 flowers. Dark green foliage. New foliage frosty lime green. Dense mounded habit to 5’(1.5m) high & twice as wide. Hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Chocolate Soldier’)
‘Gustav Mehlquist’ Mehlquist Ball-shaped trusses with wavy edges open pink from dark pink buds. Grows to 3’(.9m) x 4’(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). (‘Mrs. C.S. Sargent’ x yakushimanum)
‘Hachmann’s Polaris’ Hachmann Ruffled ruby pink flowers with soft pink centers. Will tolerate lots of sun and poor soil. A profuse bloomer from a young age. Dense compact habit to 3’(.9m) x 4’ (1.2m) wide. Hardy to -15°F(-26°C). (yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Omega’)
‘Hawaii’ Leach Frilled flowers are deep rose pink with a very pale pink dorsal lobe. Dome-shaped trusses. An extra heavy bloomer. Compact mounding habit with dense foliage. Grows to 4’(1.2m) x 4’(1.2m) in 10 years. Hardy to -25ºF(-32ºC).
Karin Seleger’ Breuckner A free flowering lepidote hybrid with purple-violet flowers in ball shaped trusses. Early. 30”(.8m) x 42”(1.0m) wide in 18 years. Bred in New Brunswick. Hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (impeditum x dauricum)
‘Peppermint Twist’ Thorton Red buds open to pink flowers with a white throat and a small area of red spotting on the dorsal lobe. Petals have wavy edges. Grows to 5’(1.5m) x 5’(1.5m). Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). An R. hyperythrum hybrid.
‘Purple Passion’ The Conrad-Pyle Co Deep, rich purple trusses and deep green foliage. Vase shaped habit. Very disease and pest resistant. Gows to 6’(1.8m) x 4’(1.2m) wide. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C).



Variety Hybridizer Description
‘Western Lights’ Brigg’s Nursery Lush foliage with a slightly glaucous colouring. Large flowers of good, clear pink colouring. Very hardy to Zone 4. A polyploid form of A. ‘Orchid Lights.’
‘Snowbird’ Biltmore Gardens Powerfully fragrant white blooms appear with the rich glaucous blue-green foliage. A beautiful natural hybrid from Biltmore Gardens. Stoloniferous, compact plant to 4’(1.2m) high in 10 yrs. Zone5. (atlanticum x canescens)



Variety Description
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Massachusets’ (Kinnikkinnick, Bearberry) Very hardy, prostrate groundcover. Thick, shiny, dark green leaves with the added bonus of light pink flowers in spring followed by red fruit in the fall. Does best in poor sandy soils in full sun or part-shade. Zone 5 or colder.
Festuca glauca ‘Boulder Blue’ The finest selection of Blue Fescue to date. Extremely narrow leaves of intense silver-blue form 8” clumps. Durable and drought-tolerant. Zone 4.
 Hosta ‘Love Pat’ A most outstanding hosta. Huge, cupped blue leaves are thick and puckered. Pale lavender flowers in July.
 Pieris japonica ‘Valley Valentine’ A genus of evergreen shrubs allied to rhododendrons with panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in early spring. This is beautiful selection with rose-pink flowers. Slower growing than most to 4’(1.2m) high in 10 years. Zone 6b.