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RHODODENDRONS (all rhododendrons are elepidotes unless otherwise stated)

Variety Hybridizer Description
R. Anke Heinje Heinje Beige indumentum coats the underside of  this compact plant. The red buds open to rosy pink flowers  with golden markings. Midseason bloom. 3 ft X 3ft. Hardy to –25F.
R. Axel Tigerstedt This is a new Finnish hybrid with pale pink buds opening to white flowers with pale yellow spotting. Thin brown indumentum on undersides of dark green leaves. About 5 ft. in 10 years. Hardy to -26F  (-32C).
R. Blue Baron Lepidote. Near-blue flowers on a very hardy, compact plant. The small foliage is glossy and turns bronze color in fall. Early mid-season bloom. 3 ft X 2 ft. Hardy to –15F. (-22C)
R. camtschaticum This is  a deciduous species rhododendron that can look dead in the winter. However, come early spring the leaves burst forth. This little plant is a tiny treasure with its rosy –plum flowers.  It only grows to about 6 inches and is hardy to –25F (-30C).
R Crete Leach A very popular yak hybrid. Buds are purplish pink, as are the flowers at first, then they turn white. Silvery tomentum covers the new growth ; beige indumentum on underside of leaves. Mounding habit.4 ft. X 5 ft.  Hardy to –25 F.
R  Gunborg Heinje Dark rose buds open to light rose flowers with scant yellowish spotting. This rounded, compact plant has dark green foliage. 3 ft  x 3 ft. Hardy to  –15 F.
R Kathe Heinje Heinje This plant has all the traits of a yakushimanum hybrid. It has dark grren leaves with indumentum on the undersides. Its blooms are a beautiful rosy-pink with frilly edges and  darker rose speckling. Compact and slow growing to 3.5 ft. Hardy to –15F.
R. Kodiak A compact growing plant which has wonderful foliage of deep green with light tan indumentum. Silvery white ball shaped trusses open in midseason. Hardy to –10F (-22 C). 4 ft x 4 ft.
keiski  “Yaku Fairy” Starling This little gem was cancelled on last year’s order so we’ll try again. Low growing and compact, it produces pale yellow flowers that bloom profusely, even when the plant is young.2 ft. x 2 ft. Hardy to –10 F(-20 C).
R Mardi Gras  Bovee This is a beautiful rhodie that seems very hard to come by. An outstanding plant with strong purplish-pink, ruffled flowers that fade to paler pink then to white. The deep, green leaves are covered beneath with reddish-brown indumentum (it has yakushimanum parentage) . It is believed to be somewhat hardier than it’s rating by the ARS of -15F. Compact, slow grower to 3ft x 3ft.
PJM Elite  Weston Nurseries Lepidote. Cold hardy as well as heat tolerant, its small rounded leaves are green in summer turning mahogany colored in winter. One of the earliest rhodos to bloom with its bright lavender pink flowers, it is a definite bright spot after our long winters. 5 ft x 5 ft .  Hardy to –25F. An outstanding plant.
R Patty Bee Lepidote. Another outstanding plant with its clear yellow flowers, that  bloom early midseason. One of the very best dwarf hybrids for its appearance and tolerance to heat and sun. Grows to about 18”; hardy to –15F (-20 C).
R. Raisa A new Finnish hybrid with bright pink flowers and dense, dark green foliage. Low spreading habit to about 3 ft. Reported to be hardy to –22 F ( -30 C).
R. Teddy Bear This bureauvii, yakushimanum cross is a beautiful plant. It has a compact, rounded habit ; shiny, dark green foliage with cinnamon colored indumemtum beneath. Delicate pink flowers. Hardy to –15F. (-22C).
R. vaseyi A deciduous species with open and upright habit, displaying flowers that appear before the foliage. The wavy edged foliage is dark green and the flowers can vary from white to deep pink with red spotting. Grows to about 5 ft. Hardy to –15F,(-22 C).
R. wiltonii Leaves are dark and glossy with thick cinnamon colored indumentum.  New growth is covered with white tomentum.  The trusses of bell-shaped flowers are white or white flushed with pink, have a crimson blotch and spotting. Low and mounding to 3 ft. in 10 years.  Zone 6b.



Variety Description
Candy Lights This hardy, disease resistant azalea is an outstanding plant with its pink flower that have yellow streaks and dark green foliage. Needs full sun to partial shade; grows 3-5 ft tall and wide. Hardy to -40 F. Extremely fragrant.
Tri-Lights Another hardy and disease resistant azalea. The attractive blooms have wavy edges and are white with pink marbling and vivid yellow spots. Likes full sun to partial shade. Hardy to –25 F.



Variety Description
Beesia deltophylla This new intoduction from China is an excellent ground cover that has exceptional shiny heart-shaped leaves that grow to about 5” long. The flowers are delicate and appear in late summer on slender spikes up to 1’ tall. It is a great background for spring blooming plants such as orchids or corydalis,etc. Grow in shade; will burn in direct sun. Zone 6.
Enkianthus camp. “Red Bells” Cherry red flowers appear in late spring on an upright shrub with delicate bell shaped red flowers shaped like oriental lanterns. Outstanding blue-green summer foliage turns brilliant yellow-orange-red in the fall. Likes partial sun and shade. Grows to 5 ft. high. Hardy to Zone 5.
Hosta “Trifecta” The heart- shaped leaves of this hosta have a snow white center with a fairly wide, green margin and flashes of chartreuse dividing the margin and center color, giving it a tri-colored effect. Compact grower to 6’’ tall and 12” wide. Lavender flowers.
Pieris japonica “Compacta” This compact pieris likes full sun and has waxy white flowers in pendulous clusters in early spring. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows to about 4 ft.