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arhs Yachts International

2019 Seed Exchange

Sharon Bryson has prepared this years offering for the ARHS 2019 Seed Exchange.

This pdf file contains an Introduction, the 2019 Seed List and the Order Form.

Members are reminded the list and order form are at The Willow Garden website.

The online list should be checked as time goes on in order to see which seed lots may be unavailable.

We again wish to thank the faithful contributors who have made this Exchange possible. The overall success of our Seed Exchange depends upon seed contributions by our members, so please make a “mental note” to save some interesting seeds for next years’ Exchange. There is always an interest in the Companion Plant section as well as the Azalea and Rhododendron sections.

Success also depends upon members purchasing seed. Many interesting plants can be added to our gardens by simply growing a few seeds. It seems that our list this year is a bit on the scanty side. This emphasizes the need for seed donations. Members who have never contributed might consider becoming seed donors in the coming year.