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2001 ARHS Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

 Archived list of  

plant descriptions 

from the 2001 May Plant Sale



R. ‘April Mist’ – [(carolinianum v. album mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’)F2 x (dauricum v. album dauricum)F2] Beautiful soft pink double flowers edged with darker pink in early spring. Vigorous. Compact habit growing to 4’(1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide in 10 years. A Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Dora Amateis’ – (carolinianum x ciliatum) An extremely floriferous white (with a touch of pink) hybrid. Every spring it covers itself in flowers, hiding its dark green foliage. Dense, mounded habit to 2.5’ (.75m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Zone 6.(1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Ivory Coast’ – (keiskei dauricum ‘Arctic Pearl’) Pale green flowers aging to ivory white. Very early flowering. To 4’(1.2m) high in 10 years.  Hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). A Leach hybrid. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Little Olga’/‘Olga Petite’ – (carolinianum minus) A sport of the popular R. ‘Olga Mezitt.’ It has the same clear pink flowers but on a slower growing more compact plant. Floriferous. Burgundy winter foliage. To 4’(1.2m) high. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $30.00)


R. ‘Manitau’ – A ‘Conestoga’ (carolinianum racemosum) hybrid. Golden orange buds open to clear light pink and fade to creamy white. Covers itself in bloom. Early. Bronzy foliage in winter. A semi-dwarf with a dense, compact habit. To 2’(.6m) high. One of my favourites. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Milestone’ – (minus v. compacta dauricum v. sempervirens) A very floriferous and early blooming Mezitt hybrid. Vivid purplish-pink flowers  appear almost red from a distance. Orange/red fall colour retaining a few bronze coloured leaves in winter. Upright, dense, twiggy habit to 3’(.9m) x 3’(.9m) in 10 years. Plant hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). Bud hardy to at least -13ºF(-25ºC). (1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Weston’s Pink Diamond’ – (‘P.J.M.’ x mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’) Frilled double pink flowers have silver-toned centres giving a ‘sparkling effect.’ Another very early blooming and floriferous Mezitt hybrid. Very showy red, orange & yellow fall colour and bronzy foliage in winter. Vigorous. Wide, upright habit to 6’(1.8m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Hardy to -18ºF(-28ºC). (2 gal. – $30.00)



R. ‘Calsap’ – (catalgla x ‘Sappho’) Lavender buds open into large conical trusses of snowy white flowers with a large dramatic burgundy blotch. Dense emerald green foliage. Vigorous. Broad, upright habit to 5’(1.5m) high in 10 years. A real showstopper. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00 / 2 gal. – $30.00)

R. ‘Golfer’ – (yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum) This Berg hybrid has perhaps the finest foliage of any hybrid. Fawn indumentum and persistent silvery tomentum. Flowers are clear pink fading to white in dome-shaped trusses. Broad, well-branched, dense habit to 2.5’(.75m) high x 3.5’(1.05m) wide in 15 years.  Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Haaga’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x ‘Dr. HC Dresselhuys’) Pink flowers on a tall plant with attractive dark green foliage. Well-branched,  upright-rounded habit to 6’(1.8m) high. Hardy to       -33°F(-36°C). The Finnish hybrid are an invaluable alternative to the standard ironclads in the colder areas of our region.(1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Helsinki University’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii smirnowii)  Bright pink flowers flecked orange-red. Red tinged new foliage matures to glossy green. Upright in habit to 6’(1.8m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Hardy to -38ºF(-39ºC). Another very hardy Finnish hybrid. (1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Henry’s Red’ – A very hardy Mezitt hybrid with dark blood-red flowers held in tight trusses against  dark green foliage. Free-flowering. Broad, open habit to 5’(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Hot Dawn’ – [‘Mars’ x (yakushimanum ‘Exbury’ x ‘Mars’)] Vibrant pinkish-red flowers with frilled edges and heavy substance. Upright, open habit to 4’(1.2m) high x 2.5’(.75m) wide in 12 years. Plant hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). Bud hardy to -14ºF(-26ºC). A Brueckner hybrid bred in N.B. (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Janet Blair’ – (Dexter hybrid) Large scented pale pink flowers with ruffled edges and a large gold-green flare. Fragrant. Dark glossy green foliage. Vigorous with a rounded, dense and well-branched habit. To 6’(1.8m) high, wider than tall. Zone 6. A Leach hybrid.        (1 gal. – $10.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Pohjohla’s Daughter’ – (smirnowii catalgla) Large flowers open lavender-pink with a paler centre quickly ageing to almost pure white with a yellow-green flare. Very striking. Low compact mounding habit to 3.5’(1.05m) high and spreading wider. Hardy to -29ºF(-34ºC). Another extremely hardy Finnish hybrid.(1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


R. ‘Spring Parade’ – (red catawbiense hybrid x ‘Cunningham’s White’) Large reddish-pink flowers in globe-shaped trusses. Free-flowering. Open habit, wider than tall. To 4’(1.2m) high. A Shamarello hybrid. Hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. ‘Vinecrest’ – {[(‘Labar’s White’ x fortunei) x wardii] x litiense} Peach buds open to yellow flushed with peach and fade to yellow. A stunning colour combination. Olive green foliage. Upright, rounded habit to 4’(1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide in 12 years. An Ontario hybrid from Vineland Station. Hardy to at least -16°F(-27°C). (1 gal. – $15.00)


R. yakushimanum “Berg Form” – A superb species for our climate. Its long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Its dense foliage covers a plant which is  symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Rosy-pink buds open to form large apple blossom pink trusses which fade to white. Best in a half day of sun. We have not offered this clone before and have not been able to determine its attributes. If it is the same as the one I have labelled yak “Berg” in my garden it will be a very slow-growing dwarf clone. Like all yaks, we are sure this will be a welcome addition to your collection. Zone 5b. (1 gal. – $15.00)



A. ‘Girard’s Chiara’ – (‘Pink Dawn’ x ‘Boudoir’) Deep purplish-pink 2.5” hose-in-hose ruffled flowers. Dense, compact habit and glossy green foliage. Slow-growing to 1’(.3m) high x 1’(.3m) in 4 years. Zone 6. A Girard Hybrid.  (1 gal. – $15.00)


A. ‘Hino White Dwarf’ – [(‘Hino Crimson’ x poukhanense) x ‘Desiree’] A smaller growing sport of the Shamarello hybrid. Pure white 2” flowers. Spreading habit to 2’(.6m) high x 3’(.9m) wide. Floriferous. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00 / 3 gal. – $40.00)


R. kiusianum ‘Murasaki Shikibu’ – Perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate provided it is given good drainage and plenty of sun (as with all evergreen azaleas). Densely branched and twiggy with a spreading, somewhat tiered habit. This cultivar has reddish-purple hose-in-hose flowers. Floriferous. Excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth a try in Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)



Azalea ‘Lollipop’ – Fragrant pink flowers with a light pink & yellow flare in early summer ageing to silvery-pink. A mildew resistant Mezitt hybrid. Excellent red to orange fall colour. Wide spreading habit to 5’(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Azalea ‘Weston’s Innocence’ – Fragrant white flowers with narrow tubular throats appear in early summer. Burgundy-red fall colour. Compact, wide-upright habit plant. Another mildew resistant Mezitt hybrid. Zone 5.  (1 gal. – $15.00)



(Cultivate as per rhododendrons except as noted.)


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Wood’s Red’ – (Bearberry, Kinnikinnik) Bearberry, a Maritimes native, has small, leathery, dark green evergreen leaves on prostrate creeping stems. Small, white, tinged pink, urn-shaped flowers in spring. Does best in poor sandy soils in full sun or part-shade. ‘Wood’s Red’ is a dense, compact form selected for its reddish winter colour & large red berries. A great rock garden or groundcover plant. Zone 5. (3” pots – $4.00)


Enkianthus perulatus – A deciduous shrub to 6’(1.8m) high x 6’(1.8m) wide. Bright green foliage turns scarlet in the fall. Interesting in winter for its pale grey bark and twiggy structure. Panicles of pure white urn-shaped flowers in early spring. More refined and compact than E. campanulatus. Plants will be very small but we are excited to be able to offer this rare plant. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Oxydendron arboreum – (Sourwood) A slow growing deciduous tree with large arching panicles of white lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in summer.  Beautiful glossy deep green foliage with serrated margins. Incredible persistent maroon, scarlet or plum fall colour. Slow growing pyramidal habit to 25’(7.5m) high x 20’(6m) wide with a rounded top and drooping branches. Zone 6.  (1 gal. – $20.00)


Pieris japonica ‘Mousehole’ – Pieris is a genus of evergreen shrubs related to rhododendrons. Panicles of white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers appear in spring from buds formed the previous year. ‘Mousehole’ is a dwarf cultivar growing to 3’(.9m) high x 3’(.9m) wide with reddish new growth. A beautiful foliage plant. Zone 6.(1 gal. – $15.00)


Pieris japonica v. yakushimanum ‘Debutante’ – A compact selection with a mounded habit growing from 2-4’(.6-1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Dense, dark green foliage. Bronzy new growth. Flowers are born in upright panicles in spring from pinkish-red buds formed the previous year. Zone 6, probably colder. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Zenobia pulverulenta – (Dusty Zenobia) Another rare deciduous rhododendron relative with lily-of-the-valley like flowers. It has an arching habit growing to about 4’(1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide.  Bluish-green leaves. The white anise-scented flowers, which are much larger than those of the pieris, are born in drooping clusters from the leaf axils in spring. Requires moist well-drained soil and is best in full sun. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)



Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Lutea’ – (Dwarf Golden Hinoki Cypress) A very slow growing golden cultivar which maintains its colour well year round. It has dense fan-like foliage and has been likened to golden coral. Upright mounded habit to 1.5’(.45m)  high in 10 years. Great for the rock garden in full sun or light shade. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $35.00)


Pinus parviflora v. pentaphylla ‘Aizu’ – (Dwarf Japanese White Pine) A rare slow growing dwarf selection with ½” long needles. Upright habit. Grows 2” or less a year. For the rock garden or trough in full sun. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $35.00)


Pinus peuce ‘Miss Cesarini’ – (Dwarf Balkan Pine) A very slowing dwarf selection with a upright conical habit & blue-green needles. Grows an inch or less per year. To 2’(.6m) high in ten years. Another one for the rock garden. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $45.00)


Sciadopitys verticillata  (Umbrella Pine) A slow growing conifer with a perfect dense pyramidal shape and beautiful, long shiny dark green needles. Can be treated as a dwarf conifer for many years but eventually will grow into a 30’(9m) tall tree. Attractive exfoliating bark. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $35.00)


Sciadopitys verticillata ‘Joe Kozey’ – A very fastigiate selection – almost like a telephone pole. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $45.00)



Abeliophyllum distichum – (White Forsythia) A deciduous multi-stemmed shrub with arching branches and a rounded habit. Masses of small white fragrant flowers are born along the stems very early in spring. Best in full sun. As with Forsythias, prune out 1/3 of the old wood every year after flowering once established. To 5’(1.5m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Zone 5/6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Acer palmatum ‘Ukigumo’ – (Floating Cloud Japanese Maple) We are thrilled to offer this spectacular variegated japanese maple. Its medium green leaves are so heavily variegated with white & dusted with pink that there is almost no green! It has performed beautifully for the past 6 years in the south end of Halifax. Upright in habit to 8’(2.4m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. It will probably need to be shaded from hot mid-day sun. Zone 6b, maybe colder. A real eye-catcher. (1 gal. – $20.00 / 2 gal. – $40.00)


Clethra barbinervis – (Japanese Clethra) A large deciduous shrub growing 10-15’(3-4.5m) high x 10’(3m) wide with a rounded habit. Can be pruned into a small multi-trunked tree. Drooping racemes of small white fragrant flowers are born at the branch tips in late July & August. Foliage turns Bronzy-red in the fall. Peeling grey and orangish-brown bark adds winter interest. Needs a moist, well drained spot in full sun or part shade. Zone 6.(1 gal. – $20.00)


Daphne x burkwoodii ‘Carol Mackie’ – (cneorum caucasica) This semi-evergreen daphne has striking green leaves edged with cream. The leaves often remain on the plant until January or February. Clusters of intensely fragrant, small pale pink flowers are born in spring and often a few again in the fall. It has a dense rounded habit growing to 4’(1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Plant in full sun or part shade. Fruit is poisonous but I have never seen it set fruit. Zone 5. A must have. (4” pot – $10.00)


Daphne caucasica – A small deciduous shrub to 4’ (1.2m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide with blue-green foliage and a rounded habit. Fragrant white flowers are born in clusters in spring & sporadically throughout the summer. Its black fruit is poisonous. Needs excellent drainage and light shade. Zone 6. For the collector. A few only.  (2 gal. – $35.00)


Daphne x mantensiana – (x burkwoodii ‘Somerset’ X retusa) A small evergreen shrub with a dense rounded habit to 2’(.6m) high x 2’(.6m) wide with dark glossy green foliage. Fragrant, deep rose-pink flowers are born in clusters in early spring and sporadically through the summer and fall. Sterile. Needs excellent drainage. For the collector. A few only.(field potted – $35.00)


Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’ – A deciduous shrub with great fall colour. Erect spikes of fragrant, bottlebrush-like creamy flowers in early spring. Dark blue-green foliage with red, orange and yellow fall colour. Upright, mounded habit. ‘Mount Airy’ is a larger cultivar to 5’(1.5m) high x 4’(1.2m) wide. Thought to be a hybrid between  F. gardenii & F.  major.Hardy to -25ºF(-32ºC).  (1 gal. – $15.00)


Genista depressa – A choice mat forming prostrate shrub which covers itself in large bright yellow pea-type flowers in summer. Great for the rock garden or scree in full sun. Needs excellent drainage. Protect with bows in winter. Zone 5/6. (3” pots – $5.00)


Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Pee Wee’– (Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea) A dwarf selection of this deciduous shrub growing to 3’(.9m) high x 3’(.9m) wide with smaller, more refined foliage. Coarse, oak-like foliage is mid-green above and whitish below. Beautiful purple-red fall colour & peeling cinnamon bark. Creamy white flowers are born in summer in upright 4-5” high broadly conical panicles which age to purplish-pink and eventually brown. Best in part shade. Performs well in almost full shade but will have a more open habit. Can also take full sun with adequate moisture. Irregular, mounded, stoloniferous habit. Zone 6. Some die-back may occur below -10ºF (-23ºC) but quickly recovers. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Phormium ‘Sundowner’ – (Flax) A tender New Zealand native which makes a superb tub plant either by itself or in combination with other plants. This cultivar has upright sword-shaped leaves to 5’(1.5m) high. Each leaf is bronzy-green with dark rose-pink striping & margins which fade to cream in the summer. Pot in a well drained mix and keep moist. Best in full sun. Store indoors in winter in a frost-free, cool bright location. A stunning addition to your patio in summer. (1 gal. – $25.00)


Viburnum plicatum v. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’ – (Doublefile Viburnum) A deciduous shrub with a horizontal, arching, tiered habit and 4” dark green leaves. White flowers are produced in cymes (like lacecaps) along the branches in double rows. This cultivar features large creamy white flowers and dark maroon fall colour. Spring blooming. Flowers are followed by red fruit ripening to black although some sources state two clones are required for good berry set. To 10’(3m) tall. For sun to part shade but avoid very dry sites. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)



Cornus kousa v. chinensis – (Korean Dogwood) A small, multi-stemmed, shrubby tree, 18-25’(5.5-7.5m) tall, with a dense horizontal habit. White flowers appear in early August, lasts for weeks, and are followed by raspberry-shaped red fruit. Bronze or crimson fall colour. Beautiful bark with age. Best in light shade. Disease resistant but requires good drainage. Hardy to -25°F(-32°F). (1 gal. – $15.00)


Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ – (acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x denudata) A broad, upright tree to 25’(7.5m) or more high. Stunning, 3-4” buttery yellow flowers sit upright on its branches ‘like butterflies.’ Blooms before the foliage emerges. Floriferous at a young age. A Savage hybrid. Hardy to at least -22°F(-30°C),  possibly colder.(1 gal. – $15.00) May Sale Only


Magnolia ‘Galaxy’ – (liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x sprengeri ‘Diva’) A very fast-growing upright-pyramidal, single stemmed tree to 30’(9m) high. Beautiful,  slightly fragrant, 9” pale red-purple flowers. Floriferous, even at a young age. Lower branches can be pruned off as it grows to free up space beneath. Wow your neighbours. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Magnolia ‘Spectrum’ – (liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x sprengeri ‘Diva’) A sister seedling of M. ‘Galaxy.’ Flowers are larger and a richer reddish-purple although somewhat less profuse. It has a broader more open habit and a rounded crown. To 25’(7.5m) high x 25’(7.5m) wide. Possibly not as hardy as ‘Galaxy’. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Magnolia stellata ‘Centennial’ – (Star Magnolia) 4-5” flowers are white tinged with pink, with 30 or more tepals giving it a double effect. Vigorous with a more upright, conical habit than most. Dense and bushy, it will grow up to 10-15’(3-4.5m) high x 15’(4.5m) wide so be sure to give it some space. Dirr rates this as one of the best and hardiest of the M. stellata cultivars. Zone 5.  (Ball & Burlap – $65.00)


Magnolia x kewensis ‘Wada’s Memory’ – (kobus salicifolia) A broad, upright pyramidal tree to 40’(12m) high. It’s 6” scented flowers are white and born in great profusion. Leaves emerge bronzish in colour maturing to dark green. A stately tree but will need space to grow. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Stewartia pseudocamelia – A very slow growing small tree, to 15’(4.5m) high in 25 years, with a pyramidal or oval shape. Dense foliage. Snow white, 2.5” flowers  with yellow stamens, are born in August. Long-blooming. Purplish-red & yellow fall colour. Stunning multi-coloured bark is exposed in winter after the leaves fall. For part shade, protected from severe winds. Zone 5b/6a.  (2 gal. – 45.00)



Bergenia ‘Bressingham Ruby’ – The large waxy heart-shaped fleshy leaves of this evergreen perennial are dark green in summer and dark bronzy-red in fall & winter. 12-18”(.3-.45m) stalks of bright pink flowers appear above the dramatic foliage in spring. Full sun or light shade in moist well-drained soil. Zone 5, possibly colder. (1 gal. – $15.00)


Gentiana acaulis – A clump forming gentian, forming a mat or low mound of dark green evergreen foliage with large, deep true-blue, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring. Requires moist well-drained lime-free soil and full sun. Zone 5.  (3.5” pot – $6.00)


Gentiana asclepiadea – (Willow Gentian) A clump forming herbaceous perennial with arching stems to 2’(.6m) high. Pale blue trumpet-shaped flowers appear from the leaf axils in late summer. Plant in part-shade in well-drained moist soil. Dislikes disturbance. Zone 5.  (3.5” pot – $6.00)