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2009 ARHS Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

Archived list of  plant descriptions from the 2009 May Plant Sale


R. ‘April Mist’  – [(carolinianum v. album mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’) x dauricum v. album]F2 Double soft pink flowers with darker pink edges – its large flowers seem to glow in the fog. Very early.  Dark green foliage turns burgundy in the fall. Can be almost deciduous. Vigorous. Compact upright-rounded habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide. A beautiful Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $25.00)

 R. ‘April Song’ – {[(double PJM Group hybrid x mucronulatum) x dauricum v. album] x (‘Pioneer’ x PJM Group hybrid)} A beautiful Mezitt hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of large semi-double ruffled flowers. Flowers are clear pink with paler almost white inner petals. Dark green foliage is semi-deciduous with deciduous leaves turning yellow in fall and the remaining foliage turning mahogany. Dense wide-upright habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 5b. A few only. (2 gal. – $25.00)

 R. diversipilosum ‘Milky Way’ – A Rhododendron Species Foundation selection of this species formerly known as Ledum palustre. It bears rounded trusses of many small star-shaped pure white flowers. Foliage is dark green with woolly reddish-brown indumentum. Dense mounded-spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high x 5′(1.5m) wide. Zone 5b. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Dora Amateis’  – (carolinianum x ciliatum) A very floriferous white (with a touch of pink) hybrid. Every spring it literally smothers itself in flowers, hiding its dense, dark green foliage. Mounded habit to 2.5′(.75m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide. Best in full sun with excellent drainage. Zone 6. An ARHS “Top Ten” lepidote. (1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Ginny Gee’ – (keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ x racemosum Forrest #19404) Bright pink buds open to blush pink then fade to white tinged pink on this Berg hybrid. Multiple trusses of 4-5 flowers create a sheet of bloom. Early. Dense, dark green foliage. To 1′(.3m) high x 2′(.6m) wide in 10 years. Perhaps one of the best dwarf hybrids. Zone 6. An ARHS “Top Ten” lepidote. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00/1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Molly Fordham’ – (‘Balta’ x carolinianum) A Mezitt hybrid with masses of heavily textured white flowers about a week after ‘PJM’. Glossy dark green foliage with good winter leaf retention. Compact upright habit to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Zone 5b. (2 gal. – $20.00)

 R. ‘Sugar Puff’  (carolinianum racemosum) Multiple terminal buds open to form large dome-shaped trusses of white flowers with pale purple-pink veining. A heavy bloomer. Upright growing with reddish stems. To 2.5′(.75m) high x 2′(.6m) wide in 5 years. Zone 6 or possibly colder. A few only. (1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Weston’s Pink Diamond’  (‘P.J.M.’ x mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’) Frilled double pink flowers have a silver-toned centre which gives a “sparkling effect.” A very early blooming and floriferous Mezitt hybrid. Red, orange & yellow fall colour. Bronze winter colour. Vigorous with a wide upright habit to 6′(1.8m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide.  Hardy to -18ºF(-28ºC). (2 gal. – $25.00)

 R. ‘Wren’ – (ludlowii x keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’) Clear yellow flowers stand up like pansies above a creeping mat of shiny, dark green foliage. Floriferous. Foliage turns bronzy-red in winter. At its best planted on a bank or in a raised bed and ideal for the rock garden or small spaces. A beautiful Cox hybrid. Zone 6. (1 gallon – $20.00)



 R. ‘Axel Tigerstedt’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x degronianum) A new Finnish hybrid with pale pink buds opening to white flowers with pale yellow spotting in rounded trusses. Dark green foliage with thin brown indumentum. Dense, upright-spreading habit to 5′(1.5m) high in ten years. Reported to be hardy to -26°F(-32°C) (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Brown Eyes’ (fortunei hybrid) Showy ball-shaped trusses of large crisp pink flowers with a dark blotch (thus “brown eyes”) grace this Boseley/Dexter hybrid. Dark green foliage, Grows to 6′(1.8m) high and wide or more in 15 years with a well-branched habit. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)

 R. ‘Capistrano’ – A complex Leach hybrid reported to be his best yellow. Its clear, pale yellow flowers are held in dome-shaped trusses. Forms a compact well-branched plant with dark green foliage. To 5′(1.5m) high and wide. Zone 6. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00/1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. [‘Capistrano’ x (‘Red River’ x ‘Goldkrone’)] – A Jack Looye hybrid with beautiful large full conical trusses of pale pink flowers edged with darker pink and a strong yellow flare. Attractive dark green foliage on a plant with a broad upright habit. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $25.00)

 R. ‘Eino’ – (Seidel smirnowii hybrid x ‘Dr. H. C. Dresselhuys’) A new Finnish hybrid with flowers dark purple-red in bud opening bright pink with a yellow-brown flair in dome-shaped trusses.  Forms a wide-growing plant to 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -22°F(-30°C) (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Eleanor Moody’  – [‘Scintillation’ x (‘Jalisco’ x yakushimanum)] White flowers with a maroon-purple spotting. Often sets multiple buds resulting in huge trusses.  Dark green foliage on dense plant with a mounded habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 6′(1.8m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. fortunei ‘Emma and May’ – A new selection of this beautiful species from Briggs Nursery.  It buds at a young age and its large flowers are frosty pink, fragrant and are held in lax trusses. Exceptional foliage emerges coppery-blue and matures to green with a blue sheen with purple-red petioles. It has a compact habit but will eventually grow into a very large upright shrub or small tree. Zone 6. A few only. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Francesca’ – (‘Britannia’ x ‘Dexter #202’) Tough, red and big! Large black-red flowers in large trusses. Late blooming. Very vigorous with an upright-open habit suited to the rear of a planting. Definitely not for the small garden or a foundation planting. Grows to 10′(3.0m) or more high. Best in half sun as flowers may scorch in full sun. Zone 6.(4″ Qt Pots – $12.00/2 gallon – $25.00)

 R. ‘Henry’s Red’ – A very hardy Weston hybrid with dark blood-red flowers held in tight trusses against dark green foliage. Free-flowering. Broad, irregular open habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Always in demand. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $25.00)

 R. ‘Hot Dawn’ – [‘Mars’ x (yakushimanum ‘Exbury’ x ‘Mars’)] Vivid purplish red flowers with frilled edges and heavy substance. Buds well from an early age. Upright open habit to 4′ (1.2m) high x 2.5′(.75m) wide in 12 years. A Brueckner hybrid bred in New Brunswick. Zone 6, probably colder. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘John T. Meagher’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’) Large trusses of white flowers with a dark brown blotch sit on top of lush shiny dark green foliage. Dense habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 8′(2.4m) wide in 10 years. Grown by the late John Meagher from a cross by Dave Hinton. Buds are hardy to -10ºF(-23ºC), possibly colder if brief. (2 gal. – $25.00)

 R. (yakushimanum) ‘Ken Janeck’ – yak selection or hybrid superb for our climate. Long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Dense foliage covers a plant which is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Slow growing and floriferous. Rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink flowers which fade to white. Similar to ‘Mist Maiden’ but slightly taller in habit growing 4-5′(1.2 – 1.5m) high and 11′(3.5m) wide. Best in a half day of sun. Zone 5. A few only. (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Kullervo’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group yakushimanum) A new Finnish hybrid with soft pink flowers fading to white. Attractive dark green foliage with brown indumentum and wooly tomentum on new growth. Compact dense mounded habit to 40″(1.0m) high in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -29°F(-34°C). (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Lionel’s Red Shield’  – (‘America’ x ‘Carmen’) An excellent Brueckner hybrid with bright dark red flowers and olive green foliage. Plant forms a dense dome-shaped mound to 12″(.3m) high x 3′(.9m) wide. Choice and rare. Needs excellent drainage and probably a site sheltered from winter sun. Plant hardy to at least -20ºF(-29ºC), buds to -15°F(-26°C).  (Year Olds – $12.00)

  1.  (yakushimanum)’Mist Maiden’ – If you were to grow only one rhododendron, this should be the one. This hybrid  (or possibly a selection of R. yakushimanum) has long narrow leaves with tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Its dense foliage covers a plant that is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Its rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink trusses fading to white. Slow-growing to 4′(1.2m) high x 11′(3.3m) wide in 30 years. Best in a half-day of sun. A proven performer. Zone 5. (1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘New Century’ – [pale yellow catawbiense hybrid x (unnamed yellow hybrid x ‘Bristol Cream’)] A compact Mezitt hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of pale yellow-green wavy edged flowers. Glossy dark green foliage. Dense habit to 3′(.9m) high in 10 years. Hardy to at least  -29°C(-20°F). (1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Pekka’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group  x Siedel smirnowii hybrid) A new Finnish hybrid with pale pink flowers. Very floriferous. Very attractive wide dark green foliage has light tomentum on new growth. Dense rounded habit to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. Could be one of the best of the Finnish hybrids. Reported to be hardy to-29°F(-34°C). A few only. (3 gallon – $60.00)

 R. ‘Pressie’s Peachy’ – A fragrant New England hybrid with pale pink flowers with a yellow flare. Tall growing with a dense rounded habit. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $25.00)

 R. ‘Queen Anne’s’ – [(brachycarpum x catawbiense) x (fortunei x white fortunei hybrid)] A hybrid with semi-double (its stamens are petaloid) white flowers with a lavender cast. Dark green foliage. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6. (2 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Raisa’ – (brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x brachycarpum hybrid no. 81 at Mustila). A new Finnish hybrid with bright pink flowers. Attractive dense dark green foliage. Low broad spreading habit to 30″(.75m) and much wider in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -22°F(-30°C). (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00/3 gallon – $60.00)

 R. ‘Tapestry’ –  (catawbiense hybrid x ‘Purple Splendor’) Dome-shaped trusses of large vivid purple flowers with a dark purple blotch grace this Mezitt hybrid. Its compact, dense habit make it unusual for an elepidote of this colour. Grows to 6′(1.2m) high and wide in 10 years spreading wider. Zone 5b. (1 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Teddy Bear’ – (“Lem’s bureavii” x yakushimanum) Exceptional foliage is dark lustrous green with incredible thick rust-coloured indumentum. Flowers are white blushed pink in large dome-shaped trusses. Free-flowering & early. Dense foliage on a compact, rounded, spreading plant. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)

 R. ‘Victoria’s Consort’ – (‘Nor’easter’ x catawbiense hybrid)  Ivory-white flowers with a pale yellow blotch grace this tough Mezitt hybrid. Dark olive-green foliage on an open-upright plant to 5′(1.5m) high x 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). (4″ Qt Pots – $12.00)

 R. ‘Vinebrook’ (smirnowii x ‘Lady Bessborough’) Pink buds open to large wavy-edged white flowers with a red flare and spotting. Large, round trusses of 15 flowers. Upright-spreading habit to 6′(1.8m) high in 25 years. An Ontario hybrid from Vineland Station. Hardy to at least -16°F(-27°C). A few only. (2 gallon – $20.00)

 R. ‘Virginia Delp’ – (‘Kristen’ x ‘Calsap’) Large tall tusses of very large, pale lavender-pink flowers with a yellow blotch.  Impressive very large flower buds. To 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. An Al Smith hybrid hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). (2 gallon – $25.00)



 R. ‘Elsie Lee’ – (‘Desiree’ x ‘Rosebud’) Large double bright lilac flowers in mass on a very attractive plant with a dense upright rounded habit densely clothed in deep olive green leaves. To 3′(.9m) high and wide in 15 years. Another Shammerello hybrid. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $25.00)

 R. ‘Laura Moreland’ – (‘Louise Gable’ x ‘Tama-giku’) x (‘Kaigetsu’ x Gable’s ‘Carol’) A semi-double Robin Hill hybrid with large petaloid pastel salmon-pink flowers with random darker stripes. Glossy green foliage tinted maroon. Compact broad low rounded habit to 2′(.6m) high in 10 years. Zone 6b. A few only. (2 gallon – $15.00)

 Azalea ‘Pride Red’ – (‘Nadine’ OP) A tough Pride hybrid with dark red flowers on a tall growing plant. Late blooming. Reddish fall colour. Zone 5b. A few only. (2 gal. – $20.00)

 Azalea ‘Robin Hill Frosty’ – {‘Oakland’ x [(Belgian hybrid x Gable’s ‘Carol’) x (‘Louise Gable’ x ‘Tama-giku’)]} Large strong pink flowers with a darker blotch  and a thin almost white margin giving the flowers a frosted effect. This floriferous Robin Hill hybrid is semi-dwarf plant with a mounded habit to 2′(.6m) high in 10 years. Zone 6b. A few only. (2 gallon – $15.00)

 Azalea ‘Rosebud’ – (‘Louise Gable’ x ‘Caroline Gable’) A Gable hybrid with clear soft pink double flowers resembling roses. Very floriferous and long-blooming. Dense, upright-spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide. Zone 6. (1 gallon – $20.00)



 Azalea ‘Arneson Fairy Jewel’ –  {[(‘Gallipoli’ x ‘Cecile’) x ‘Pink Delight’] x (‘Strawberry Ice’ x ‘Sunset Pink’) Ball-shaped trusses of 5-7 funnel-shaped purple-pink flowers on a dense dwarfish plant growing only 2′(.6m) high and wide in 20 years. Zone 6, probably colder. (1 gallon – $15.00)

 Azalea ‘Millennium’ – (‘Weston’s Sparkler’ x ‘Weston’s Parade’) A fragrant Mezitt azalea hybrid which blooms in late-July! Flowers are dark pink – almost red – with a pale orange flare. Its  blue-green foliage is mildew resistant and turns copper to burgundy in fall. Upright habit to 5′(1.5m) high in 10 years. Zone 6. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)

 R. schlippenbachii ‘Sid’s Royal Pink’ – The ‘Royal Azalea of Japan’ in its typical form has elegant, flat, soft pink flowers to 3.5-4.5″ across. Its distinctive deciduous foliage has excellent fall colour and is carried on a tall-growing open upright plant. This selection has large richer, darker pink flowers and is said to be more compact growing. Requires sun for best results but preferably protected from the mid-day sun. Appreciates a bit of lime or bonemeal occasionally. Zone 5b.  (4″ Qt pots – $15.00)



 Calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ – (“Firefly” Scotch Heather) A striking cultivar with year-round interest. Foliage is yellow-green with bronze tones turning bright brick-red in winter. Late summer flowers are a clean deep mauve in colour. Grows 12-18″(.3-.45m) high with an upright-spreading habit. Foliage colour is best in full sun. Old flowering stems can be sheared off after blooming or in early spring. Zone 5. (1 gallon – $15.00)

 Pieris japonica – An evergreen shrubs allied to rhododendrons with panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in early spring. These are seedlings of a tough 30 year old Halifax specimenNew growth is stunning bronzy-red. Large growing with an upright-spreading habit to 12′(3.6m) high or more. Zone 6. (3.5″ pots – $5.00/liners – $4.00)

 Vaccinium praestans (Kamschatca Bilberry) – A deciduous prostrate species which spreads around stoloniferously. Its 1″ leaves are born a few to each short twiggy stem and turn bright red in the fall. Typical vaccinum type flowers are followed by large bright red fruit. For sun to light shade in well–drained soil. Zone 6, probably colder. (3.5″ pots – $4.00)



 Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Graciosa’ (Graciosa Hinoki Cypress)  A more vigorous sport of ‘Nana Gracilis’. Foliage is bright green and is much looser growing and lacy. Grows to 10′(3.0m) high after many years with a pyramidal habit. Zone 6. A few only. (1 gallon  – $30.00)

 Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Gracilis’ (Nana Gracilis Hinoki Cypress)  A dense growing selection with rich lustrous green foliage and a pyramidal habit. Faster growing that ‘Nana Lutea’. To 6′ (1.8m) high after many years.  Zone 6. A few only. (1 gallon  – $30.00)

 Larix kaempferi – (Japanese Larch) Considered to be the most ornamental of the larch species, it is a large growing open-pyramidal tree with slender pendulous branches. Golden-yellow fall colour. Fast growing to 70′(21m) tall and broadly spreading. Wind and salt-spray tolerant. Zone 5. (3″ pots = $5.00)

 Metasequoia glyptostroboides – (Dawn Redwood) A prehistoric deciduous tree discovered first through fossils! Soft flat needles are held in feather-like arrangements which turn reddish-bronze in fall. Fast-growing it forms a tall uniform conical tree that can grow to 100′(30m) high. Trunk develops buttresses and furrows with age and has exfoliating reddish-brown bark. Best in full sun in a moist but not waterlogged spot. A tree from its first introduction grows in Halifax. Zone 5. (3″ pots – $5.00)

 Sciadopitys verticillata  (Japanese Umbrella Pine) A slow growing conifer with a perfect dense pyramidal shape and beautiful, thick, shiny, dark green needles. Can be treated as a dwarf conifer for many years but eventually can grow into a 30′(9m) tall tree. Attractive exfoliating bark. Habit best when grown as a specimen in full sun. Zone 5. Very choice. (4″ Qt pots – $25.00)



 Acer palmatum v. dissectum ‘Red Dragon’ – (Red Dragon Cutleaf Japanese Maple) A relatively new red cutleaf cultivar reported to hold its colour through the summer better than most others. Foliage emerges deep scarlet maturing to dark burgundy turning flaming scarlet in fall. Colour is best in full sun. Slower growing to 3′(.9m) high in 10 years eventually growing to 8′(2.4m) high. Broad rounded habit with cascading branches. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $25.00)

 Acer palmatum ‘Hogyoku’ – (Hogyoku Japanese Maple) An Amoenum Group cultivar coveted for its fall colour – pumpkin orange! The heavy textured rich green leaves  are 7 lobed and divided halfway to the centres. The lobes are broad at the centre, tapering to a fine point giving a star-shaped effect. Sturdy, upright-rounded growth habit to 15′(4.5m) high and wide. Zone 6. (3 gallon – $25.00)

 Berberis thunbergii ‘Concorde’ – (Concorde Barberry)  A striking compact selection with rich dark red-purple foliage like a Concorde grape. Red new growth. Keeps its colour throughout summer. Looks great combined with heathers or in the rock garden. To 2′(.6m) high x 3′(.9m) wide. Zone 4. (2 gallon – $30.00)

 Disanthus cercidifolius – A deciduous shrub related to witchhazels with brilliant fall colour. Large blue-green heart-shaped leaves turn a variety of colours in fall ranging from orange to red to purple. Inconspicuous dark purple flowers in fall. Grows 6-10′(1.8-3.0m) high and 8-10′(2.4-3.0m) wide – multi-stemmed with slender branches & a rounded spreading habit. Best in rich moist soil in light shade protected from the wind. Drought intolerant. Rarely available. Zone 6. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00))

 Fargesia nitida (Fountain Bamboo) – Another beautiful, alpine bamboo well suited to our cool summer climate. It is a non-invasive clump former. It has narrower leaves, more slender canes and is slightly smaller growing than F. murielae. Its new canes are purplish with a grey-blue bloom. Grows to 10′(3.0m) high in time with slender arching canes. Depending on the severity of winter, it can remain evergreen through the winter. Older canes should be pruned out periodically (they make great stakes.) Best in light shade, in rich moist well-drained soil and protected from winter winds. Fertilize annually with manure or lawn fertilizer. These are new generation seedlings.  Zone 5. (6″ pots – )

 Fothergilla major ‘Mount Airy’ – A selected form (or perhaps a hybrid) of this deciduous shrub in the witch hazel family. Dark blue-green foliage and beautiful fall colour. Erect spikes of fragrant, bottlebrush-like creamy flowers appear in early spring before the foliage. Red, orange and yellow fall colour last late in the season. Upright, mounded habit. To 6′(1.8m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide. Fall colour is best when grown in full sun. Hardy to -25ºF(-32ºC). (1 gallon – $20.00)

 Hamamelis x intermedia (Hybrid Witch Hazel)  An exceptional late-winter flowering shrub or small tree. Spidery, narrow-petalled, fragrant flowers – borne in clusters along the bare branches – unfurl in February or March dependent on the weather. Should the weather turn too cold they will close up and open again when the temperature is more to their liking. Excellent fall colour. Best in full sun in moist well-drained soil. Dark flowered varieties look best backlit by the sun or against an evergreen backdrop. Grows 12-20′(3.6-6.1m) high depending on the variety. Zone 5b. Sure to brighten those late winter days when we think spring will never come. The following varieties are offered:

‘Ruby Glow’ – (Ruby Glow Witch Hazel) Coppery-red to red-brown flowers are lightly scented. Fall colour is yellow and orange tinted red. Vigorous bushy-upright to vase-shaped habit growing to 12′(4.0m) high x 10′(3.0m) wide. A few only. (2 gallon – $25.00)

‘Sunburst’ – (Sunburst Witch Hazel) This cultivar features large clear bright yellow flowers with a reddish calyx – unfortunately without fragrance. Yellow fall colour. Vigorous with a vase shaped habit to 12′(4m) high and wide. (2 gallon – $25.00)

‘Westerstede’ – (Westerstede Witch Hazel) Very similar to the more common ‘Arnold’s Promise’ but reported to be hardier. Large bright yellow lightly scented flowers. Yellow fall foliage. Upright vigorous habit to 11.5′(3.5m) high x 8′(2.4m) wide. (2 gallon – $25.00)

 Magnolia ‘Elizabeth’ – (acuminata x denudata) A single or multi-trunked, pyramidal, upright hybrid to 30′(9m) high. Fragrant, large, 6″(15cm), clear pale yellow flowers with a long tapering form open cup-shaped. Late and long blooming. Foliage emerges copper coloured. An old and beautiful hybrid from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Zone 5b. (1 gallon – $25.00)

 Magnolia sieboldii – ex “Halifax Hardy” – Downward facing, fragrant, pure white flowers with burgundy centres from mid-June to late July are born against fresh green foliage. Added bonus of bright pink seed pods in fall from which dangle bright orange seeds. A vigorous small, bushy tree, 10-12′(3-4m) tall. Part shade. Z5b. A few only. (4″ pots – $8.00)

Magnolia sieboldii ex Korean Seedling – These are seedlings of a plant grown from seed collected wild in Korea. The flowers are larger and more outward facing than most in cultivation. The pure white flowers have a pink to burgundy stamens and open from mid-June to late July against fresh green foliage. This species has an added bonus of bright pink seed pods in fall from which dangle bright orange seeds. A vigorous small, bushy tree, 10-12′(3-4m) tall. Part shade. Zone 5b. (3.5″ pots – $5.00)

Robinia pseudoacacia Twisty Baby™ ‘Lady Lace’ – (Twisty Baby Black Locust) A smaller growing shrubby selection with zigzagging twisted stems densely clothed with curly leaves. Its pinnate compound foliage is dark green turning yellow in fall. Grows 10-15′(3-4.5m) high and wide with an irregular mounded shape. An interesting specimen plant. Zone 5. (1 gallon – $25.00)

 Schizophragma hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight‘ – A close relative of the climbing hydrangea, this deciduous woody vine can be grown up tree trunks, on a strong trellis, or left to scramble on banks or retaining walls. The foliage of this selection is a lush dark blue green with a silvery overlay. “Lacecap” type heads of fluffy white flowers surrounded by large single-petalled sterile white bracts appear in mid to late summer. For part-shade to shade. Zone 5. (1 gallon – $20.00)

 Syringa laciniata – (Cutleaf Lilac) A unique lilac species with small lacy-textured blue-green dissected foliage with 3-9 lobes. It’s fragrant pale lilac flowers are born in 3″ loose panicles in early spring. It has a suckering habit and forms a dense, twiggy, mounded plant to 6′(1.8m) high and wide. Best in full sun. Zone 5. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)

 Syringa pinnatifolia v. alashanica – (Pinnate-Leaved Lilac) The only truly pinnate-leaved species with 7-11 narrow opposite leaflets. It bears small panicles of creamy white faintly fragrant flowers along the branches in early  spring. Non suckering growing 5-7′(1.5-2.1m) high with slender angular branches and an open rounded habit. Very unique. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)



 Athyrium filix-femina ‘Frizelliae’ – (Tatting Fern) A unique and distinct selection of the Lady Fern with narrow fronds of small rounded pinnae born oppositely up the stems with a beaded or “tatted” effect. Grows to 12″(.3m) high. Deciduous, dainty, unusual and eloquent. Does well in well-drained but moisture retentive rich soil in part to full shade. Zone 4. (1 gallon – $15.00)

 Asarum caudatum (Caudate Hardy Ginger) – A deciduous species which spreads quickly, forming a dense, lush groundcover.  Its large heart-shaped leaves are dark shiny green and are covered with fine hairs. Reddish brown flowers held beneath the foliage are larger and more conspicuous. Makes an excellent foil for plants with dark foliage. To 6″(15cm) high. Part to dense shade. The foliage of asarums when crushed smells like ginger thus the common name. Zone 5. (2.5″ pots – $3.00/3.5″ pots – $4.00)

 Filipendula kamtschatica (camtschatica) – A spectacular giant species with thick slightly arching stems to 7′(2.1m) high and very large maple-like leaves.  Large terminal racemes of fragrant fluffy creamy-white flowers emerge in mid-summer. A dramatic plant for the larger garden. Full sun to part shade. Doesn’t require staking. Zone 4. (4″ pots – $5.00)

 Helleborus x hybridus (x orientalis) (Lenten Rose) – An elegant and aristocratic plant unrivalled by any other early spring blooming perennial. Flower colour covers a broad spectrum – whites, pinks, yellows, greens, burgundy, dusty purples & near blacks, etc. The  flowers are carried, several to a stem, above glossy, leathery, deep green dissected foliage. Blooming commences very early in spring, shortly after the ground thaws, and last for a very long period. Petals gradually fade in colour but remain intact well into the summer as the seed pods inflate and the seeds develop. Plant height in flower ranges from 12-18″(30-45cm).  Foliage is usually evergreen. Plant in light shade. Tolerant of acidic soil but prefer an alkaline soil. Soil should be prepared extra deep with plenty of compost and well-rotted manure added. The previous year’s foliage may be removed before flowering if winter damaged. Top dress annually with well-rotted manure. Resents transplanting. Zone 4. These are seed grown from superior plants. Colours indicate the seed parent and will not necessarily come true. Large plants. (4″ pots – $10.00)

 Iris graminea (Plum-Scented Iris) – A Spuria type iris with clump-forming, narrow grass-like leaves. Its blue-violet to purple-violet flowers are nestled in the 16″(.4m) high foliage and are lightly scented. Late spring to early summer blooming. An easy species suited to the rock garden or border in moist, well-drained soil with full sun. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ pots – $6.00)

 Iris wilsonii – A Siberian-type iris with soft yellow flowers spotted brown and born two to a stalk. Early blooming to 2′(.6m) high. Foliage is narrow and glaucous blue-green. Best in full sun in well-drained moist soil. Enjoys extra moisture during bloom time. Much easier to grow than the similar I. forrestii. Zone 6. (4″ pots – $8.00)

 Lilium canadense (Canada Lily) – An elegant and choice turk’s-cap type lily with pendulous bell-shaped orange flowers with dark spotting. A stoloniferous species forming small colonies when happy. Requires constantly moist well-drained acidic soil in sun or light shade. To 4′(1.2m) or more high. Zone 4. (3.5″ pots – $7.00/4″ pots – $10.00)

 Lilium michiganense – A stolonferous turk’s-cap type species similar to L. canadense. Red-orange flowers with red-brown spotting. Grows 2-5′(.6-1.5m) tall with 1 to 6 flowers per stem. Requires moist, well-drained acidic soil in full sun to part-shade.  Zone 5. (4″ pots – $10.00)

Podophyllum hexandrum (Chinese Mayapple) – Unlike the North American Mayapple, this species has pale pink flowers that are held above the unfurling foliage. It also does not run about but forms a nice tight clump. It’s large dark green leaves emerge heavily marbled with bronze. Flowers are followed by large orange-red fruits which hang beneath the foliage. Grows to 2′(.6m) high or more. For part shade in rich moist well-drained soil. Zone 5. (2.5″ pots – $3.00/3.5″ pots – $5.00)

 Saruma henryi – A monotypic genus closely related to asarums – its name is an anagram. Growing to 20″(50 cm) tall, it has large, heart-shaped leaves that are heavily felted. Unlike asarums, its ¾”(2 cm) primrose yellow flowers are held above the plant and are born from late spring until mid-summer! Deciduous. Zone 6. (4″ pots – $6.00/2.5″ pots – $3.00)

 Smilacina stellata (Starry False Solomon’s Seal) ­- An interesting Solomon Seal relative growing only about 1′(.3m) high. Its has upright to slightly arching stems with narrow leaves clasping alternately up the stem.  These are topped by short pyramidal racemes of small starry white flowers in spring followed by red berries. For part-shade to shade. Drought tolerant when established. Spreads loosely by rhizomes. Zone 4. (2.5″ pots – $2.00)

 Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine or Wood Poppy) – 2″(5cm) golden yellow poppy-like flowers from late spring to early summer are held above a mound of attractive blue-green dissected foliage. For part shade to shade in moist well-drained soil. To 16″(40cm) high. Can be cut back after blooming to rejuvenate foliage. Unlike most “poppies” and despite copious seed set it does not self-seed much. Zone 5.  (4″ pots – $5.00)

 Tradescantia ‘Sweet Kate’ – (Sweet Kate Spiderwort) A stunning selection with violet blue flowers with yellow stamens set against golden yellow foliage. Long-blooming in summer and if cut back after the first major bloom will rejuvenate the foliage and rebloom. Less aggressive than most spiderworts. Grows 12-18″(.3-.45m) high. Sun to part shade. Zone 5. (1 gallon – $15.00)

Uvularia grandiflora (Large-flowered Merrybells) – A charming woodland perennial with pendulous golden-yellow narrow bell-shaped flowers with twisted petals. The flowers are born in early spring as the foliage unfurls. Upright arching stems with alternate foliage.  Grows 18-24″(.45-.6m) tall forming a dense clump. Zone 5. (4″ pots – $6.00)