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1998 Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

Archived list of plant descriptions from the 1998 May Plant Sale




1. R. ‘April Mist’  – [(carolinianum v. album x mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’)F2 x (dauricum v. album x dauricum)F2] Double soft pink flowers edged with darker pink. Early. Vigourous, compact habit. Similar to ‘April Rose’ below. A Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5. A few only.   (1 gal.)


2. R. ‘April Rose’ – [(carolinianum v. album x mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’)F2 x (dauricum v. album x dauricum)F2] Bright rose-pink flowers on a compact plant. Floriferous. Broadly branching upright habit to 3′ high. Reddish-bronze fall colour. A Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5.  (1 gal.)


3. R. cephalanthum – A dwarf species to 1′ high and spreading. Small, glossy,  dark green foliage. It’s pale pink flowers are unusual in being narrowly tubular with spreading lobes similar to a daphne. Unique. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $15.00 or 2 gal. – $30.00)


4. R. ‘Dora Amateis’  (carolinianum x ciliatum) A very floriferous white (with a touch of pink) hybrid. Every spring it covers itself in flowers, hiding its dense, dark green foliage. Mounded habit. 30″h x 48″w. Highly recommended. Hopefully it will come this year. Zone 6. A few only.  (2 gal. – $30.00)


5. R. litangense – A very dwarf species now lumped in with the more common R. impeditum. Very similar to R. impeditum in its tiny grey-green foliage and purple-blue flowers but it is very slow growing. Bronzy winter foliage. To 1’h x 1’w. in many years. Ideally suited to the sunny rock garden. Zone 5. A few only.  (1 gal.)


6. R. ‘Northern Starburst’ – (tetraploid ‘PJM Compact’) A clone of this common hybrid that has been treated with colchicine to increase its chromosone count. The result, a more compact plant with larger flowers and foliage of a heavier substance. Early bright lavender-pink flowers. Deep purple-black winter colour. Dense upright habit to 42″ high. Hardy to -34_C(-30_F).  (1 gal.)


7. R. oreotrephes ‘Elegantissimum’ – A selection of this species not known to us. The species has glaucous blue-green foliage with red petioles. Flowers range from mauve to mauve-pink, rose, lavender-rose or purple. Floriferous. Upright habit to 5′ high. We can only assume by the name that this is a superior selection. Zone 6. A few only.  (1 gal.)

8. R. oreotrephes ‘Exquisetum’ – A pale flowered semi-dwarf clone. A few only. (1 gal.)


9. R. ‘Patty Bee’ – (keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ x fletcherianum) A very floriferous clear yellow Berg hybrid. Early. Dense foliage turns maroon-red in winter. Very dwarf – 8″ high x 12″ wide in 6 years. Zone 6. (1 gal.)


10. R. rubiginosum – A species with  funnel-bell-shaped flowers held in loose trusses. Usually pinky-lavender. Open, upright habit to 6′ tall. Unique foliage. Purplish new growth. Zone 6b. Worth a try for the collector. A few only.  (1 gal.)


11. R. ‘Towhead’ – (carolinianum v. album x ludlowii) Brilliant greenish-yellow flowers spotted with orange in trusses of 5. Foliage turns bronzy-red in winter. Low dense habit to 1’h. x 2’w. A Leach hybrid. Zone 5b.  (1/2 gal. – $10. or 1 gal – $15.)


12. R. ‘Wren’ – (ludlowii x keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’) Clear yellow flowers stand up like pansies above a creeping mat of shiny, dark green foliage. Bronzy-red winter colour. Free-flowering. At its best planted on a bank or in a raised bed. A beautiful and ever-popular Cox hybrid. Zone 6a. Another one that we hope to actually receive this year. (1 gal.)





13. R. ‘Baden Baden’ – (‘Essex Scarlet’ x forrestii v. repens) One of many named varieties of this cross. Deep cherry red bell-shaped flowers with a waxy texture on a low growing plant to 2′ high. Upright spreading in habit. Shiny dark green foliage. Zone 6a but appreciates some winter protection.  (1 gal.)


14. R. bureavii ‘Lem’s Form’ – A species with spectacular foliage. New leaves and stems are covered in rusty red hairs. Mature leaves are shiny green with thick rusty red indumentum. This  selection has narrower leaves than the type species. Flowers are creamy white with crimson markings. Compact and shapely in sun, tree-like in shade. Mid-season. Zone 5. Hopefully we will receive the right one this year. (1 gal.)


15. R. ‘Casanova’ – (‘Newburyport Belle’ x ‘Good Hope’) A Leach hybrid with yellow, pink and orange flowers giving an amber-pink effect. Lustrous green foliage. Well-branched, spreading, mounding habit. To 4’h. Zone 5. We had more orders than plants last year.  (1 gal.)


16. R. ‘Golden Gala’ – (‘Great Lakes’ x ‘Good Hope’) A proven performer in the Maritimes. Pink buds open to delicate pale creamy yellow flowers fading to ivory. Floriferous. Dense, glossy dark green foliage on a well branched, compact rounded plant. Wider than tall. To 4′ high. A Leach hybrid bred in Ohio. Zone 5. (1/2 gal. – $10.00 or 1 gal. – $15.00)


17. R. ‘Golfer’ – (yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum) Perhaps the finest foliage of any hybrid. Silvery persistent tomentum and pale beige indumentum. Flowers clear pink fading to white in dome-shaped trusses. Broad, well-branched habit. To 30″h. x 42″w. in 15 years. A Berg hybrid. Zone 6 or colder?  (2 gal. – $30.00)


18. R. ‘Ingrid Mehlquist’ – (‘Besse Howells’ x yakushimanum) Tight round trusses of white florets dotted with burgundy sit upright on the foliage – small but very graceful. Pink initially. Floriferous. Very attractive foliage with light indumentum. Dense spreading habit to 3’h. x 4’w. in 25 years. Offered as the door prize at last years show. Zone 5. A few only. (1 gal.)


19. R. makinoi – A fine foliage plant. This species has dark green long narrow pointed leaves with thick tawny indumentum. Flowers are clear, light pink and very late. Dense, well-branched, rounded habit to 3′ high. Zone 6.  (1 gal.)


20. R. piercei – Early, tubular bell-shaped scarlet flowers grace this species. Well branched, rounded habit with dense foliage. Thick brown indumentum. Definitely tender in Zone 6 but of interest for hybridizing. Worth a try in the Yarmouth area. A couple only.  (1 gal.)


21. R. recurvoides – Another species with  exceptional foliage. Long, pointed leaves with heavy white indumentum aging to orangy-brown. Flowers are  white or white tinged pink. Dense compact habit, 3-5′ high. Requires good drainage. Avoid hot sun and drought. Somewhat touchy in Zone 6a. A few only.  (1 gal.)


22. R. ‘Skookumchuck’ – [(yakushimanum x ‘Mars’) x ‘America’] Strong red flowers in dome shaped trusses. Rounded, well-branched habit to 4′ x 4′ in 15 years. Zone 5?   (1/2 gal.  – $10.00)


23. R. ‘Susan’ – (campanulatum x fortunei) Cool bluish-mauve flowers with darker edges and purple spots. Rounded trusses. Dark, glossy foliage on a well-shaped vigorous plant. To 6′ high. Could be bud tender in Zone 5.    (1/2 gal. – $10.00)

24. R. williamsianum – Waxy, soft pink pendulous bells in 2’s or 3’s. A compact mound of bright green rounded  foliage. New foliage bronze coloured like pennies. To 5′ high and wider in spread. Needs sun. A tender species in Zone 6 but very useful for breeding. A couple only.  (2 gal. – $30.00)


25. R. yakushimanum ‘Ken Janeck’ – Somewhat larger and deeper pink than ‘Mist Maiden’ listed below. (1 gal.)


26. R. yakushimanum ‘Mist Maiden’ – If you were to grow only one rhododendron, this should be the one. Its long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. The dense foliage covers a plant which is perfectly symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. An added bonus is the rosy-pink buds which open to form large apple blossom pink trusses which fade to white. Slow growing to 4’h x 11’w in 30 years. Best in a half day of sun. Zone 5.  (1 gal.)





These super-hardy hybrids, bred in Finland, are well worth a try almost anywhere in the Maritimes. Members who belong to RSC District 12 will have read about these plants in the Fall 1996 Journal of the American Rhododendron Society.


27. R. ‘Elviira’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x foresttii v repens) Bright red flowers cover this very low, densely branched, spreading hybrid. Under 2′ high. Bud hardy to -34°C(-29°F)!  (2 gal. – $30.00)


28. R. ‘Haaga’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x ‘Dr. HC Dresselhuys’) Dark pink flowers on a tall plant with attractive dark green foliage. Upright in habit. To 6′ high. Hardy to -36°C(-33°F).  (1 gal.)


29. R. ‘Hellikki’ – (open pollinated seedling of a R. smirnowii hybrid) Dark red-violet flowers on a plant to 5′ high and dense in habit. New leaves are indumented turning green with age. Hardy to -34°C (-29°F). A few  only.  (1 gal.)


30. R. ‘Peter Tigerstedt’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x catalgla) Sparkling white flowers are heavily flecked giving the effect of a large burgundy blotch. Late season. Long, lustrous leaves on an upright spreading plant. To 6′ high. Extremely hardy – perhaps to -36°C(-33°F). Not received last year and unfortunately very few this year. (1 gal.)





31. A. ‘Mandarin Lights’ – (calendulaceum x ‘Orangeade’) The latest in the very hardy Northern Lights Series developed at the University of Minnesota. Ruffled reddish-orange flowers in ball-shaped trusses. Slightly fragrant. Upright, rounded and open habit to 6.5′ x 6.5′ in 10 years. Hardy to at least  -36_C(-32_F). A few only. (2 gal. – $30.00)


32. R. schlippenbachii – The ‘Royal Azalea of Japan.’ Elegant, flat, soft pink flowers to 3.5-4.5″ across. Distinctive deciduous foliage has excellent fall colour. Requires sun for best results but needs protection from the mid-day sun. Appreciates a bit of lime or bonemeal occasionally. Zone 5b.  (1 gal.)





33. R. ‘Alexander’ – (nakaharai x ‘Kin-no-sai’) A  dwarf hybrid with a prostrate billowing, mounding habit. To 8″h. x 4’w. in 10 years. Large reddish-orange flowers. Blooms in July. Maroon fall colour. The hardiest of Polly Hill’s hybrids. Zone 6. A few only.  (2 gal. – $30.00)


34. R. ‘Elsie Lee’ –  Large bright lilac double flowers. A very attractive plant with a dense upright rounded habit. Densely clothed in deep olive green leaves. To 3′ x 3′ in 15 years. Zone 5. (1 gal.)


35. R. ‘Kermesina Purple’ – A sport of ‘Kermesina’ (a kiusianum hybrid) – what shade of purple, we don’t know. Compact. Hardy in Zone 6, maybe even Zone 5. A few only.  (1 gal.)


R. kiusianum – Perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate provided it is given good drainage. Densely branched and twiggy, they have a spreading, somewhat tiered habit and remain relatively low. Very floriforous. Excellent fall colour. We are able to offer the following varieties. Zone 6. Worth trying in Zone 5.


36. R. kiusianum ‘Alba’ – A sensational pure white form.  (1 gal.)


37. R. kiusianum ‘Betty Muir’ – A vibrant pink variety with very dark foliage. Considered by some to be the best.  (1 gal.)


38. R. kiusianum ‘Hinode’ – Vivid red flowers. Somewhat dwarfer and more flatter in habit than most. (1 gal.)

39. R. kiusianum ‘Pink Form’ – A selected pink form. A few only.  (1 gal.)


40. R. kiusianum ‘Zuiko’ – This clone has strong purple flowers & a somewhat upright habit. (1 gal.)


41. R. ‘Komo Kulshan’ – Usually listed as a variety of kiusianum, it is now considered a hybrid. Leaves are larger than R. kiusianum. Beautiful burgundy fall colour. Flowers are bicoloured – rose-red with light pink centres. Zone 6.  (1 gal.)





42. M.  ‘Butterflies’ – (acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x denudata) An upright tree to 25-30′ or more high. Stunning, 3-4″ deep yellow flowers sit upright on its branches ‘like butterflies.’ Blooms before the foliage emerges. Floriferous at a young age. A highly rated Savage hybrid. Hardy to at least -30°C, possible hardier.  (1 gal. – $15.00 or 125cm. B&B – $75.00)


43. M. ‘Curly Head’ (‘Editor Hopkins’) – (acuminata ‘Fertile Myrtle’ x veitchii ‘Peter Veitch’) A tall upright tree with a dense habit. Flowers are ‘pastel pink and yellow on white.’ Another hardy Savage hybrid, this one with M. campbelli in its blood! A few only. Zone 6.  (175cm B&B – $75.00)


44. M. ‘Elizabeth’ –  (acuminata x denudata) Pyramidal, upright habit to 25′ high. Large, clear pale yellow, fragrant flowers with a long tapering form. Foliage emerges copper coloured and turns dark green. From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Zone 5. A few only.          (90cm B&B – $60.00)


45. M. ‘Galaxy’ – (liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x sprengeri ‘Diva’) A fast-growing pyramidal, single stemmed tree to 25′ high. Upright habit. Beautiful 9″ pale red-purple flowers. Floriferous. Zone 6.(1 gal.)


46. M. ‘Goldfinch’ – (acuminata v. subcordata ‘Miss Honeydew’ x denudata ‘Sawada’s Cream’) A tall and graceful single trunked tree. Light yellow flowers born before the foliage. Another Savage hybrid. Zone 5. A few only.  (150cm B&B – $75.00)


47. M. ‘Goldstar’ – (acuminata v. subcordata ‘Miss Honeydew’ x stellata ‘Rubra’) A upright, vigorous tree with butter yellow star-like flowers. Symmetrical habit. To 40′ high. Yet another Savage hybrid. Zone 5. A few only.  (150cm B&B – $75.00)


48. M. x loebneri ‘Dr. Merrill’ – (kobus/stellata hybrid) Vigorous, upright, multi-stemmed shrubby tree to 25′ high with a spreading habit. Pure white 4-6″ flowers born in profusion. Zone 5. (1 gal.)


49. M. stellata ‘Pink Star’ – A ‘Star Magnolia’ (strap-like petals) – this selection has bright pink buds opening to light pink flowers. A small shrub like tree 8-15′ high. Very early. Zone 6. (1 gal.)


50. M. ‘Sundance’ – (acuminata hybrid x denudata) A pyramidal shaped tree to 25′ high. Large barium yellow, 8″ flowers. A Kehr hybrid. Zone 5? A few only. (150cm. B&B – $75.00)




51. Cornus kousa v. chinensis ‘Satomi’ – (Korean Dogwood) A small, shrubby tree, 15-20′ tall, for light shade. Multi-stemmed with a dense horizontal habit. This cultivar has breath-taking bright rose-red flowers with a creamy yellow eye. Blooms in early August, lasts for weeks, and is followed by raspberry-shaped red fruit. Bronze or crimson fall colour. Beautiful bark with age. Disease resistant but requires good drainage. Hardy to -32(C(-25(F). Sold out very quickly last year. A few only of the B&B size.  (3 gal. – $60.00 or 90cm B&B – $75.00)


Cornus x rutgerensis – (florida x kousa) This could very well be one of the first introductions of these exciting hybrid dogwoods to Eastern Canada. This group more disease resistant than its parents. Blooms after the somewhat tender C. florida and before C. kousa. Flowers are much larger than their parents. Bright red fall foliage. To 20′ high x 20′ wide in 20 years. Zone 5b. We are able to offer a few only of each of the following selections.


52. Cornus x rutgerensis ‘Aurora’ – Extremely floriforous. Velvety white flowers with overlapping somewhat rounded bracts. (B&B – $75.00)


53. Cornus x rutgerensis ‘Celestial’ – Flowers open cup-shaped with a green tinge before flattening and turning pure white. Sepals are broadly rounded and slightly overlapping. Upright-spreading habit, narrower than tall. (B&B – $75.00)


54. Cornus x rutgerensis ‘Stellar Pink’ – Soft pink flowers shading to white in the centre. Bracts more pointed. Wide rounded habit.  (B&B – $75.00)






55. Clematis ‘Asao’ – A beautiful late spring blooming variety. Petals have deep pink edges fading to near white in the center. Zone 5?  (1 gal.)


56. Corylopsis spicata – (Winter Hazel) A much more civilized alternative to the early blooming but brash Forsythia. A 4-6′ high airy rounded shrub bearing pendulous clusters of small pale yellow flowers in early spring. Zone 6. (1 gal.)


57. Daphne x burkwoodii ‘Brigg’s Moonlight’ – For those that know and love the cultivar ‘Carol Mackie,’ prepare to be blown away by this exciting new sport – a reverse variegation. Almost evergreen leaves are golden-yellow with a narrow mid-green border. Its parent grows to 3′ high x 5′ wide – this one is apt to be smaller. Pale pink fragrant flowers open in May.  Due to its high degree of variegation some shade may be required. A real show-stopper. Very slow growing thus the high price (our cost). We have been promised this but we aren’t holding our breath. Be sure to order it on the slim chance that we do receive it. Zone 5 or colder.  (1 gal. – $30.00)


58. Kalmia latifolia ‘Little Linda’  – A new dwarf ‘Mountain Laurel’ selection with rounded leaves and a mounding habit. Red buds open to pink. To 3′ high in 10 years. Zone 5.  (1 gal.)


59. Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Nana’ – A fine evergreen shrub closely related to the Pieris with panicles of white pieris-like flowers. Spreading and arching in habit, it makes a fine ground cover. This selection grows only 2′ high and spreads up to 6′. Plant in the shade, protected from drying winter winds until established. Zone 5. (1 gal.)


60. Pieris ‘Brouwer’s Beauty’ – (floribunda  x japonica) This light green, evergreen ericaceous shrub is much hardier than the more common Pieris japonica and  intermediate between its parents in appearance. Flowers are more upright resembling P. floribunda. Airy red panicles of buds are held over the winter. Large panicles of small, lily-of-the-valley type flowers in spring. New foliage is glossy yellowish-green. To 6’h x 6’w. Zone5b. (1 gal.)


61. Pieris ‘Spring Snow’ – (floribunda  x japonica) Another hybrid variety similar to ‘Brouwer’s Beauty.’ Zone 5b. (1 gal.)


62. Tsuga canadensis ‘Jervis’ – (Dwarf Hemlock) A very slow growing dwarf selection for the shady rock garden. Congested, dense irregular habit. Yellowish new growth. To 15″ high. Zone 5. A few only.  (1 gal.)


63. Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ – Dense rounded trusses of small rose pink, sweetly scented blossoms are born very early – in March when little else is in bloom! A vigourous deciduous shrub with an upright habit.  Leaves are dark green turning reddish-purple in the fall. Flowers are frost resistant and are easily forced in winter. Zone 6. Not received last year. (4″ pots – $4.00 or 2 gal. – $15.00)





64. Corydalis flexuosa ‘China Blue’ – A selection of the species with cobalt blue flowers. Summer dormant in warmer climates this species will be in bloom for most of our growing season. Glaucous blue foliage is semi-evergreen. A spreading non-invasive groundcover plant for part shade. 8″ high. Needs moist but well drained soil. Zone 5 with winter protection.  (1 gal.)


65. Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ – A very slow growing weeping grass with rich golden variegated foliage. It looks like a miniature bamboo. Not invasive. For part shade as it scorches in full sun if dry. Very elegant, very choice. Perhaps the nicest of the small grasses. Looks great arching over a pot or  a wall. Zone 6. Not received last year.  (1 gal.)


66. Hellebores  x hybridus ‘Royal Heritage’ – (Lenten Rose) An aristocratic plant, this variety has rich reddish-purple flowers. Blooms very early in spring. Plant in light shade and prepare the soil extra deep incorporating plenty of compost and well rotted manure. Remove previous years foliage before flowering if tattered. Resents transplanting. Zone 6 or colder? A few only.

(3 gal. – $40.00)


66. Heuchera sanguinea ‘Splish Splash’ – (Coral Bells) Unlike most of the new varieties, this one has small leaves, a flatter habit and showy flowers. Leaves are heavily splashed with white giving a creamy effect. New leaves have a pink flush. Vibrant  red flowers in late spring on spikes to 20″ high. Foliage 5″ high. Evergreen. Light shade required as it scorches in the mid-day sun. Zone 4/5. (1 gal.)


67. Tiarella ‘Inkblot’ – (Foam Flower) Semi-evergreen with panicles of small, fluffy flowers in spring. This cultivar is a clumper with large shiny leaves which develop a large dark blotch. Flowers are white with a pink tinge. For shade to part shade. Zone 5. (1 gal.)