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arhs Yachts International

2008 ARHS Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

2008 May Plant Sale

Le Marchant-St. Thomas School Gymnasium

6141 Watt Street, Halifax, N.S.

Saturday 10 May   1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m



R. April Mist  – [(carolinianum v. album mucronulatum Cornell Pink) x dauricum v. album]F2 Double soft pink flowers with darker pink edges – its large flowers seem to glow in the fog. Very early.  Dark green foliage turns burgundy in the fall. Can be almost deciduous. Vigorous. Compact upright-rounded habit to 4(1.2m) high and wide. A beautiful Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. April Rose – [(carolinianum v. album mucronulatum Cornell Pink)F2 x (dauricum v. album dauricum)F2] A  floriferous and very early Mehlquist hybrid. Strong reddish-purple double flowers provide a much needed brilliant early splash of colour. Reddish-bronze fall colour. Retains a few leaves over winter. Compact broad-upright habit to 5(1.5m) high and wide in many years. Requires very good drainage. Zone 5. An ARHS proven performer. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. April Song [(unnamed double from PJM Group x mucronulatum) x dauricum v. album] x (Pioneer x unnamed hybrid form PJM Group) An beautiful Mezitt hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of large semi-double ruffled flowers. Flowers are clear pink with paler inner petals. Dark green foliage with reddish fall colour. Dense wide-upright habit to 5(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 5b. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Bluenose – (Russautinii x dauricum Sempervirens Group)  2″(5cm) funnel-shaped, clear blue flowers in lax trusses of 3-5. Upright, open habit to 7.5(2.3m) high and wide in 15 years. Olive green foliage. Plant hardy to -25ºF(-31ºC), buds to -17°F(-27°C). A Brueckner hybrid bred in New Brunswick. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Bubblegum – (Tetraploid R. Westons Aglo) An new tetraploid introduction by Briggs of R. Westons Aglo with larger flowers and foliage. Flowers are pink with a reddish blotch. Early blooming. PJM-like dark green foliage turns burgundy in fall. Grows to 3(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gal. – $20.00)


R. impeditum – A very dwarf species to 12″(.3m) high x 24″(.6m) wide. A parent of Ramapo and Purple Gem, it has tiny green foliage with brown scales. Many plants offered as this species are – and these may be as well – R. fastigiatum  which have glaucous blue-green leaves and opaque scales. Early, royal purple flowers. Zone 5b or colder. (1 gal. – 20.00)


R. impeditum Litangense Group (R. litangense– Once considered a separate species this plant is now lumped in with R. impeditum but is more upright in habit with longer leaves. Same early royal purple flowers. Zone 5b or colder.  (1 gal. – 20.00)


R. Isola Bella – (fletcherianum Yellow Bunting dauricum v. album Arctic Pearl selfed) A Brueckner hybrid, once known as “Mabel R.” Beautiful dark green distinct foliage with excellent winter leaf retention. Peach buds open pastel pink and fade to white. Smashing, floriferous and very early. To 5(1.5m) high x 4(1.2m) wide with a dense, upright-spreading habit. Bud hardy to -5ºF(-20ºC) – plant much hardier. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Landmark – (PJM hybrid) Similar to PJM but with large rounded trusses of vibrant dark pink flowers opening from red buds. Appears almost red from a distance. Bronze winter foliage with good leaf retention. Habit similar to PJM but slightly more compact. Grows 6-8(1.8-2.4m) high x 4-5(1.2-1.5m) wide. A Weston hybrid hardy to -20ºF(-29°C). (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Manitau –  A Conestoga (carolinianum racemosum) hybrid. Golden orange buds open to clear, light pink & fade to creamy white. This one covers itself in bloom every year. Early. Bronzy foliage in winter. A semi-dwarf with a dense, compact habit. To 18″(.45m) high. Zone 5. An ARHS proven performer. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. mucronulatum Cornell Pink – A beautiful selection of this deciduous species with large bright rose-pink flowers in profusion. Blooms very early in spring before the leaves emerge. Ethereal in the fog! Golden yellow fall colour. Upright willowy habit to 9(2.7m) high. Requires excellent drainage. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Olga Mezitt – (minus var minus Compact Form x dauricum hybrid) A Weston hybrid with masses of ball-shaped trusses of clear pink flowers that do no fade. Blooms slightly later than PJM. Dark green foliage turns bronzy-copper in the fall. Shiny green foliage. Dense-mounded-upright habit 4(1.2m) high and 3(.9m) wide in 10 years. Hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (2 gal. – $20.00)




R. Bellefontaine  – (fortunei x smirnowii) A Kentville hybrid with large trusses of lightly scented pink flowers. Very large growing – plants at Kentville are over 14(4.0m) high after 40 years. Lush, dark green foliage. A great plant! Zone 5b. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Calsap – (Catalgla x Sappho) Lavender buds open into large conical trusses of snowy white flowers with a large dramatic burgundy blotch. Dense emerald green foliage. Vigorous. Broad, upright habit to 5(1.5m) high in 10 years. Zone 5. An ARHS proven performer and a real showstopper. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Fantastica – (Mars x yakushimanum Koichiro Wada) Large trusses of bicoloured flowers with bright red margins and pastel pink centres grace this very showy Hachmann hybrid. Vigorous & floriferous. Long, narrow indumented leaves. Compact, low mounding habit to 3(.9m) high. Zone 5b. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Haaga – (brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x Dr. H. C. Dresselhuys) Dark pink buds open to bright medium pink flowers with a darker blotch. Excellent, rich glossy green foliage. Well-branched, rounded-upright habit to 7(2.1m) high. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -33°F(-36°C). (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Hachmanns Kabarett – (Hyperion x Hachmanns Diadem) Full rounded trusses of very frilly soft lilac-pink flowers with a large dark burgundy blotch grace this hybrid. Deep green foliage on plant with a rounded habit to 4(1.2m) high and wide. Rated hardy to -11ºF(-24ºC) but untried here. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Hellikki – (open pollinated seedling of a R. smirnowii hybrid) Dark red-violet flowers on a plant to 5(1.5m) high with a dense rounded habit. New leaves are indumented turning green with age. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -34°C(-29°F). (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Henrys Red – A very hardy Weston hybrid with dark blood-red flowers held in tight trusses against dark green foliage. Free-flowering. Broad, irregular open habit to 5(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Always in demand. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Ingrid Mehlquist – (‘Besse Howells’ x yakushimanum) Pink flowers in tight round trusses quickly fade to white dotted with burgundy. The trusses sit elegantly & upright on the foliage – small but very graceful. Floriferous. Very attractive foliage with light indumentum. Compact, well-branched, rounded-spreading habit to 3(.9m) high x 4(1.2m) wide in 25 years. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Janet Blair – Large, pale pink, flowers with ruffled edges and a large gold-green flare. Fragrant. Dark glossy green foliage. Vigorous with a rounded, dense, well-branched habit. To 6(1.8m) high and spreading wider. Zone 6. An ARHS proven performer. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. John T. Meagher – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky) Large trusses of white flowers with a dark brown blotch sit on top of lush shiny dark green foliage. Dense habit to 5(1.5m) high x 8(2.4m) wide in 10 years. Grown by the late John Meagher from a cross by Dave Hinton. Buds are hardy to -10ºF(-23ºC), possibly colder if brief. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. makinoi – An excellent foliage plant, this fine species has dark green leaves that are long, narrow, and pointed. Their undersides are covered  with thick tawny indumentum. Flowers are clear, light pink and very late as is the new growth. Dense, well-branched, rounded habit to 3(1.5m) high. Zone 6. Requires a bit of lime to prevent yellow leaves.(2 gal. – $40.00)


R. Mikkeli – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii smirnowii) White flowers, tinted pink, with green spotting late in the season. Dense, lush dark green foliage with light indumentum. New growth covered in silvery-white tomentum. Upright well-branched habit to 6(1.8m) high in 10 years. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -37°C(-35°F). (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. Minas Grand Pré – (catawbiense Compactum x williamsianum) A profusion of pink bell-shaped flowers in loose trusses grace this Kentville Research Station hybrid. Small oval leaves emerge with a bronze tone and age to dark green. In full sun it forms a perfect dense, compact, mounded dome and grows to 3(.9m) tall in 10 years. Zone 5b. (2 gal. – 25.00)


R. New Century – [pale yellow catawbiense hybrid x (unnamed yellow hybrid x Bristol Cream)] A compact Mezitt hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of pale yellow-green wavy edged flowers. Glossy dark green foliage. Dense habit to 3(.9m) high in 10 years. Hardy to at least  -29°C(-20°F). (4″ pots – $12.00)


R. Skookum – [(yak x Mars x America] Dome-shaped trusses of bright red flowers. Buds freely from a young age. Compact habit forming a dense mound of dark green foliage. To 4(1.2m) high and wide. Best sited where protected from winter sun and wind. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)


R. Tapestry –  (Purpureum Splendens x catawbiense hybrid) Dome-shaped trusses of large vivid purple flowers with a dark purple blotch grace this Mezitt hybrid. Its compact, dense habit make it unusual for an elepidote of this colour. Grows to 4(1.2m) high in 10 years spreading wider. Zone 5b. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. Teddy Bear – (“Lem’s bureavii” x yakushimanum) Exceptional foliage is dark lustrous green with incredible thick rust- coloured indumentum. Flowers are white blushed pink in large dome-shaped trusses. Free-flowering & early. Dense foliage on a compact, rounded, spreading plant. Grows to 5(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (3 gal. – $60.00)


R. Vernus – (red-flowered catawbiense hybrid x Cunninghams White) Star-shaped shell-pink flowers in dome-shaped trusses. Very early flowering. Upright open habit to 5(1.5m) high and wide. A Shamarello/Leach hybrid. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $25.00)


R. yakushimanum Mist Maiden – If you were to grow only one rhododendron, this should be the one. This species (or possibly a hybrid) has long narrow leaves with tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Its dense foliage covers a plant that is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Its rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink trusses fading to white. Slow-growing to 4(1.2m) high x 11(3.3m) wide in 30 years. Best in a half-day of sun. A proven performer. Zone 5. (4″ Qt pots. – $12.00)




Azalea Corsage – Large, pale lavender pink flowers with a dark blotch. Fragrant and late-blooming. Vigorous dense habit to 4(1.2m) high and wide in 10 years, spreading wider with age. Zone 6, possibly colder. A Gable hybrid. (2 gal. – $20.00)


A. Hino White Dwarf – [(Hino Crimson x poukhanense) x Desiree] A smaller growing sport of the Shamarello’s Hino White with its 2″ pure white flowers on a plant growing only 1(.3m) high x 2(.6m) wide in 10 years. Dense spreading habit and very floriferous. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. kiusianum Betty Muir – A vibrant pink selection of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Densely branched and twiggy with a tiered habit and remaining relatively low. Very floriferous – smothers itself in small vibrant pink flowers every year. Dark green foliage with excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth a try in Zone 5. Considered by some to be one of the best selections. (2 gal. – $20.00)


R. kiusianum Mangetsu – A delightful selection of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate with bi-coloured flowers of very pale pink edged with lavender pink. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Densely branched and twiggy with a tiered habit and remaining relatively low. Very floriferous – smothers itself in flowers every year. Dark green foliage with excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth a try in Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)


R. kiusianum “Pink Form” – A selected pink form of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Densely branched and twiggy with a tiered habit and remaining relatively low. Very floriferous – smothers itself in small clear pink flowers every year. Excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth a try in Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Azalea Pink Clusters – (open-pollinated kiusianum hybrid) A floriferous Weston hybrid with full trusses of small bright pink flowers lightly spotted with magenta. Good fall colour. Low growing and spreading habit to 2(.3m) high and wide in 10 years. Plant hardy to at least -20°F(-29ºC), buds to -13°F(-25ºC). (1 gal. – $15.00)


Azalea Rosebud – A Gable hybrid with clear pink double flowers resembling roses. Dense upright-spreading habit to 4(1.2m) high x 3(.9m) wide. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Azalea Scotian Mirage – {(Lady Louise) x [(Lady Louise x (nakaharai Orange Form X kiusianum Mt Fuji)#1-1)] Large flowers of the very palest white-lavender. Dense horizontal spreading habit to 16″(.4m) high x 32″(.8m) wide in 12 years. A late July blooming Weagle hybrid. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)


Azalea Scotian Picotee – {(Lady Louise) x [(Lady Louise x (nakaharai Orange Form X kiusianum Mt Fuji)#1-1)] Dense horizontal spreading habit to 16″(.4m) high x 32″(.8m) wide in 12 years.  White with strong pink tips. A July blooming Weagle hybrid. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)


 A. Arneson Flame – A dwarf hybrid growing only 16″(.4m) high x 2(.6m) wide in 15 years. Floriferous from a young age with large flaming orange-red flowers in ball-shaped trusses. New foliage is flushed with red and ages to dark green. Dense habit. Disease resistant. Zone 6, possibly colder. (1 gal. – $20.00)


A. Arneson Medallion – Another dwarf hybrid growing only 16″(.4m) high x 20″(.8m) wide in 15 years. Tubular funnel-shaped flowers  are vivid reddish-orange and lightly scented. Dense habit. Zone 6, possibly colder. (1 gal. – $20.00)


R. calendulaceum – An eastern US native azalea species. Its flowers are funnel shaped and are born in trusses of 5 to 9. Colur can range from orange to red to yellow or combinations thereof. It blooms before or with the emerging foliage in mid to late June. Its clean foliage is not succeptible to mildew. Suckering, upright-spreading habit to 5 high in 10 years. Zone 5. (2 gallon – $35.00)


A. Gibraltar – An Exbury hybrid with large ball-shaped trusses of large ruffled vivid orange  flowers. Fragrant,  floriferous and mildew-resistant. Orange-red-yellow fall colour. Upright habit to 6(1.8m) high x 4(1.2m) wide. (4″ pots – $10.00)


R. schlippenbachii Sids Royal Pink – The Royal Azalea of Japan in its typical form has elegant, flat, soft pink flowers to 3.5-4.5″ across. Its distinctive deciduous foliage has excellent fall colour and is carried on a tall-growing open upright plant. This selection has large richer, darker pink flowers and is said to be more compact. Requires sun for best results but preferably  protected from the mid-day sun. Appreciates a bit of lime or bonemeal occasionally. Zone 5b.  (4″ Qt pots – $15.00)




Calluna vulgaris Blazeaway – (“Blazeaway” Scotch Heather) A striking cultivar with year-round interest. New growth is bright yellow maturing gold to mint green. Late summer flowers are lilac in colour. Winter foliage is a spectacular fiery orange-red. Grows to 16″(.4m) high x 2(.6m) wide. Zone 5. (4″ pots – $10.00)


Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikokianus  – A large deciduous shrub with an interesting twiggy, upright, tiered-spreading habit. Dark green leaves in whorls at the branch tips. This variety is more upright growing and less twiggy than most and boast incredible brilliant red fall colour. Its small, urn-shaped flowers are dark red streaked pink – and are born in long pendulous panicles. Slow growing to 6(1.8m) x 4(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Sun to part shade. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ pots – $12.00)


Kalmia latifolia Pinwheel – (“Pinwheel” Mountain Laurel) A “banded” cultivar with flowers mostly cinnamon-maroon in colour with white margins, centre and veining – giving a “pinwheel” effect. Dark green evergreen foliage is disease resistant. Upright habit to 3.5(1.05m) high x 3(.9m) wide in 10 years. Best in full sun but needs excellent drainage and protection from winter wind. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Leucothoe Scarletta (syn. Zeblid) (Fetterbush) A  evergreen shrub closely related to Pieris with panicles of fragrant, white, pieris-like flowers in spring. It is a suckering spreading shrub with thick arching stems of leathery dark green foliage. The jury is out on the parentage of this fine form – it can be found listed as a form of L. fontanesiana,L. axillaris and a hybrid of the two. It boasts bright red new foliage and spectacular brilliant burgundy-red winter colour given adequate sun. Growing only 2-3(.6-.9m) high (and up to 6(1.8m) across), it is of much smaller stature than most L. fontanesiana cultivars For moist, well-drained soil in part to full shade but winter colour will be better given some sun. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)


x Phylliopsis hillieri Pinocchio – (Phyllodoce brewerii Kalmiopsis leachiana) Akin to Coppelia and Sugar Plum offered last year, this bi-generic hybrid offers the same narrow shiny dark green evergreen foliage like a heather on steroids. Spikes of dark pink bell-shaped flowers are born above the foliage in spring. Grows only 6-10″(..15-.2m) x 18″(.45m) wide with a mounding habit. Floriferous. Great for the rock garden. Requires excellent drainage & full sun. Dislikes drought & high temperatures. Zone 6, possibly colder.  Shear off spent flowers after blooming. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Pieris japonica – An evergreen shrubs allied to rhododendrons with panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in early spring. These are seedlings of a tough 30 year old Halifax specimenNew growth is stunning bronzy-red. Large growing with an upright-spreading habit to 12(3.6m) high or more. Zone 6. (Liners – $3.00/3.5″ pots – $5.00)


Pieris japonica v. yakushimanum Cavatine – A genus of evergreen shrubs allied to rhododendrons with panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers. This is one of a series which are “dwarf” or smaller growing and rated as one of the best. It forms a dense mound of dark green foliage reaching only 2-3(.6-.9m) high and wide. Very floriferous. New growth is tinted bronze. Zone 6 but worth trying in colder areas with protection.  (1 gal. – $20.00)




Clethra alnifolia Sixteen Candles – (“Sixteen Candles” Summersweet) A low growing selection of this deciduous suckering shrub with small white flowers born on stiffly upright 4-6″ panicles – like candles. Summer-blooming, floriferous, highly fragrant and attracts butterflies. Foliage is a lustrous dark green turning golden-yellow in fall. Dense habit to 2.5(.75m) high x 3.5(1.05m) wide in 10 years. Best in full sun. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $35.00)


Corylopsis spicata Aurea – (Golden Spike Winterhazel) A much more civilized alternative to the early blooming but brash Forsythia. It is an airy rounded deciduous shrub bearing pendulous clusters of  fragrant small pale yellow flowers in early spring. The leaves of this selection emerge bright yellow aging to chartreuse. Grows 6-8(1.8-2.4m) high and wide with a spreading branching habit. Zone 6. (4″ pots – $12.00)


Daphne genkwa – A stunning deciduous species with pale lilac flowers. The flowers are born in spring along wiry stems which emerge leafless the previous year – be sure not to prune these out. Excellent drainage is a must. Plant it in a permanent spot with full sun and moist but well-drained soil. Upright open habit to 4(1.2m) high x 3(.9m) wide. Zone 6. Very choice but can be tricky. (3 gal. – $60.00)


Daphne x medfordensis Lawrence Crocker – (arbuscula x collina) A dwarf evergreen hybrid with glossy dark green foliage and fragrant lavender flowers in late spring and early summer and even into the fall. Dense mounding habit to 1(.3m) high and spreading wider. Requires good drainage and protection from winter winds and sun. An excellent candidate for the rock garden or trough. Zone 6 with winter protection. (1 gal. – $30.00)


Daphne tangutica – A semi-evergreen species with dark green leathery foliage and fragrant flowers in spring and sporadically through the summer. The flowers are white to pale pink inside and rose-purple on the outside. Dense upright habit to 3(.9m) high and wide. Plant it in a permanent spot with full sun (protected from winter sun if possible) and rich moist but well-drained soil. Hardiness ratings vary with most indicating Zone 7 but some references to as low as Zone 4. Well worth trying in milder areas of the province or alternatively grow it in a tub and store it in a cool bright frost-free location over winter. (4″ pots – $15.00)


Ilex Rutzan (Red Beauty) – (messervae x pernyi) A new “Blue Holly” from Rutgers University. It boasts a dense pyramidal habit with little pruning required. Foliage is spiny and dark glossy green. Produces a heavy crop of brilliant red berries but requires a male “blue holly” (x messervae) as a pollinator. Grows to 6(1.8m) high in 10 years. Listed as hardy to at least Zone 7 but given its parentage it should be hardy in Zone 6b if not colder. (2 gallon – $40.00/4″ pots – $12.00)


Schizophragma hydrangeoides Roseum – A close relative of the climbing hydrangea, this deciduous woody vine can be grown up tree trunks, on a strong trellis, or left to scramble on banks or retaining walls. Foliage is a lush dark green. Fluffy “lacecap” type heads of fluffy pinkish-white flowers surrounded by large single-petalled sterile pale pink bracts. For sun to part-shade. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Syringe pubescens ssp. microphylla Superba – (Superba Little Leaf Lilac) A blight & mildew-resistant lilac with small foliage which can develop burgundy tints in the fall. Its clear pink flowers are highly fragrant and are bourn in profusion in late spring. Can rebloom in the fall. Grow up to 7(2.1m) high and wider spreading with a dense mounded habit. Zone 6. (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)


Viburnum plicatum Popcorn – (“Popcorn” Japanese Snowball Viburnum) A deciduous shrub with a horizontal arching habit and  dark green deeply veined leaves. White flowers are produced in 2-3″ rounded cymes along the branches. Late spring blooming and very floriferous. Scarlet fall colour. To 7(2.1m) tall. A David Leach selection. Sun to part shade in moist, well drained soil. Not drought tolerant. Zone 6.  (4″ Qt pots – $12.00)


Dicksonia antarctica – (Tasmanian Tree Fern) A little piece of Tasmania for your patio in light shade…. A striking fern with soft textured arching fronds. It is a slow growing fern which slowly develops a trunk (similar to palms) as the older fronds die off. Don’t expect it to gain more than an inch or two in height each year. Keep its soil moist at all times and keep the “trunk” moist  (but not the crown) during periods of low humidity. Overwinter in a cool bright frost free location. (4″ pots – $15.00)


Phormium Flamingo – arching strap-like foliage that is primarily shades of orange-pink, striped with pale yellow and grey-green towards the margins. Prune out any leaves which revert to a solid bronze colour. Grows to about 2(.6m) high and wide. (4″ Qt pots – $15.00)


Phormium Surfer Bronze – (“Flamingo” New Zealand Flax) A tender evergreen New Zealand native which makes a superb tub plant either by itself or in combination with other plants. This smaller-growing phormium has narrow upright-twisted foliage of bronze-green with dark bronze-brown margins. Grows to 2(.6m) high. Best in full sun.  Pot in a well drained mix and keep moist but do not overwater. Store indoors in winter in a frost-free, cool (preferably) bright location and let dry out between light waterings. (4″ Qt pots – $15.00)



Campanula Samantha – A beautiful new spreading variety with cup-shaped violet-blue flowers with paler centers. Very floriferous, long blooming and fragrant. Reblooms if deadheaded after flowering. Grows to 6″(15cm) high x 18″(45cm) wide. For full sun in well-drained soil. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $12.00)


Carex x oshimensis Evergold  – (Evergold Japanese Sedge) A grass-like sedge with narrow arching creamy-yellow leaves edged dark green. Colour is best in part-shade. For moist to wet soils. Dislikes drought. Deciduous – cut back in early spring. Grows to 10″(.25m) high and twice as wide forming a dense mound. One of the nicest sedge selections. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Hakonechloa macra – (Japanese Forest Grass) The hard to find plain green form of this slow growing weeping grass. It looks like a miniature bamboo. Not invasive. More tolerant of full sun than the variegated and golden varieties. Very elegant and choice. Looks great arching out of a pot or over a wall. For sun or part-shade. To 16″(.4m) tall. Zone 6. (4″ Qt pots – $10.00)


Helleborus x hybridus (x orientalis) (Lenten Rose) – An elegant and aristocratic plant unrivalled by any other early spring blooming perennial. Flower colour covers a broad spectrum – whites, pinks, yellows, greens, burgundy, dusty purples & near blacks, etc. The  flowers are carried, several to a stem, above glossy, leathery, deep green dissected foliage. Blooming commences very early in spring, shortly after the ground thaws, and last for a very long period. Petals gradually fade in colour but remain intact well into the summer as the seed pods inflate and the seeds develop. Plant height in flower ranges from 12-18″(30-45cm).  Foliage is usually evergreen. Plant in light shade. Tolerant of acidic soil but prefer an alkaline soil. Soil should be prepared extra deep with plenty of compost and well-rotted manure added. The previous years foliage may be removed before flowering if winter damaged. Top dress annually with well-rotted manure. Resents transplanting. Zone 4. These are seed grown from superior plants. Colours indicate the seed parent and will not necessarily come true. (2.5″ pots – $5.00/3.5″ pots – $7.00)


Iris cristata (Dwarf Crested Iris) – A charming rhizomatous iris species growing only 4-6″(10-15cm) high and forming a dense mat. Large lavender-blue flowers are born in spring just above the short broad foliage. Sun to part shade in moist, well-drained soil. Zone 4/5. (4″ pots – $6.00)


Liriope spicata Silver Dragon – (Silver Dragon Creeping Lilyturf) – A variegated selection of this spreading evergreen groundcover for sun to part shade. Long thin strap-like arching foliage is lush and a rich dark green striped with creamy-silver. It forms a 4″(.1m) high matt. 12″(.3m) spikes of fluffy pale lilac flowers appear in late summer. Cut back in early spring. For sun to part-shade. Zone 6, probably colder. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Podophyllum hexandrum (Chinese May Apple) – Unlike the North American Mayapple, this species has pale pink flowers that are held above the unfurling foliage. It also does not run about but forms a nice tight clump. Its large dark green leaves emerge heavily marbled with bronze. Flowers are followed by large orange red fruits which hang beneath the foliage. Grows to 2(.6m) high or more. For part shade in rich moist well-drained soil. Zone 5. (3.5″ pots – $3.00)


Polystichum setiferum Divisilobum – (Divided Soft Shield Fern) A beautiful soft-green fern with a horizontal habit and each pinnule subdivided into many tiny pointed lobes. For a cool moist well-drained spot in part to full-shade. To 30″(.75m) high. Zone 6b. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine or Wood Poppy) – 2″(5cm) golden yellow poppy-like flowers from late spring to early summer are held above a mound of attractive blue-green dissected foliage. For part shade to shade in moist well-drained soil. To 16″(40cm) high. Can be cut back after blooming to rejuvenate foliage. Unlike most “poppies” and despite copious seed set it does not self-seed much. Zone 5. (4″ pots – $5.00/3.5″ pots – $4.00/2.5″ pots – $3.00)

Yucca nana – A new species or possibly a variation of Y. harrimaniae endemic to a small area of the mountains on the Utah – Colorado border. Typical grey-green foliage with white filaments. Grows only 1(.3m) tall with 3(.9m) tall spikes of white flowers. Will need full sun and excellent drainage. Great for the smaller rock garden! Zone 5. (4″ Dp. pots – $10.00)