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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
Alena Snow – white, scented flowers with yellow spots and  glossy green leaves. Hybridized in Czechoslovakia.  Hardy to -10F. Cunningham’s White x decorum.
April Mist Mehlquist A great plant. In mid spring it bursts into bloom with  semi-double soft pink flowers. One the best of the April  series.  A lepidote rhododendron.
Capistrano Leach Possibly Leach’s best yellow. Soft yellow flowers are slightly frilled in a mounded truss.  Growth habit is  mounding;  5′ tall 6 ‘ wide in 10 years.
Fantastica Hachmann Wavy flowers shiny red on the edges creamy pink in  the centre. As the flowers age they change from a salmon-pink to a soft pink. Dark foliage in a compact  habit, 3′ in 10 years.
Firestorm Vosberg / Mehlquist Flowers are a deep red in a domed truss and of heavy substance. Dark green leaves are held for 3 years.
Henry’s Red Mezitt Grows to 5′ in 10 years.  Hardy to -20F. A very hardy red, hardy in some Zone 4 regions, possibly to  -25F. Blooms in mid June.
Kokardia Hachmann Pink flowers speckled ruby red with a striking red-brown blotch, very floriferous. Plant hardy to -10F. Blooms early June, medium growth habit.
Lilac Crest Klehm Very soft, delicate lilac with semi double flowers.  A lepidote introduction from Illinois
Samoa Leach Vivid turkey-red flowers, faint dorsal spotting. Ellipticleaves with a rough upper surface. Hardy to -20F, blooms late May-early June.  Mid size plant.
Northern Starburst Briggs A polyploid (triple chromosomes) version of PJM, Thicker leaves, larger flowers and stronger stems than regular PJM. Same hardiness (-30F) and habit. A  lepidote rhododendron.


AZALEAS (All hardy to -25 F, Medium habit)

Variety Type/ Hybridizer Description
 Apricot Surprise U. of Minnesota Apricot – yellow with orange shading.
 Double Delight Exbury Butter – yellow, floriferous and fragrant.
Orange Splendor Arneson Red, bright color, Exhbury hybrid.



Variety Description
Daphne “Briggs Moonlight” A rare, compact plant, striking small yellow  leaves with a green edge. Small, fragrant  pink flowers. Deciduous in colder areas. Similar to Carol Makie but much better.  Prefers well drained soil.
Hemerocallis “Mini Pearl” A miniature daylily , with ruffled blushed pink flowers with a yellow throat. About 24″ high.
Hosta “Summer Music” Green leave with pure white centres and irregular margins of gold.  Mid-Summer  flowers are light lavender. This hosta will perform better in shade. NOTE a special price  $5.00..
Pulmonaria “Sissinghurst White” Typical green foliage speckled with pure silver. This variety has white flowers.  Great for shade.