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1997 Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

Archived list of  plant descriptions from the 1997 May Plant Sale




1. R. ‘Dora Amateis’  (carolinianum x ciliatum)

A very floriferous white (with a touch of pink) hybrid. Every spring, it’s dense, dark green foliage is hidden when it covers itself in flowers. Mounded habit. 30″h x 48″w. Highly recommended. Z6 (1 gal.)


2. R. ‘Ginny Gee’ – (keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ x racemosum Forrest #19404) Bright pink buds open to blush pink then fade to white tinged pink on this Berg hybrid. Multiple trusses of 4-5 flowers create a sheet of bloom. Early. Dense, dark green foliage. 12″h x 18″w. Perhaps one of the best dwarf hybrids. Z6. A few only.  (1 gal.)


3. R. ‘Karin Seleger’ – (impeditum x dauricum) A free flowering Brueckner hybrid with purple-violet flowers in ball shaped trusses. Early. 30″h x 42″w in 18 years. Bred in New Brunswick. Hardy to -32°C (-25°F). A few only. (1 gal.)


4. R. ‘Manitau’ –  A ‘Conestoga’ (carolinianum x racemosum) hybrid. Golden orange buds open to clear, light pink & fade to creamy white. This one too covers itself in bloom. Early. Bronzy coloured foliage in winter. A semi-dwarf with a dense, compact habit. To 18″h. Much admired at the 1995 Mini Show. Z5. A few only.  (1 gal.)


5. R. mucronulatum ‘Crater’s Edge’ – A dwarf twiggy selection of this deciduous species. Magenta-purple flowers appear in early spring before the leaves. Brilliant fall colour. 24″h x 24″w. Great for the rock garden. Z5. A few only.  (1 gal.)


6. R. ‘Wren’ – (ludlowii x keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’) Clear yellow flowers stand up like pansies above a creeping mat of shiny, dark green foliage. Bronzy-red winter colour. Free-flowering. At it’s best planted on a bank or in a raised bed. A beautiful and ever-popular Cox hybrid. Z6a. A few only.  (1 gal.)





7. R. bureavii ‘Lem’s Form’ – A species with spectacular foliage. New leaves and stems are covered in rusty red hairs. Mature leaves are shiny green with thick rusty red indumentum. This is a selection with narrower leaves. Flowers are white flushed with pink. Compact and shapely in sun. Tree-like in shade. Mid-season. Z5.  (1 gal.)


8. R. ‘Casanova’ – (‘Newburyport Belle’ x ‘Good Hope’) A Leach hybrid with yellow, pink and orange flowers giving an amber-pink effect against lustrous green foliage. Well-branched, spreading, mounding habit. To 4’h. Z5. A few only.  (1 gal.)

9. R. ‘Consolini’s Windmill’  (parentage unknown) Vivid purplish-red buds open to vivid pink with a creamy centre. Ball-shaped trusses. Free flowering. Mid-season. Shiny green foliage on a plant with an upright, spreading habit. 9’h x 10’w in 25 years. Z6b(6a?)  (1 gal.)


10. R. ‘Scarlet Romance’ – (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Chocolate Soldier’) 1.5″ red bell-shaped flowers in tight dome shaped trusses grace this Mehlquist hybrid in mid season. Floriferous. Sage green foliage on a compact, well-furnished plant, upright, spreading in habit. 6’h x 4’w in 12 years. Z6  (1 gal.)


11. R. ‘Teddy Bear’ – (bureavii x yakushimanum) With a cross like this you are bound to get a great foliage plant. Exceptional foliage is dark lustrous green with thick rust coloured indumentum. Flowers are white blushed pink in large dome-shaped trusses. Free-flowering. Dense foliage on a compact, rounded, spreading plant. 3-5’h. Z5. A few only. (1 gal.)


12. R. yakushimanum ‘Mist Maiden’ – If you were to grow only one rhododendron, this should be the one. It’s long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. The dense foliage covers a plant which is perfectly symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. An added bonus is the rosy-pink buds which open to form large apple blossom pink trusses. Slow growing to 4’h x 11’w in 30 years. Best in bright, partial sun. Z5.  (1 gal.)


13. R. yakushimanum ‘Yak #7’  – Another selection of this excellent species. If you have already got ‘Mist Maiden’ why not give this one a try. Z5. A few only.     (1 gal.)





These new super-hardy hybrids, bred by Marjatta Uosakainen and Peter Tigerstedt at the University of Helsinki in Finland, are well worth a try almost anywhere in the Maritimes. Members who belong to RSC District 12 will have read about these plants in the Fall 1996 Journal of the American Rhododendron Society.


14. R. ‘Haaga’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x ‘Dr. H.C. Dresselhuys’) Dark pink flowers on a tall plant with dark green crinkley foliage. 6’h. Hardy to -36°C (-33°F).    (1 gal.)


15. R. ‘Hellikki’ – (open pollinated seedling of a R. smirnowii Hybrid) Dark red-violet flowers on a plant to 5’h. and dense in habit. New leaves are indumented turning green with age. Hardy to -34°C (-29°F).  (1 gal.)


16. R. ‘Mikkeli’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x smirnowii) White tinted pink flowers with lush green foliage on a compact well branched plant. Lush foliage. Hardy to -37ºC (-35ºF). (1 gal.)


17. R. ‘Peter Tigerstedt’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii x catalgla) Sparkling white flowers are heavily flecked giving the effect of a large burgundy blotch. Late season. Long, lustrous leaves on an upright plant. To 6’h. Extremely hardy- perhaps to -36ºC (-33ºF).  (1 gal.)




18. A. ‘Cheerful Giant’ – (‘Whitethroat’ x yellow seedling) 3.5″ light yellow flowers form a 12″ ball-shaped truss. Free flowering. Sturdy, upright, rounded habit. Reddish fall colour. 48″h x 42″w in 8 years. A Sorenson hybrid. Hardy to -29ºC (-20ºF).  (1 gal.)





19. R. kiusianum ‘Red Form’ – Orange-red flowers cover this species in mid-season. Low, twiggy, tiered habit. 2-3′ high. Z5.   (1 gal.)


20. R. ‘Wintergreen’ – (open-pollinated nakaharai) Medium orange-red flowers on a dwarf, dense, prostrate plant. 8″h x 40″w in 12 years. Z6a. A few only.  2 gallon size – $30.00





21. M.  ‘Legacy’ (sprengeri ‘Diva’ x denudata) Very large, 9″ flowers in early spring on an upright tree to 26′ high or more. This Leach hybrid has flowers of varying shades giving an overall effect of clear pink. Hardy to at least -30ºC (-24ºF). A few only. 2 gallon size – $50.00


22. M. x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ – (stellata ‘Rosea’ x kobus) An old favourite. A multi-stemmed, upright, densely branched small, shrubby tree. Fuschia-purple buds open light pink with 12 strap-like petals. A profuse bloomer. 12’h x 8’w in 10 years. Hardy to -29ºC (- 20ºF). A few only.  (1 gal.)



23. M. sieboldii – Downward facing, fragrant, pure white flowers with burgundy centres from mid-June to late July against fresh green foliage. Added bonus of bright pink seed pods in fall from which dangle bright orange seeds. A small, bushy tree, 10-12′ tall. Part shade. Z5b.   (1 gal.)


24. M. ‘Spectrum’ (liliiflora ‘Nigra’ x sprengeri ‘Diva’) Reddish-purple flowers, candle-like in bud, on a small tree. Freely branching from the ground up from a single leader. Upright in habit with a rounded crown. Late. Floriferous. Plant hardy to at least -25ºC (-14ºF). Bud hardiness not known but a young plant in Halifax set buds for the first time in the fall of 95 and bloomed this spring after last year’s mild winter. A few only.  (1 gal.)


25. M. stellata ‘Royal Star’ – This star magnolia cultivar has pink buds which open into fragrant, large, double, white flowers. Blooms in early spring before the leaves. A small, upright shrubby tree to 12′ high. The hardiest of the stellatas. Z5. A few only.   (1 gal.)


CORNUS KOUSA V. CHINENSIS (Korean Dogwood) A small, shrubby tree, 15-20′ tall, for light shade. Multi-stemmed with a dense horizontal habit. Blooms in early August, lasts for weeks, and is followed by raspberry-shaped red fruit. Bronze or crimson fall colour. Beautiful bark with age. Disease resistant but requires good drainage. Hardy to -32ºC (-25ºF). We are fortunate this year to be able to offer the following varieties. All are available in limited quantities so be sure to order early to avoid disappointment.


26. ‘Beni Fuji’ – a bright pink cultivar with slender, spidery petals. A few only.    2 gallon size – $50.00


27. ‘China Girl’ – A very floriferous form with very large white flowers. A few only. Balled & Burlapped – $75.00 – Why wait for flowers!


28. ‘Gold Star’ – A striking variegated from. Each leaf has a broad splash of gold in the centre. Holds its colour throughout the summer. Slow growing. White flowers. A few only.  2 gallon size – $50.00


29. ‘Milky Way’ – A well known, profuse blooming white cultivar.  2 gallon size – $50.00


 30.  ‘Satomi’ – Breath-taking. An apt description after seeing this cultivar in bloom at Gwen Romanes’ last year. Bright rose-red (less red when young) flowers which bloom over a long period of time. The show-stopper at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens last year.   Balled & Burlapped – $75.00 – Why wait for flowers. A few only. Sure to sell out!





  1.  Cytisus praecox ‘Moonlight’ (Broom) – Creamy yellow pea type flowers in late spring. An erect, broad shrub with a rounded, mounded habit to 4′ x 4′. Needs full sun and prefers a sandy dry site. Spare the fertilizer for better bloom. Z5b.  (1 gal.)


32. Erica carnea ‘Myretoun Ruby’ (Heath) – Large flowers open rich pink and intensify to bright ruby-red. Spring. Excellent dark green foliage. 15″h x 30″w. Z5.    4″ pots – $4.00


33. Erica carnea  ‘December Red’ (Heath) – Early spring. Red. Z5.  4″ pots -$4.00


34. Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mariesii Variegata’ (Variegated Lace-Cap Hydrangea) This deciduous shrub has leaves variegated with creamy white. Powder blue ‘lace-cap’ flowers are born on previous years growth. Z6. A few only.    (1 gal.)


35. Pieris ‘Spring Snow’ – This dark green, evergreen ericacious shrub is a hybrid between japonica and floribunda. Flowers are more upright, resembling P. floribunda, with foliage similar to P. japonica. Panicles of small, lily-of- the-valley type flowers in spring. 6’h x 3’w. Part shade. Z5b. A few only.  (1 gal.)


36.  Schizophragma hydrangeiodes ‘Moonlight’ Not a shrub but a vine. A climber similar to Hydrangea petiolaris but with smaller leaves and slightly larger flowers. Creamy white flowers to 10″ across in summer. This selected form has silvery-grey foliage. Best in part shade. Hardy to -26ºC (-15ºF)


37. Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ – Rose pink, sweetly scented blossoms are born very early (in March!). A deciduous shrub with an upright habit. Foliage is dark green turning reddish- purple in fall. Flowers are frost resistant and are easily forced in winter. If you ever wondered what the March-blooming shrub in front of the Hong Kong Bank in Burnside is, this is it. Z6. A few only.   (1 gal.)






38. Acer griseum (Paper-Bark Maple) – A small, slow-growing tree, 20-30′ tall, with an upright, rounded or oval habit. Leaves are trifoliate, turning orange, red or gold in fall. Its most distinctive feature is its peeling, translucent, orange-cinnamon coloured bark. Best in full sun, especially where the setting winter sun can shine through its bark. Spectacular! Z6. A few only. 2 gallon size – $50.00


39. Halesia carolina (Silver Bell, Snow Drop Tree) A spreading, bushy, round headed tree with a horizontal branching habit. Clusters of white, nodding, bell-shaped flowers against light green foliage. Interesting seed pods. To 17’h x 10’w. Sun to part shade. Pest and disease resistant. Hardy to -29ºC (-20ºF). A few only.   Balled & Burlapped – $75.00


  1.  Sciadopytis verticillata (Umbrella Pine) – A very slow growing conifer with a perfect dense pyramidal shape. Can be treated as a dwarf conifer for many years but eventually will grow into a 30′ tall tree. Beautiful, long, shiny dark green needles. Attractive exfoliating bark. A superb specimen tree. Z5. (1 gal.)


41. Stewartia pseudocammelia – A very slow growing small tree, to 15′ in 25 years, with a pyramidal or oval shape. Dense foliage. Flowers are snow white with yellow stamens, 2-2.5″ across, and are born in August. Long-blooming. Good fall colour. Very attractive multicoloured bark is exposed in winter after the leaves fall. For part shade, protected from severe winds. A few only. Z5b/6a. 2 gallon size – $50.00





42. Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose) – An aristocratic evergreen, clump forming perennial with solitary, saucer-shaped white flowers in early spring. Dark green, fleshy, pinnate foliage. Part sun in deeply dug, humus rich soil, protected from winter winds. A temperamental plant – not easy to grow. Resents transplanting. Remove any blackened foliage promptly. Z5b. A few only.  (1 gal.)


43. Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ – A very slow growing weeping grass with rich golden variegated foliage. It looks like a miniature bamboo. Not invasive. For part shade as it scorches in full sun. Very elegant, very choice. Perhaps the nicest of the small grasses. Z6.

(1 gal.)

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Once this genus was grown for its sprays of dainty white or red flowers. With the advent of ‘Palace Purple’ it was grown for its foliage. Considered a major breakthrough a few short years ago, ‘Palace Purple’ now pales in comparison to the many new spectacular cultivars. Evergreen. Part sun to light shade. Easy Z4/5. We are fortunate to be able to offer the following cultivars this year.


44. H. ‘Mint Julep’ – Bright metallic silver overlaid on a mint green background. Tropical looking, Sparkling.   4″ pots – $4.00


45. H. ‘Plum Pudding’ – Shimmering plum-purple leaves on a plant to 12″ high. Flowers insignificant.   4″ pots – $4.00


46. H. ‘Regal Robe’ – Metallic silver/lavender leaves to 10″ wide on a compact plant.   4″ pots – $4.00


47. H. ‘Stormy Seas’ – Silver, lavender, pewter and charcoal grey mottled leaves to 7″ wide. Edges are wavy and undulating looking like ‘stormy seas’ in a breeze. 4″ pots – $4.00



Remarkable work has been done with Pulmonaria recently as well. Z5. The new varieties are showy foliage plants and are much less invasive. We are offering the following 2 varieties.


48. P. ‘Excalibur’ – A spectacular cultivar with narrow, almost entirely silver leaves, only a narrow green margin remains. Forms a neat, compact, flattish clump. For part-shade as it wilts in the mid-day sun. A few only. Sure to sell out.   (1 gal.)


49. P. longifolia ssp. cevennensis – A species with long narrow leaves up to 24″ long!. Heavily mottled (almost all) silver. Dark violet-blue flowers. More tolerant of sun. 4″ pots – $4.00


Tiarella (Foam Flower)

Closely related to heucheras, tiarellas  are quickly gaining in popularity. These semi-evergreen groundcovers have panicles of small, fluffy flowers in spring. For shade to part shade. Z5.


50. T. ‘Inkblot’ – Each leaf boasts a large central deep black blotch. Tight habit. A clumper.  4″ pots – $4.00


51. T. ‘Skeleton Key’ – A selection with deeply cut foliage. Floriferous. Very attractive.     4″ pots – $4.00