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The plants of Captain Richard Steele

Barbara Hall – (‘Road Red’ x “Prelude’) Vivid magenta-red buds open to display stunning purplish-red wavy edged margins that transition to a moderate purple-pink throat eclipsed with a prominent deep red eye within and a peripheral of red v-shaped freckling. Deep red midveins also highlight these ball-shaped blooms. Moderate green leaves are held for 3 years silhouetting a very dense, rounded plant. This plant is hardy to -20°F. and bud hardy to -10°F.

Steele's Barbara Hall

Bayport Beauty – compact keiskei ssp. cordifolia – low mounding habit, light yellow flowers very floriferous – blooms mid May.

Bayport Beauty bp

Dave’s Delight – light yellow darker centre.  Named for Dave Veinotte.

Nancy Steele aka BPT 80-5 – medium yellow- (aureum x ‘Prelude’) A cheery hybrid by Cpt. Steele – now named in honour of his wife – with bright yellow flowers very early in the season. Excellent small oval green foliage on a dense mounded plant to 4′(1.2m) high and spreading wider. Zone 6.

Steele's 80-5 bpNancy Steele 80-5


Steele’s late and lovely – A charming Steele hybrid with a spreading, almost prostrate, habit. Large coral-pink flowers are born very late in the season – one of the last to bloom in late July to August.  A prostrate, late species nakaharae.  Zone 6.


BPT QERBPT QER - 3rd shot


BPT 78-7A (yak x ‘Moonstone’) Minor Steele hybrid, with very pale pink flowers quickly fading to creamy white flowers in profusion on a low tight mounded plant. Long lasting bloom. Beautiful dark green foliage on a superb plant. Bloom time early to mid May Zone 6.

Rhododendron Yak x Moostone - Minor

BPT 82-1 – (aureum x ‘Prelude’) medium yellow, slightly lighter shade of yellow than Nancy Steele (80-5), nice compact mounding habit. Long lasting bloom. Beautiful dark green foliage on a superb plant. Bloom time early to mid May.

Steele's 82 1 bp

BPT 94-7 White golden flare small red throat. Listed here only as Moonshot x (wardii x fortunei), the latter being Prelude but no colour.

BPT 94-F rose pink

BPT 95-TB – medium pink fading to light pink.



BPT 96-QPY – No information available.

BBT 98K White dark throat, smirnowii x catawbiense.

BPT 2000C No information available.

BPT 2000eh

R. carolinianum (Barbara Hall’s best) – (R. minus Carolinianum Group) Propagations of an excellent specimen of this tough species from the garden of Kathy Hall. Its pale pink flowers are born in perfect rounded trusses on a dense plant. Dark green elliptic foliage to 3″(75mm) long. Dense rounded habit to 6′(1.8m) high and wide. Requires excellent drainage and preferably on the dry side in summer once established. Will tolerate part shade but habit and bud set will be better in full sun. Should be in every garden. Zone 5

R. (‘Catalgla’ x wardii) F2 – A Steele hybrid at Boulderwood with very large ivory-white flowers with a striking green flare held in conical trusses. Lush dark green foliage on a large growing open plant. Zone 6b.

Rhododendron ('Catalgla' x wardii)F2 -JKW - DSCN0898

R. (“Lath House Red” x yakushimanum) Capt. R.M. Steele hybrid from Boulderwood. Small tight dome-shaped trusses of medium pink flowers sit perfectly proportioned atop whorls of rich dark green foliage. Stunning. Open, upright-spreading habit. Zone 6b.


R. “Madfort F2 – Boulderwood Bedroom Window” – (‘Madonna’ x fortunei)F2 Steele’s F2 of Gable’s Madfort. 4 ½”(110mm) flowers, open pinkish but quickly fade to white with a yellow centre. Very thick textured flowers bourn in early June. Incredible fragrance. A very rapid grower and eventually becoming very large. Bud hardy to -5ºF(-20ºC).

Pinehurst 87-1 white with rose pink edges (similar to Consolii’s windmill)