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2010 ARHS Members and Public Plant Sale

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society  


NOTE ….    Only ARHS members whose dues are current 

may order from the following list.

 Plants indicated as “Year Olds” are year old custom rooted cuttings. They may be small and will be “healed” into suitable sized pots. Plants in 4″ “Quart” pots will be good-sized plants. Plants in 2″ and 3″ pots, 2″ tubes and plugs should be considered as liners.

Please complete the order form provided and return it by post before March 31, 2010. (Orders from new members will be accepted after this date.) Do not send payment with your order form. You may order more than one plant per variety. However, plants will be allocated in the order in which they are received on the basis of one plant per variety per membership. Following this allocation, an adequate reserve will be retained for the public sale. Any surplus will then be divided up amongst multiple orders.

Please note that the mark-up on these plants is minimal. For this reason we are not able to provide a warrantee with the plants.

Plants are to be picked up at 5 Sime Ct., Halifax, NS on Saturday, May 1, 2010 between 10:00 am and 2:00 p.m. Sime Ct. is in the Kingswood subdivision off Hammonds Plains Rd. Take Kingswood Dr. (between Kearney Lake Rd. and Farmer Clem’s) to Brenda Dr. (the first street on the right) and follow it to the first left which is Sime Ct. Plants are to be paid for when they are picked up. Do not send payment with your order form. Plants will not be shipped. Any plants not picked up on this date will be offered for sale at the public May Plant Sale.

Please contact Ken at  if you have any questions regarding the 2010 members only sale.

Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society

list of  plant descriptions for the


Only ARHS members whose dues are current may order from the following list

Link to printable plant descriptions as word version



R. ‘April Mist’  – [(carolinianum v. album x mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’) x dauricum v. album]F2  Double soft pink flowers with darker pink edges – its large flowers seem to glow in the fog. Very early.  Dark green foliage turns burgundy in the fall. Can be almost deciduous. Vigorous. Compact upright-rounded habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide. A beautiful Mehlquist hybrid. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. augustinii ssp. chasmanthum RSF 69/092 – A floriferous and vigorous dense upright growing species with elongated, pointed dark green foliage. Its wide, funnel-shaped flowers are pale blue with a paler throat and a yellow green flare. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. For Zone 7 or protected sites in Zone 6b. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Bluenose’ – (‘Russautinii’ x dauricum Sempervirens Group)  2″(5cm) funnel-shaped, clear blue flowers in lax trusses of 3-5. Upright, open habit to 7.5′(2.25m) high and wide in 15 years. Olive green foliage. Plant hardy to -25ºF(-31ºC), buds to -17°F(-27°C). A Brueckner hybrid bred in New Brunswick. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Bubblegum’ – (Tetraploid ‘Weston’s Aglo’)  A new tetraploid introduction by Brigg’s Nursery of R. ‘Weston’s Aglo’ with larger flowers and foliage. Flowers are pink with a reddish blotch. Early blooming. ‘PJM’-like dark green foliage turns burgundy in fall. Grows to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. carolinianum (Barbara Hall’s best) – (R. minus Carolinianum Group)  Propagations of an excellent specimen of this tough species from the garden of Kathy Hall. Its pale pink flowers are born in perfect rounded trusses on a dense plant. Dark green elliptic foliage to 3″(75mm) long. Dense rounded habit to 6′(1.8m) high and wide. Requires excellent drainage and preferably on the dry side in summer once established. Will tolerate part shade but habit and bud set will be better in full sun. Should be in every garden. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Charme La’ – (carolinianum x pemakoense Patulum Group)  Large pale purple-pink flowers held in lax trusses. Early and free flowering. Spreading habit to 2.5′(.75m) high and 3′(.9m) wide in 20 years. Bred in New Brunswick by Brueckner. Bud hardy to -15°F(-26°C) and plant hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Delp’s Mighty Mite’ – (carolinianum ‘Acheiver’ x polycladum Scintillans Group)F2  A floriferous Delp hybrid with small deep purple flowers on a slow-growing twiggy plant with a broad upright habit. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high. Zone 5b. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. fastigiatum  A species very similar to R. impeditum but its tiny leaves are glaucous blue-green. This is a seedling selection grown by John Weagle from seed from Ester Berry. It has  dark blue-purple flowers and a dense dome shaped habit. Parent plant is only 15″(.4m) high x 36″(.90m) wide after many years. Great for the rock garden. Zone 5b. (Yr. Olds – $12.00ea. or 3 for $30.00)

R. ‘Manitau’ – A ‘Conestoga’ (carolinianum racemosum) hybrid. Golden orange buds open to clear, light pink and fade to creamy white. This one covers itself in bloom every year. Early blooming. Bronzy foliage in winter. A semi-dwarf with a dense, compact mounded habit. To 18″(.45m) high. Zone 5. A proven performer. (4″ Qt. pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Midnight Ruby’ – (‘Olga Mezitt’ x deep purple ‘PJM’ Group seedling)  A Mezitt hybrid with dark reddish-purple wavy-edged flowers. Early and floriferous. ‘PJM’-like foliage turns striking mahogany-black in fall. Dense upright-mounded habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. moupinense ARS#91-314 – A delightful but tender early-blooming species with shiny dark green foliage which emerges reddish-bronze. Develops attractive red-brown peeling bark with age. This clone from Hank Helm has lovely pink flowers with darker spotting. Hardy only to  0°F(-18°C), it can be pot grown in a free-draining mix with plenty of bark and over-wintered in a bright, cold but frost-free room. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Oban’ – (‘Grouse’ x keiskei ‘Yaky Fairy’)  A very dwarf Cox hybrid named for the 1996 ARS convention in Oban, Scotland. Clear watermelon-pink flowers are born in profusion on a  compact low spreading plant with dark green foliage. Grows only 10″(.25m) x 24″(.6m) wide in 20 years. Zone 6b. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Olga Mezitt’ – (minus var. minus Compact Form x dauricum hybrid)  A Mezitt hybrid with masses of ball-shaped trusses of clear pink flowers that do not fade. Blooms slightly later than ‘PJM’. Dark green foliage turns bronzy-copper in the fall. Shiny green foliage. Dense upright-mounded habit to 4′(1.2m) high and 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years. Hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (4″ Qt. pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Sugar Puff’  (carolinianum racemosum)  Multiple terminal buds open to form large dome-shaped trusses of white flowers with pale purple-pink veining. A heavy bloomer. Upright-mounded habit with reddish stems and bronze-green foliage. To 3′(.9m) high & wide in 10 years. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Qt. pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Wagtail’ – (lowndesii x keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’)  This Cox hybrid closely resembles R. lowndesii but is more vigorous and easier to grow. Forms a low spreading mat to about 4″(.15m) high with pale yellow flowers. Can be totally deciduous. Best in light shade in loose organic well-drained soil. Choice.  Zone 6a. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Weston’s Aglo’ – (minus var minus Compact Form x dauricum hybrid)  “Aglo” is a sister seedling of the more common ‘Olga’ (and ‘Olga’ spelled backwards). Its flowers are registered and more commonly described as medium purplish-pink but the overall effect is an unusual pale peach-pink. Flowers are born in ball-shaped trusses early in the season slightly later than ‘PJM’. Dark green foliage turns burgundy in the fall. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high. Hardy to -25°F(-32°C). (1 gal. – $20.00)



R. ‘Anka Heinje’ – (yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada x ‘America’)  A German hybrid with flowers red in bud opening to bright rosy pink in full dome-shaped trusses. Foliage is dark green with brownish indumentum. Compact habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide in 10 years. Hardy to -15°F        (-26°C). (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Axel Tigerstedt’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x degronianum)  A new Finnish hybrid with pale pink buds opening to white flowers with pale yellow spotting in rounded trusses. Foliage is dark green with thin brown indumentum. Dense, upright-spreading habit to 5′(1.5m) high in ten years, eventually spreading wider than tall. Reported to be hardy to -26°F(-32°C) (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Barmstedt’ – (‘Sammetglut’ x yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’)  A striking Hachmann hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of dark rosy-red flowers with paler centres giving a picotee effect. Attractive dark green foliage has recurved edges and silvery indumentum on the new growth. Compact growing to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Big Deal’ – (un-named white x un-named pale yellow)  Large ball-shaped trusses of 18-20 large creamy-white flowers with a yellow-green blotch. Dense rounded-spreading habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide in 10 years. A very showy Mezitt hybrid. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. (‘Catalgla’ x wardii) F2 – A Steele hybrid at Boulderwood with very large ivory-white flowers with a striking green flare  held in conical trusses. Lush dark green foliage on a large growing open plant. Zone 6b. A few only. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. (decorum ssp. diaprepes x sutchuenense)
- An Al Fitzburg with 5″(125mm) pink flowers with a dark red flare held in loose trusses. Very sturdy branches. To 8′(2.4m) high in 20 years. For milder parts of Zone 6b or warmer. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Eino’ – (Seidel smirnowii hybrid x ‘Dr. H. C. Dresselhuys’)  A new Finnish hybrid with flowers dark purple-red in bud opening bright pink with a yellow-brown flair in dome-shaped trusses.  Forms a wide-growing plant to 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. Hardy to -22°F(-30°C) (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Firestorm’ – (‘Vulcan’ x ‘Chocolate Soldier’)  A deep red late-blooming Mehlquist hybrid. The thick, large and wavy-edged flowers are held in dome-shaped trusses. Dense spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years with dark green foliage. A sister of ‘Scarlet Romance’. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Francesca’ – (‘Britannia’ x ‘Dexter #202’)  Tough, red and big! Large black-red flowers in large trusses. Late blooming. Very vigorous with an upright-open habit suited to the rear of a planting. Definitely not for the small garden or a foundation planting. Grows to 10′(3.0m) or more high. Best in light shade as flowers may scorch in full sun. Zone 6.(2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Haaga’ – (brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x ‘Dr. H.C. Dresselhuys’)  Dark pink buds open to bright medium pink flowers with a darker blotch. Excellent, rich glossy green foliage. Well-branched, rounded-upright habit to 7′(2.1m) high. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -33°F(-36°C). (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Hachmann’s Polaris’ – (yakushimanum ‘Koichiro Wada’ x ‘Omega’)  A beautiful Hachmann hybrid with ball-shaped trusses of frilled flowers, bright pink in bud opening to lavender-pink with softer pink centres. Very floriferous from a young age. Dark green foliage with light indumentum. Compact mounded habit growing 2.5-3′(.75-.9m) high in 10 years. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Hellikki’ – (open pollinated seedling of a R. smirnowii hybrid)  Dark red-violet flowers with wavy-edged margins on a plant to 5′(1.5m) high with a dense rounded habit. New leaves are indumented turning green with age. An extremely hardy Finnish hybrid. Hardy to -34°C(-29°F). (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Helsinki University’ – (brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii smirnowii)  Bright pink flowers flecked orange-red in dome-shaped trusses. Red tinged new foliage matures to glossy green. Upright habit to 6′(1.8m) high and 4′(1.2m) wide. Hardy to -38ºF(-39ºC). Another very hardy Finnish hybrid. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Henry’s Red’ – A very hardy Mezitt hybrid with dark blood-red flowers held in tight trusses against dark green foliage. Free-flowering. Broad, irregular open habit to 5′(1.5m) high and wide in 10 years. Always in demand. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. hodgsonii – A “big-leaf” species for the collector or the adventurous. Its leathery dark green foliage has thin tomentum giving a metallic sheen and dense silver to brown indumentum. The leaves can grow to over 12″(30cm) long and 5″ (12cm) wide. In time it develops handsome smooth peeling bark. It’s rosy-purple  to reddish-purple flowers are thick-textured and are borne in large full rounded trusses. Relatively slow growing to 5′(1.5m) high in five years eventuall y forming a small, broad-spreading tree. Well worth trying in Zone 7 or microclimates in Zone 6b. Will need a protected site and probably best in light shade. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Hong Kong’ – (‘Catalgla’ x ‘Crest’) A Leach hybrid with pale primrose-yellow flowers with a greenish-yellow blotch in loose trusses. Attractive glossy foliage on a tall plant with an upright open habit to 7′(2.1m) high and wide. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Hot Dawn’ – [‘Mars’ x (yakushimanum ‘Exbury’ x ‘Mars’)] Vivid purplish-red flowers with frilled edges and heavy substance. Buds well from an early age. Upright open habit to 4′(1.2m) high and 2.5′(.75m) wide in 12 years. A Brueckner hybrid bred in New Brunswick. Zone 6, probably colder. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Ingrid Mehlquist’ – (‘Besse Howells’ x yakushimanum)  Pink flowers in tight round trusses quickly fade to white dotted with burgundy. The trusses sit elegantly & upright on the foliage – small but very graceful. Floriferous. Very attractive foliage with light indumentum. Compact, well-branched, rounded-spreading habit to 3′(.9m) high x 4′(1.2m) wide in 25 years. Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00/4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘John T. Meagher’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x ‘Mrs. T.H. Lowinsky’)  Large trusses of white flowers with a dark brown blotch sit on top of lush dark green foliage. Dense habit to 5′(1.5m) high x 8′(2.4m) wide in 10 years. Grown by the late John Meagher from a cross by Dave Hinton. Buds are hardy to -10ºF(-23ºC), possibly colder if brief. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Kodiak’ – (bureavii x ‘Ken Janeck’)   A hybrid with striking foliage – dark green with thick  tan indumentum – topped with ball-shaped trusses of pink flowers fading to white. Dense habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide and great leaf retention. Zone 6, possibly colder. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Kullervo’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x yakushimanum) A new Finnish hybrid with soft pink flowers fading to white. Attractive dark green foliage with brown indumentum and wooly tomentum on new growth. Compact dense mounded habit to 40″(1.0m) high in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -29°F(-34°C). (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R.  “Madfort  F2 – Boulderwood Bedroom Window” – (‘Madonna’ x fortunei)F2   Steele’s F2 of Gable’s Madfort.  4 ½”(110mm) flowers, open pinkish but quickly fade to white with a yellow centre. Very thick textured flowers bourn in early June. Incredible fragrance. A very rapid grower and eventually becoming very large. Bud hardy to -5ºF(-20ºC). (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. “Madfort Henry Dupont” – (‘Madonna’ x fortunei)  A Gable Madfort much admired by Henry Dupont but reputedly never made available to him. Very similar to ‘Boulderwood Bedroom Window’ but fading slightly pink.  Same fragrance and luxuriance. A very rapid grower and eventually becoming very large. Bud hardy to -5ºF(-20ºC). (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Mikkeli’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group smirnowii)  White flowers, tinted pink, with green spotting late in the season. Dense, lush dark green foliage with light indumentum. New growth is covered in silvery-white tomentum. Upright well-branched habit to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. An extremely hardy hybrid from Finland. Hardy to -37°C(-35°F). (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Nancy Steele’ (BPT#80-5) – (aureum x ‘Prelude’)  A cheery hybrid by Cpt. Steele – now named in honour of his wife – with bright yellow flowers very early in the season. Excellent small oval green foliage on a dense mounded plant to 4′(1.2m) high and spreading wider. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Pekka’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group  x Siedel smirnowii hybrid)  A new Finnish hybrid with pale pink flowers. Floriferous. Very attractive wide dark green foliage has light tomentum on new growth. Dense rounded habit to 6′(1.8m) high in 10 years. Could be one of the best of the Finnish hybrids. Reported to be hardy to -29°F(-34°C). (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Raisa’ – (brachycarpum Tigerstedtii Group x brachycarpum hybrid no. 81 at Mustila)  A new Finnish hybrid with bright pink flowers. Attractive dense dark green foliage. Low broad spreading habit to 30″(.75m) high and much wider in 10 years. Reported to be hardy to -22°F    (-30°C). (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. ‘Red River’ – [maximum ‘Mount Mitchell’ x (‘Mars’ x ‘Fanfare’)]  A late-blooming Leach hybrid with pyramidal trusses of large bright red flowers shading to pink to almost white in the centre. Vigorous. Upright-rounded habit to 5′(1.5m) high in 10 years. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. rex –  Another “big-leaf” species with foliage to 5″(12cm) wide x 15″(37cm) long! Its leaves are dark green with thick fawn indumentum. Flowers are white to pale pink with a dark red blotch and/or spotting and are held in large ball-shaped trusses. Tall, open-upright habit forming a small tree in time. Well worth trying in Zone 7 or microclimates in Zone 6b. Will need a protected site and probably best in light shade. Another must have for the adventurous or collector! (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)


R. ‘Ronald Otto Delp’ (R.O. Delp) – (‘Lodestar’ x ‘Mary Belle’)  A Delp hybrid with full, dome-shaped trusses of purple-pink flowers with a yellow flare and dark spotting. A compact plant growing to 4′(1.2m) high and wide in 15 years. Zone 6. Hardy to -20°F(-29°C). (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. roxieanum – A compact, slow-growing, very choice species. Oblong to lanceolate foliage is deep green with heavily textured reddish-brown indumentum. Flowers are white, often tinged with pink &/or spotted with crimson. Dense, compact upright habit growing 2-3′(.6-.9m) high in 10 years. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. roxieanum v. oreonastes – A compact, slow-growing, choice species. This variety has very narrow leaves with recurved margins – deep green in colour and with thick indumentum. New foliage has white indumentum darkening to dark reddish-brown. Flowers are white, often tinged with pink &/or spotted with crimson. Dense, compact habit growing 2-3′(.6-.9m) high in 10 years. Zone 6. A few only. (Yr. Olds – $15.00)

R. ‘Tantramar’ – (‘Catalgla’ x ‘Treasure’)  A Brueckner hybrid with vibrant-pink flowers edged darker reddish pink. Blooms in early May. Beautiful dark green oval foliage on a dense compact mounded plant. To 3′(.9m) high and wide in 15 years. Zone5b. (Year Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Teddy Bear’ – (“Lem’s bureavii” x yakushimanum)  Exceptional foliage is dark lustrous green with beautiful thick rust-coloured indumentum. Flowers are white blushed pink in large dome-shaped trusses. Free-flowering & early. Dense foliage on a compact, rounded, spreading plant. Grows to 5′(1.5m) high. Zone 5. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. (vellereum tsariense) – A Danish selection with smallish pointed leaves, thick indumentum and silvery new growth. Very compact. To 10″(.25m) high and 20″(.5m) wide in 10 years. A Monica Johannsen hybrid. An exceptional foliage plant. Zone 6. Previous offered as the reverse cross in error. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

R. ‘Virginia Delp’ – (‘Kristen’ x ‘Calsap’)  Large tall tusses of very large, pale lavender-pink flowers with a yellow blotch and wavy edges. Impressive “goose egg” flower buds. To 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. An Al Smith hybrid hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. ‘Wojnar’s Purple’ – (catawbiense hybrid?)  Vivid reddish-purple flowers with a dark purple flare in dome-shaped trusses of 15-20. An usual colour. Compact spreading habit to 4′(1.2m) high in 10 years. Hardy to -20ºF(-29ºC). (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. (yakushimanum) ‘Ken Janeck’ – yak selection or hybrid superb for our climate. Long narrow leaves have a tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Dense foliage covers a plant which is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Slow growing and floriferous. Rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink flowers which fade to white. Similar to ‘Mist Maiden’ but slightly taller in habit, growing 4-5′(1.2 – 1.5m) high and 11′(3.5m) wide. Best in a half day of sun. Zone 5. (1 gal. – $20.00)

R. (yakushimanum) ‘Mist Maiden’ – If you were to grow only one rhododendron, this should be the one. This species has long narrow leaves with tan-white indumentum. New growth is covered in silver tomentum. Dense foliage covers a plant that is symmetrical and broadly mounded in shape. Its rosy-pink buds open to form large apple-blossom pink trusses fading to white. Slow growing to 4′(1.2m) high x 11′(3.3m) wide in 30 years. Best in a half-day of sun. A proven performer. Zone 5. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

R. (yak x ‘Moonstone’)Minor  BPT#78-7A – A Steele hybrid, with very pale pink flowers quickly fading to creamy white flowers  in profusion on  a low tight mounded plant. Long lasting bloom.  Beautiful dark green foliage on a superb plant. Zone 6. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)  


Azalea ‘Alexander’ – (nakaharai x ‘Kin no sai’) A Polly Hill North Tisbury hybrid with large, deep reddish-orange flowers and a prostrate, irregular mounding-creeping habit. Late July blooming. To 8″(.2m) high and 3′(.9m) wide in 10 years. Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. kiusianum ‘Joe’s Broom’ – A very slow growing dwarf congested white flowered form of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Choice and perfect for the rock garden. Zone 6 but worth trying in Zone 5. (2 gal. – $20.00)

R. kiusianum “Pink Form” – A selected pink form of perhaps the best suited evergreen azalea species for our coastal climate. Requires good drainage and plenty of sun. Densely branched and twiggy with a tiered habit and remaining relatively low. Very floriferous – smothers itself in small clear pink flowers every year. Excellent fall colour. Zone 6 but worth trying in Zone 5. (1 gal. – $15.00)

Azalea ‘Pink Clusters’ – (open-pollinated kiusianum hybrid) A floriferous Weston hybrid with full trusses of small bright pink flowers lightly spotted with magenta. Good fall colour. Low growing and spreading habit to 2′(.3m) high and spreading wider in 10 years. Plant hardy to at least -20°F(-29ºC), buds to -13°F(-25ºC). (1 gal. – $15.00)
Azalea “Steele’s Late and Lovely” – A charming Steele hybrid with a spreading, almost prostrate, habit. Large coral-pink flowers are born very late in the season – one of the last to bloom in late July to August.  A hardy Satsuki hybrid.  Zone 6. (2 gal. – $20.00)



Azalea ‘Weston’s Lollipop’ – [(viscosum x cumberlandense) x arborescens]  A summer blooming and very fragrant Mezitt hybrid. Its flowers open pink with a yellow flare and age to silvery-pink. Striking red-orange fall colour. Very mildew resistant. Slow growing with an upright spreading habit growing 3-4′(.9-1.2m) high and wide in ten years. Zone 5.(1 gal. – $15.00)

R. vaseyi – An eastern US native, this superb species has  almost flat, wide funnel-shaped pale pink flowers and blooms early before the leaves. Upright and open in habit, it is very graceful in bloom. Good fall colour. Growing in moist spots in nature it will do best in a moist, well-drained site in the garden.  Should be in every garden.  Zone 5. (4″ Qt. pots – $12.00)  


Oxydendrum arboreum – (Sourwood) A slow growing deciduous tree with large arching panicles of white lily-of-the-valley-like flowers in summer.  Fragrant. Beautiful glossy deep green narrow foliage.  Incredible persistent maroon, scarlet or plum fall colour. Slow growing pyramidal habit with a rounded top and drooping branches. Grows to 25′(7.5m) high x 20′(6m) wide but probably much smaller in our climate. Best in full sun in a protected spot. Resents transplanting. Zone 6b. (4″ Qt. pots – $20.00)


X Phylliopsis ‘Coppelia’ – A bigeneric hybrid (Kalmiopsis leachiana Phyllodoce empetriformis) developed by Barry Starling. Cluster of many long-petioled, small lavender-pink bell-shaped flowers in spring against evergreen small linear foliage. Free-flowering and a repeat bloomer. Similar to ‘Sugarplum’ but less compact growing. To 18″(.45m) high x 24″(.6m) wide. Can be cut back like heather. Requires excellent drainage and full sun. Dislikes drought and high temperatures. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)


X Phylliopsis ‘Sugarplum’ – Another Starling bigeneric hybrid  (Kalmiopsis leachiana x Phyllodoce caerulea). Sugary plum-pink, globe-shaped flowers are born against evergreen small linear foliage in spring & sometimes again in fall. Mounding habit eventually growing 1-2′(.3-.6m) high x 2′(.6m) wide. Requires excellent drainage and full sun. Dislikes drought and high temperatures. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)

Pieris japonica ‘Bonsai’ – A dwarf cultivar of this evergreen shrub with tiny leaves to 1″(25mm) long and a narrow upright habit. Foliage emerges bright yellow. Panicles of white lily-of-the-valley-like flowers. Grows to 2′(.6m) tall and 1′(.3m) wide. Unique and great for the rock garden. Zone 6. (Yr. Olds – $12.00)

Pieris japonica ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ – An evergreen shrub allied to rhododendrons with long-lasting panicles of  pure white, lily-of-the-valley-like flowers very in early spring and dark green foliage. The panicles of red flower buds are attractive throughout the winter. ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ was selected for it brilliant bronzy-red foliage and has an upright-rounded habit. It is a tough and reliable selection. Large growing to 12′(3.6m) high or more. Zone 6. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Pieris ‘Spring Snow’ – (floribunda  x japonica) This dark green, evergreen shrub is much hardier than P. japonica &  intermediate between its parents in appearance. Its dense upright panicles of white lily-of-the-valley type flowers resemble P. floribunda. Red panicles of buds  add winter interest. Early-spring blooming. Bronze-red new growth. Broad, dense mounding habit to 4′(1.2m) high and wide. Zone 5b. (4″ Qt. Pots – $12.00)  



Chamaecyparis lawsoniana  ‘Oregon Blue’ – (Oregon Blue Lawson’s False Cypress) A  vigorous cultivar with beautiful flattened sprays of blue-green foliage It has a pyramidal-columnar habit with gracefully drooping branch tips. Can grow to 30′(9.0m) high. Zone 6, possibly colder. (2″ tubes – $20.00)

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Chabo yadori’ – (syn ‘Sanderi’) (Chabo yadori Hinoki False Cypress) An interesting and unique cultivar with a mix of blue-tinged fine juvenile foliage and dark green adult foliage. Forms an irregular dome-shaped shrub to 3′(.9m) high in 10 years eventually growing taller than broad. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Tsukumo’ – (Tsukumo Dwarf Sawara Cypress) A dwarf selection forming a diminutive flat bun with fine-textured curly green foliage. Slow growing – 1″(25mm) a year – eventually reaching a size of up to 8″(.2m) high x 2′(.6m) wide. Great for the rock garden. Zone 5. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Cryptomeria japonica ‘Black Dragon’  – (Black Dragon Japanese Cedar) An interesting conifer with awl-shaped needles arranged spirally along its branches. This is a smaller growing cultivar with dark black-green foliage which emerges light green. It grows to 10′(3.0m) high with a dense, broad irregular pyramidal habit. Best in full sun protected from winter winds. Zone 6b. (2 gal. – $40.00)



Calycanthus ‘Venus’ – (Venus Carolina Allspice) [(chinensis x floridus ‘Athens’) x (chinensis occidentalis)] A new hybrid with striking 5″(125mm) white flowers flushed with yellow and purple in the centre and a shape reminiscent of star magnolias. Very fragrant – like melons and strawberries. Summer-blooming. Grows to 6′(1.8m) high and wide. Dark green foliage turns golden yellow in the fall. Best in full sun. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Cercidiphyllum japonicum – (Japanese Katsura Tree) A striking deciduous tree with heart shaped-leaves which emerge red-purple and mature dark green. Unusual fall colours of gold and apricot give an amber effect and is coupled with the fragrance of candy floss. Dense pyramidal to columnar in habit growing to 40′(12m) high. Does best in rich, well-drained soil in a protected position. Sun to part shade. Does not tolerate drought. Zone 5. (2″ plugs – 30-40cm – $5.00)


Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Rotfuchs’ (‘Red Fox’) – (Red Fox Japanese Katsura Tree) A striking cultivar of this deciduous tree with heart shaped-leaves which emerge rich red-purple and age to coppery-green. Unusual fall colours of gold and apricot give an amber effect and is coupled with the fragrance of candy floss. Smaller and much more columnar than the type growing 10-12′(3.0-3.6m) high in 10 years. Does best in rich, well-drained soil in a protected position. Sun to part shade. Does not tolerate drought. Zone 5. (3 gal. – $50.00)


Clethra barbinervis – (Japanese Clethra) A large deciduous shrub growing 10-15′(3-4.5m) high x 10′(3m) wide with a rounded habit. Can be pruned into a small multi-trunked tree. Drooping racemes of small white fragrant flowers are born at the branch tips in late July & August. Foliage turns bronzy-red in the fall. Peeling grey and orange-brown bark adds winter interest. Needs a moist, well drained spot in full sun or part shade. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Euonymus sachalinensis (planipes) – (Asian Spindle Tree) This deciduous species is slow-growing and upright when young eventually forming a broad arching shrub. In the fall an abundance of 5-lobed red fruit dangle on long pedicels from the branches. These split open into a star-shaped cap from which bright orange seeds dangle from the tips creating a unique and showy display. Bright red to plum fall colour. Grows to 8′(2.4m) high and wide. Zone 6, probably colder. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Fagus sylvatica – (European Beech) Rarely available seedling liners of this stately deciduous tree which can grow to 50′(15m) tall. Foliage is glossy dark green turning reddish-bronze in fall before turning brown. Leaves can persist on the tree well into the winter. Great for hedges and this size makes it economical. Plant 12-18″(.3-.45m) on center. Prune in late summer for best leaf retention. Zone 5. (2″ plugs – 4-5mm calliper – $4.00 each or 6 for $20.00)

Forsythia viridissima Citrus Swizzle (‘McKCitrine’) – A striking variegated cultivar that emerged as a sport of  ‘Bronxensis’. Its small, narrow coarsely toothed leaves emerge chartreuse with a lime green centre maturing to creamy white with a dark green centre then turning burgundy red in the fall. Flowers are soft yellow and a bit later than typical. Mounded habit to 2′(.6m) high and wide. A dynamite foliage plant that does best in full sun. Plant hardy to Zone 5, buds to Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Fothergilla x intermedia Beaver Creek (‘KLMtwo’) – A new cultivar of this deciduous shrub in the witch hazel family selected for its compact mounded habit. Erect spikes of fragrant, bottlebrush-like creamy flowers appear in early spring before the foliage. Dark blue-green foliage with beautiful red, orange and yellow late fall colour. Mounded habit. To 3′(.9m) high and wide. Fall colour is best when grown in full sun. Hardy to -25ºF(-32ºC). (1 gallon – $20.00)


Ginkgo biloba ‘Tubiformis’ (syn. ‘Tubiforme’‘Tubifolia’‘Tubeleaf’) (Tubeleaf Maidenhair Tree) A rare form of this ancient tree. Light green leaves emerge rolled forming narrow, upward facing tubes that actually hold water. They flatten with age forming attractive dissected foliage. Golden-yellow fall colour. Slow growing & smaller than the type. To 8′(2.4m) high & 4′(1.2m) wide in 10 years. Full sun. Male. Zone 5.  A few only. (3″ pots – $15.00)


Halesia tetraptera v. monticola ‘Arnold Pink’ – (Arnold Pink Mountain Silverbell) A rose-pink selection with pendant ¾”(19mm) bell-shaped flowers fading to pale pink. Clusters of the dainty flowers are born along the branches appearing in early spring before the leaves. Golden-yellow fall colour. Stems and twigs have a pink tinge giving winter interest. Vigorous. Grows 20-30′(6.0-9.0m) high with a pyramidal to oval habit. Zone 6. (4″ Qt. Pots – $15.00)


Hydrangea anomonala ssp. petiolaris ‘Moonlight Magic’ (‘Kuga Variegated’) – (Kuga Variegated Climbing Hydrangea) The climbing hydrangea is a most serviceable plant in our climate whether climbing a tree, growing on a substantial trellis or scrambling over a bank or retaining wall. This variety has the usual large lace-cap clusters of white flowers in spring but with variegated foliage. Foliage emerges creamy white to pale pink with a smattering of green and ages to golden yellow then finally deep green. This range of variegation continues throughout the growing season as the vine grows – the variegated new growth contrasting nicely against the older green foliage. Zone 5. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Little Honey’ (Little Honey Oakleaf Hydrangea) A sport of ‘Pee Wee’, this new cultivars has foliage which emerges golden-green and matures to golden-yellow before turning bright red in the fall. 6″(15cm) tall, pyramidal trusses of white flowers appear in late summer and last into the fall. Slightly fragrant. Compact and low-growing in habit to 3′(.9m) high and wide. Prune after blooming as flowers are born on old wood. Full sun to part shade in rich, moist, well-drained soil. Zone 6b. (1 gal. – $20.00)


Liriodendron tulipera – (Tulip Tree) A fast-growing aristocratic tree related to magnolias. Unique leaves have a single lobe on each side & an almost flat tip. The cup-shaped, 2-3″(50-75mm)  flowers, face upright on the branch tips. Slightly fragrant, they are yellowish green with an orangish base and emerge in late spring after the foliage. Yellow fall colour. Massive tall straight trunk with deeply furrowed bark and an oval to rounded crown. Grows 40-100′(12-30m) tall and 20-40′(6-12m) wide. Best in full sun in moist well-drained soil. Zone 5. Not for the small garden. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Magnolia x soulangiana ‘Alexandrina’ – (Alexandrina Saucer Magnolia) Perhaps one of the best selections with rich clean purple-pink flowers with white interiors. Fragrant. Slightly later blooming and more upright in habit than typical. A single or multi-trunked true growing to 20′(6.0m) high x 15′(4.5m) wide. Zone 6. (2.5″ pots – $7.00)


Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’ – (Royal Star Magnolia) This star magnolia cultivar has pink buds which open into fragrant, large, double, white flowers. Blooms in early spring before the leaves. A small, dense upright shrubby tree to 12′(3.6m) high and almost as wide. The hardiest of the stellatas. Zone 5. (2.5″ pots – $7.00)


Parrotia persica – (Persian Ironwood) Related to the witchhazels, this small tree is revered for its fall colour. Dark lustrous green foliage – similar to witchhazel – emerges bronze-purple and develops  brilliant yellow, orange and/or crimson colour late in the fall. Curious flowers with no petals are born in late winter/early spring are not showy but create a crimson-maroon haze when backlit. Gray-brown bark on older wood flakes exposing patches of gray, green, white & brown. Single or multi-trunked with a variable habit – oval or round headed or broadly spreading. Develops a tiered horizontal branching habit. 20-40′(6-12m) high x 15′-30′(4.5-9m) wide. Sun to light shade in moist well-drained soil. Pest resistant. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Stewartia koreana – A slow growing small deciduous tree with an upright pyramidal to oval-rounded shape. Its  3″(75mm) camellia-like flowers are snow white with yellow stamens bloom over a long period in mid-summer. Its flowers open flatter and its foliage is glossier than the more common S. pseudocamellia. Good red to purplish-red fall colour. Very attractive exfoliating bark reveals mottled patches of grey, brown and orangey-brown adding year round interest. Best in full sun protect from severe winds. Grows to 20′(6.0m) tall. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $20.00)


Styrax japonicus (Japanese Snowbell) A deciduous tree with a graceful fine horizontal branching habit and dark green lustrous foliage. Pendulous white flowers with yellow stamens hang in clusters below the branches in late spring. Can grow 20-30′(6-9m) high and wide. Zone 6. (2.5″ pots – 20-30cm – $5.00)


Trochodendron aralioides – (Wheel Tree) A unique and striking evergreen shrub or small tree with whorls of fresh to dark green foliage on horizontally tiered branches. Its curious green flowers consist of a knobby centre surrounded by a whorl of stamens and are bourn in spring in panicles at the branch tips. Slow-growing, probably will only reach 10′(3.0m) high and wide after many years. Best in full sun to light shade in a site protected from winter winds. Zone 7 or microclimates in Zone 6b. (2″ tubes – $20.00)



Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ – (tabernaemontana hybrid) (Blue Ice Hybrid Blue Star) A vigorous and floriferous new hybrid similar to its mother but more compact and bluer. Its ¾”(19mm) dark lavender-blue star-shaped flowers are held above its dark green narrow foliage over a long period in late spring. Grows 15-18″(.35-.45m) tall spreading to form dense clumps. Full sun to light shade. Zone 5. (2″ tubes – $15.00)


Disporum cantoniense ‘Night Heron’ – (Night Heron Fairy Bells) A Dan Hinkley selection of this dramatic species. It’s stout stems emerge like bamboo shoots in spring and expand to reveal deep purple foliage fading to green flushed with purple on branched stems. Its pendulous greenish-white flowers dangle from the arching stems and are followed by shiny purple-black fruit. Grows 4-6′(1.2-1.8m) tall. Shade to part-shade but colour best in part-shade. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $15.00)


Lewisia cotyledon – Flowers are born above evergreen rosettes of succulent dark green elongated leaves in spring. Plants are floriferous and come in a broad range of colours – reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, apricots and whites. They require excellent drainage and resent winter wet thus they are best planted vertically in a wall, trough or crevice in the rock garden. Zone 5. (3.5″ pots – $12.00)


Lysichiton americanus – (Yellow Skunk Cabbage) – A striking bold perennial in the aroid family for waters edge, bog or wet soil. Its large bright yellow spathes to 12″(.3m) or more high appear at ground (or water) level in early spring. The flowers are followed by dramatic clumps of bright green foliage which can measure up 3′(.9m) or more long. For sun or light shade. Zone 4. (2″ tubes – $15.00)


Rodgersia pinnata ‘Fireworks’ – A bold foliage perennial for part shade in moist rich soil. Its large foliage is pinnate and emerges on long petioles from creeping rhizomes. It emerges with a bronze flush and matures to dark green but maintains a striking dark red tinge at the margins. Its large fluffy panicles of clear deep pink flowers are held above the foliage in mid-summer. Seeds heads remain ornamental into the fall. To 3.5′(1.05m) high. Great for stream or pond side but can be grown in borders given constant moisture. Zone 6. (2″ tubes – $15.00)