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1995 Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

Archived list of plant descriptions from the 1995 May Plant Sale



R. impeditum – A species. Very dwarf – to 20″ by 12″ high. An early royal purple. Silver-gray foliage. Zone 5b or cooler. (Also available in 4″ pots for $5.00)


R. Starry Night – Rich purple-blue. Mounded growth habit. To 4′ high. Zone 5.  Available in 2 gallon size only for $30.00


R. Tow Head – Brilliant greenish-yellow with orange-yellow spotting. To 2′ x 1′ high. Zone 5b.



Elepidote Rhododendrons


R. Henry’s Red – An extremely hardy dark red. Makes a broad plant with deep green leaves. To 5′ high. Zone 5a.


R. Hindustan – From a distance as close to pale orange as you will find in a rhododendron for Zone 6. A tall plant best suited for the background.


 R. Joe Paterno – Full white trusses splashed with a bronzy-yellow. To 5′ high.


R. Yaku Prince – Flowers with reddish-pink edges fading slightly towards the centre. Ball-shaped trusses. Olive green leaves with indumentum. To 3′ high.

R. Yaku Princess – Apple blossom pink buds opening to white with a touch of pink. Olive green leaves with light tan indumentum. Dense habit. To 3′ high.


R. yakushimanum ‘Mist Maiden’ – Large apple blossom pink flowers turning snow white. One of the larger yak forms.





A. Gibraltar – Vivid orange Exbury hybrid. Frilled flowers in tight ball trusses. Broad and compact growth habit. Zone 5.


A. Girard’s Fuschia – Single fuschia 2.5″ blooms with ruffled edges. Evergreen. Spreading and dense growth habit. Zone 6a/b.


A. Northern Hi-Lites – The most recent Northern Light series introduction. White with yellow blotch. Compact. Very fragrant.  Zone 4b.





M. x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ – Deep pink buds opening to light pink. Strap-like petals. An excellent mound-like small tree. Very hardy – Zone 5a.


M. sieboldii – A 10 to 12 foot high tree bearing downward facing round flowers – pure white with a burgundy centre – from mid-June to late July. Fragrant. Bright pink seed pods opening to expose orange seeds in fall. Zone 5b.


M. stellata ‘Royal Star’ – Large star-like double white flowers (pink in bud). Richly fragrant. An upright shrub-like tree to 12′ high. Extremely hardy.





Andromeda polifolia ‘Blue Ice’ – A new selection with near turquoise-blue foliage. Pink globe-shaped flowers in early spring. A dwarf shrub to 1′ high.



Opuntia spp. – A hardy ‘Prickly Pear’ cactus requiring the sunniest, hottest spot planted in almost pure gravel or tucked in a stone wall. Zone 3 but will not tolerate wet. Available in 4″ pots only for $5.00.