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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
‘Aglo’ Mezitt Peach-pink dauricum hybrid with rose spots. 3’ x 3’ in 10 years. Hardy to –25°F(-32°C). Sister seedling of ‘Olga Mezitt’. A lepidote rhododendron.
‘April Rose’ Mehlquist Bright double rose-pink flowers set against a background of dark mahogany red foliage. Very early. Upright habit. to 5’h. x 4’w. in 10 years. Requires excellent drainage. Hardy to –25°F(-32°C). A lepidote.
‘Augie Kehr’ Wavy-edged double flowers are deep yellow with a green calyx. Dark glossy green foliage is held for 3 years. Floriferous. Upright habit to 3’h. x 2’w. in 10 years. Hardy to at least 0°F(-18°C).
‘Bluenose’ Breuckner A free flowering bright blue. Mid-May. Upright open habit. Yellow new growth. 6’h. x 3.5’w. in 13 years. Plant hardy to at least -30°F(-34°C), buds to -15°F(-26°C). A lepidote.
‘Everestianum’ Waterer 2” wide rosy-lilac frilled flowers in rounded trusses. Free flowering. Vigorous, full, rounded habit. Deep green foliage. Hardy to –15°F(-26°C) or lower.
mucronulatum ‘Crater’s Edge’   A dwarf twiggy selection of this deciduous species. Magenta-purple flowers appear in spring before the leaves. Brilliant fall colour. To 2’ x 2’. Great for the rock garden. Requires excellent foliage. Zone 5. A lepidote.
‘Hot Dawn’ Brueckner Vivid purplish-red flowers of heavy substance with frilled edges. A very hardy, upright plant with leaves somewhat typical of other ‘Mars’ hybrids. Blooms consistently from a young plant. To 4’ x 4’ in 10 years. Zone 6 or lower. [‘Mars’ x (yak ‘Exbury’ x ‘Mars’)]
‘Mrs. Furnival’ Waterer Light pink flowers with a prominent red blotch in large conical trusses that smother the plant Deep green attractive foliage. To 4’h. x 5’h. in 10 years. Plant hardy to –9°F(-23°C), buds to –5°F(-21°C). Spectacular and worth a try in a protected spot from Halifax south.
‘Midnight Ruby’ Mezitt Wavy, reddish-purple flowers with a reddish eye. Winter foliage is a rich, dark, almost black colour. Wide and upright growing to 2’ x 2’ in 10 yrs. Zone 5. A lepidote.
‘Milestone’ Mezitt Frilled, bright purplish-red flowers in flat ball-shaped trusses. Very floriferous and early blooming. Orange/red fall colour. Dense in habit. To 3’ x 3’ in 10 years. Bud hardy to at least -25ºC(-13ºF). Plant hardy to -29ºC(-20ºF). A lepidote.
‘Pink Parasol’ Leach Dark pink buds open to soft pink and fade to white. Bluish-green foliage with thick tan indumentum beneath. Dense rounded habit. To 10’w. x 5’ h in many years. Resembles R. yakushimanum. Hardy to –20°F(-29°C).
‘Trinidad’ Leach Striking tricolour blooms. Rose-pink buds open to ball- shaped trusses of 14. Each creamy yellow flower is edged with bright cherry-red. Free-flowering. Compact habit. To 4’ x 4’ in 10 years. Hardy to –20°F(-29°C).
‘Vernus’ Shammarello/ Leach Early flowering plant with attractive large shell pink flowers, each with a dark red centre blotch. Plants are compact, vigorous with glossy foliage. To 5’ x 5’ in 10 years. Hardy to –25°F(-32°C).


DECIDUOUS AZALEAS (All hardy to -25F & of medium habit)

Variety Hybridizer Description
‘Arneson Ruby’ Arneson Large 4’ wide red-pink flowers. A mix of choice Exbury and Mollis hybrids. Standard shape and size.
‘Strawberry Ice’ Rothschild Deep pink in bud opening to flesh pink with mottled dark pink edges and a yellow throat.
‘Totally Awesome’ Bunnell Deep red buds opening to two shades of yellow with vivid reddish orange edges and a bright yellow blotch. To 4.5’ x 4.5’ in 10 years. Superb fall colour.



Variety Description
Halesia tetraptera v. monticola ‘Arnold Pink’ A rare, choice selection of the ‘Mountain Silverbell’ with pink bell-shaped pendulous flowers in spring. Stems and twigs also have a rose coloration – a striking winter attraction. This will be a large tree in time and may eventually grow 60’ high or more. Zone 6.
 Hemerocallis ‘Pardon Me’ A miniature daylily with small bright red ruffled flowers in mid-season and intermittently through late September. Fragrant. 18”.
 Hosta ‘Guacamole’ An exciting new hosta, the reverse variegation of ‘Fragrant Bouquet’. Vigorous plant with gold foliage and a wide green edge. Almost pure white flowers in late summer. To 18” h x 54”w. Note: Special Price – $6.00